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  1. Why are people still posting in here? I doubt David and Dan are still checking in.
  2. Can you post the scores for each episode? Thanks.
  3. Highly satisfied with the finale and the season as a whole. I've seen the episode twice so my thoughts are well-grounded. Season 4 episode rankings: 1. Mockingbird (10/10) 2. The Children (9/10) 3. Two Swords (9/10) 4. Oathkeeper (8/10) 5. Breaker of Chains (8/10) 6. The Laws of Gods and Men (7/10) 7. The Lion and the Rose (7/10) 8. The Watchers on the Wall (7/10) 9. First of His Name (6/10) 10. The Mountain and the Viper (5/10) Season 4 story arc rankings: 1. King's Landing (8/10) 2. Arya (9/10) 3. Reek (9/10) 4. Sansa (8/10) 5. Night's Watch and Wildlings (7/10) 6. Daenerys (7/10) 7. Bran (7/10) 8. Team Stannis (5/10) Overall Season: 9/10 Season rankings: 1. Season 1 (10/10) 2. Season 4 (9/10) 3. Season 3 (6/10) 4. Season 2 (6/10) - Now, as for the episode... here's the breakdown, from least-great to best: King's Landing: Disappointing. My most anticipated too, haha. The Cersei scenes was categorically bad and Jaime just confused me. I wanted to hear Gregor scream in anguish and look even worse than he did (pus piss?). Qyburn was cool and I like the actor. The scene with Tywin was well-acted but poorly-written. I can't believe Tywin would lose out like that and that Cersei would be stupid enough to do that just so she won't need to marry Loras. And then... UGH. Jaime regressing and fucking Cersei. He was supposed to break up with her, goddammit. And that propels him, having lost his father and sister/lover, to rescue his last bit of family: Tyrion. But, instead, we get him randomly popping up to save the day. Why? Because he's a good guy, I guess. Why didn't he do it BEFORE the trial by combat? Tyrion's stuff felt very rushed. The Tysha omission made everything feel less emotional, from the Shae encounter to the Tywin confrontation. Everything lacked punch. You can't win em all, I guess. Jon: I enjoyed most of it. Glad they didn't rush into the LC election and Winterfell offer. Those things can wait until next season. I like that they kept things focused on Ygritte and that they ended it with him burning her on the pyre. I understand the focus was on Jon, so we didn't get a lot of Stannis, but I like what we got. He seemed more confident. He's still a far cry of the ideal Stannis, but we'll see how that shapes up next season when he interacts with Jon. The famous charge was cool, but not as spectacular as I feel it could have been. I'm still salty it didn't end episode 9. I still feel it would have been better-placed there. Bran: I could have done without the silly magic grenades and RPG skeletons (why didn't they use the same wights from the season 2 finale?), but it was an intense fight and well-directed. Jojen's death was a nice surprise that added impact to the situation; kept it from being mere spectacle. Leaf was a bad actor, but I'm okay with the look of the children. Bloodraven's lair looks phenomenal and the Three-Eyed Raven himself looks suitably creepy and mysterious. I'm not really bothered that he's not as grotesque-looking as he was in the book. Love that they kept the "you will fly" line. In general, this storyline was actually exciting and fun to watch, for once. Daenerys: Wow. I usually hate Meereen scenes and Emilia's performance, but it was all great here. Emilia knocked it out of the park in the scene where she locks up her babies. (That look on her face at the end.) They could have made the thing a spectacle with angry dragons breathing fire at unsullied, but they chose a more subdued, emotional approach and I appreciate it. I actually felt sad for those CGI lizards. Their screams (completely fabricated computer audio) were devastating. The scene with the child bones was really well-acted as well. Arya: Rory and Maisie both did god's work. That final scene between them is one of the series' best and most well-acted. Seeing the Hound cry and be so vulnerable... Arya's dead look and utter silence... Phenomenal. The preceding scene with Brienne was good as well. I liked the Brienne/Arya parallel and the fight between Brienne and Sandor was well-done and suitably brutal. I'm a little annoyed at the dumb plot hole of how Arya and Sandor got away from the Bloody Gate, but oh well... The scene where she finds Saltpans and a ride out was beautiful and a nice rousing ending. Oh, and I didn't really care about LS.
