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    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    Charles Dance was absolutely brilliant in The Crown's Season 3 and should have been Emmy/BAFTA-nominated. Menzies did a great job as Prince Phillip, too.
  2. Raksha 2014

    What happened to the Tyrells' other vassals?

    Not to mention that there were two Tyrells who weren't included in the show at all: Willas and Garlan. And didn't Margaery have several girl cousins with her at court in the books, some of whom are Tyrells and who have fathers and/or brothers? I guess all of them were chucked so Bronn could become Lord of Highgarden and the Reach (one of the dumbest things in the last episode, not to mention giving Bronn access to the royal treasury as well as the wealth of the Reach).
  3. House Martell, apparently obliterated with no consequences (i.e. their Dornish vassals ousting the bastard Ellaria and her accomplices in the murders of a reigning prince and his only heir - tolerating bastards is one thing, allowing three of them to murder a prince and his son is another). And what happened to Oberyn's younger daughters (in the show, as in the books, he has eight daughters); did they disappear? Unless the unnamed Dornish guy who turns up at the council in King's Landing in the last episode is a distant Martell cousin; but they don't even say who he is.
  4. Raksha 2014

    Drastic or unforgivable acts

    Once the Reynes and all their surviving people went into the mines, Tywin could have had the water be send down at a much slower rate, so the Reynes would have to come out; or he could have sent a message down telling them that the place would be flooded in 12 hours and that he would spare the women and children if they came out. Yes, Theon could be a kinslayer. But Theon hated being embarrassed or hypothetically mocked, so he killed kids and let their mother be murdered too. I don't think Theon can really be redeemed for that; he's earned a quick death as far as I'm concerned. (especially since he doesn't seem to regret their deaths in the same way he regrets turning on the Starks)
  5. Raksha 2014

    Drastic or unforgivable acts

    In no particular order: 1. Tywin's slaughter of all the Reynes of Castamere, including, as I recall/infer, servants, women, most of whom had no input on the decision to rebel against House Lannister. 2. Tywin's ordering the murders of Rhaegar's young children and (in my opinion, though he denied it in the books) their mother. Just because the slaughter of the babies was expedient does not make it right. Also, I believe that Tywin ordered all three murders not out of political expediency but to further his own agenda and to avenge (in his mind) an indirect insult to House Lannister: Tywin wanted his daughter to become queen and a Lannister grandson to eventually sit on the Iron Throne; slaughtering a Targaryen baby and toddler who had a greater claim to the throne than Tywin's prospective future son-in-law and presenting their bodies wrapped in Lannister red cloaks to the man he wanted as Cersei's bridegroom was a sweetener on the 'deal' of the marriage alliance. As for Elia...Tywin had originally planned for the young Cersei to marry Rhaegar; and denied, insultingly, by King Aerys, who said he would not have his servant's daughter marry his son. Aerys chose Elia instead; and I believe that Tywin took insult and 'repaid' that insult eventually by ordering the murder of Rhaegar's innocent widow. 3. Tywin's ordering Jaime to tell Tyrion that his commoner wife, the young and innocent girl Tysha, was a gold-digging whore who Jaime had found for him, and then having Tysha raped by 100 Lannister guards in front of Tyrion with Tyrion being the final rapist. He contributed to Tyrion's becoming emotionally messed up when it comes to women; it's a terrible thing to do to one's own son, and what he had done to Tysha was unforgivable. Since Tywin had the marriage annulled, he could have found a decent husband for Tysha among the smallfolk in either the Westerlands or somewhere farther away from Casterly Rock. 4. The Freys' receiving the Stark/Tully forces into the Twins as guests and then murdering most of them at the Red Wedding. Not only is murdering the sister and troops of one's liege-lord dishonorable; the betrayal of guest-right is a sin against the social and moral codes of all Westeros. A horrible thing to do, and unjustifiable even after Robb's insult of breaking his promise to marry a Frey daughter (especially since he did make amends by giving a Frey daughter a bridegroom who no Frey could normally hope to wed). 5. Practically everything that Euron Greyjoy does. Kills his brother, probably sexually abused his younger brothers; and generally behaves like the Westerosi incarnation of Genghis Khan or worse during the sample chapter from The Winds of Winter. Somebody kill him, please. 6. Ramsay's torture of Theon (why not just execute him) and his hunting/flaying/killing of servant girls, plus his treatment of Jeyne/fake Arya. Another one I want to see die ASAP. 7. The Great Masters of Meereen's crucifixion/murders of 160 slave children. Awful. 8. Craster's incest with his daughters and giving the male newborns to the Others. 9. Theon's murdering two little boys and allowing their mother to be murdered as well; because he's embarrassed by Rickon and Bran's escape and wants the world to believe that he killed them. There are probably other actions, but it's too depressing to remember them all.
  6. Raksha 2014

    I hate Roose Bolton

    Roose Bolton is a rapist and a traitor. Can't wait until he dies, hopefully by Ramsay's hand; unless he kills Ramsay first (which would be fine with me).
  7. Raksha 2014