  4. lol. you're an admin. let children be children.
  5. They are complaining that the episode ended before that happened. You're the one who is wrong.
  6. 7/10 Episode would have been 10/10 if it wasn't for that stupid ass ending and if it continued on until you know what.
  7. Won't rate until after rewatch, but preliminary rating would be 5/10. Worst episode of the season. The Good: Moat Cailin: Don't have any complaints. Alfie Allen is amazing, as usual. Bolton Bonding: Lovely. Sansa and the Lords: Cool. Trial By Combat: The writing and cinematography was fantastic, as was the fight choreography. But, I felt the duel flew by too quickly - so many fast cuts and it should have lasted a bit longer. Great performance by Pascal and great ending. The Meh: Mole's Town and Jon With Friends: I really don't care for the Wall storyline at this point. It's been dragged out ad nauseam. Jorah's discovery and banishment: Felt soul-less and lacked emotion. Arya's LOL: Weirdly out of place, but I won't judge until they finish the storyline off in the season finale. Littlefinger and the Lords: Not much to say. The UGH: Missandei and Grey Worm: Boring filler. Tyrion and Jaime, in the cell, again: I GET IT, THEY'RE BROS. I DIDN'T NEED ANOTHER FIVE MINUTE SCENE TO TELL ME THAT, especially such a boring one. Lady Sansa's new dress: WTF? So goddamn heavy-handed I couldn't believe it.
  8. How about what happens in the book: him talking shit about Mycah to get her to try to finish him?
  9. People said the same thing about Shae and Tyrion, but they managed to twist that around. I don't think this complaint is fair.
  10. Great -Dany/Jorah: perfect, perfect, perfect -Dragonstone: Nice to humanize Melisandre and Carice looks really good naked -Brienne and Podrick and, the nice surprise, HOT PIE! -Arya's second scene: great character moment for the Hound -Tyrion/Bronn: Surprised that a D&D-written scene was adapted from the novel nearly word-for-word -Tyrion/Oberyn: Simply amazing -All of Sansa's scenes Okay -Tyrion/Jaime: was necessary, but didn't wow -Cersei/Mountain: cheesy, but effective, I suppose -Jon vs. Alliser -Dany/Daario -Arya first scene Bad -Just nitpicks: Lysa falling out looked silly, Rorge standing around was stupid 9/10 Best episode of the season thus far
  11. More like so Tyrion's story could progress, lol. What would happen if he won the trial? Run off and live a peaceful life in Dorne?
  12. Every single scene was so good. I'll be more descriptive after a rewatch. I'd say 9/10 best episode of the season so far
  13. Peter doesn't need to compete with Matthew McConaughey because TD is a miniseries. Peter doesn't need to compete with Bryan Cranston because he would be submitted as a Supporting Actor. I'd say Peter has this one in the bag, if the gods are just.
  14. 7/10 on rewatch - some things were unclear to me on initial viewing (what Cersei was up to, mostly), but that's a personal problem I enjoyed the Craster's Keep stuff. Even though it was filler, it was highly entertaining. The scenes in the Eyrie were great. Brienne and Arya's scenes were fun. Dany's scene was okay. The King's Landing stuff was decent. Weakest of the season, but still a good episode.
  15. King's Landing was BORING and Cersei whitewashing is very evident. Lysa was entertaining (plus how cool was the Bloody Gate?). Craster's was cool, although the swordfighting was subpar (par for the course with this show). Dany's scene was the worst. Brienne and Pod were fun. Weakest episode of the season, definitely. Not bad exactly, but disappointing. I'm gonna rewatch before voting but my initial rating is 6/10.
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