    Denis Villenueve to direct Dune

    Ooh, I'd have loved to see Mortensen play Duke Leto. Oscar Isaac is a pretty good choice though. I hope they don't muck it up; Dune is a hard choice to translate from book to movie. (I didn't care for the original movie; the only thing worthwhile was the casting of Jurgen Prochnow as Duke Leto).
  8. Raksha 2014

    The Witcher: Evil is Evil

    I think the role of Geralt is a good one for Henry Cavill - he doesn't talk too much, he looks good half-naked, and he's a physical enough actor to do well with the fighting scenes (which I'll admit to not watching very closely). I don't particularly like Yennefer as a character, but she seems to have evolved to become a better person by the end of Season 1. I'm in it mostly to watch Ciri's journey. I like her; I think the actress playing her does a good job. I'm not sure how old the TV character is supposed to be - fourteen or fifteen? I liked the young Elf who was helping her; and hope they meet again. I would have liked to see a lot more of Calanthe. She was a powerful and interesting character; and I liked how Jodhi May played her.
  9. Raksha 2014

    Who got the most screwed over

    I had trouble with TV-Littlefinger from the moment, in Season 1, when he revealed his motivations to two of his sex workers (Ros and another woman) while they were 'practicing'. No way would Littlefinger discuss any personal feelings with the hired help. Equally silly and unbefitting of Book-Littlefinger: TV-Littlefinger throwing his prize pawn away by marrying Sansa into the Bolton family - the North is far away and Littlefinger wields no influence there, and has no plan to extract Sansa if things don't go as he'd planned (whatever that was, it's hard to tell; since all Roose Bolton required from Sansa was a son or two before he or Ramsay could have her killed, thus giving Ramsay an heir of Stark blood and making him eligible for future matches with other lords' daughters.)
  10. Raksha 2014

    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    I think a case can be made that Tyrion was not necessarily in his right mind, and was temporarily insane, when he murdered Shae and then his father. It goes back to his experience with Tysha and (and Tywin's horrible ending of that experience). It's more Tyrion's actions and attitude afterward that bother me - the increased drinking, raping the prostitute, vowing to rape and kill Cersei...
  11. Raksha 2014

    The Starks

    Jeyne Westerling is alive and (presumably) well; Jeyne Poole went through horrors barely imaginable due to her affiliation with the Starks.
  12. Raksha 2014

    Ser Barristan Selmy- truly a "True Knight"?

    As a reader who finds the Hound to be an interesting character; I think he would have to change in some ways. If he continued to be the "Hound" of the first few books, he would kill himself through fighting and/or drinking. Sandor's sojourn on the Quiet Isle is probably just what he needs. I think he might discover a genuine religious vocation, or decide to join the Faith to do penance.
  13. Raksha 2014

    Favorite characters

    My ten favorite characters in ASoIaF, in order: 1. Ned Stark - I will always gravitate towards characters who are strong and compassionate as well as honorable. I loved Ned and was saddened by his death (me and the Starks and most of the North)... 2. Sansa Stark - I strongly identify with Sansa - much of my childhood had similarities with hers - spoiled and loved and very naive as a preteen and early teen. I also trusted an authority figure in my parents' absence, and was betrayed by her (I was ten) and suffered for it, though on a much smaller and more petty scale than Sansa did (and no animals were threatened or harmed!). Sansa is far from perfect; but I find her observations interesting, enjoy watching her learn more and more of the cruel world she lives in and try to navigate her way through it. One thing I like about her is that Sansa does not lose her capacity for empathy, despite her fear and suffering. When we last saw her in A Feast For Crows, Sansa was facing a moral crossroads; but it is unsure whether she has yet crossed that line as far as actively and knowingly aiding Littlefinger in his plans to kill her annoying cousin Robin. (Sansa is between a rock and a hard place here. Littlefinger is almost certainly her only protection against Cersei and a death sentence; and if Sansa crosses him in the matter of his plans for Robin, she could find herself blamed for Robin's poisoning herself. But if she passively goes along with Littlefinger in implementing a slow death for Robin, rather than trying to delay it, or at least objecting to Littlefinger himself, that would be a step toward the dark side for Sansa). 3. Oberyn Martell - I like both book and show versions of this very charismatic characters; but in the book, I wanted desperately for him to live and accomplish at least some of his goals. Oberyn's a deadly fighter and a Renaissance man; and wants all his daughters to be able to do what they want to do in life, not just catch politically advantageous husbands. He's the snake and Doran's the grass; and Dorne is much poorer without him... 4. Davos Seaworth - Davos is a man who manages to be honorable, compassionate, and practical; which is an amazing feat in Westeros. I hope he continues to survive and can eventually go home to his wife and their remaining children. 5. Sandor Clegane - a trainwreck of a character, but extremely well written. I'm pretty sure that Sandor has survived, though "the Hound" may not have done so. Sandor is extremely conflicted, there is good in him, but it's buried under years of bitterness and self-loathing. He would need to grow up a lot before he could undertake a path to redemption; and I'm not sure he wants to be redeemed. I hope we see him again; I think he will encounter (A) Sansa, (B) Gregor or whatever he is now, in the future. 6. Olenna Tyrell - Charter member of the Planetos Tough Old Broads Club. She's a very strong woman who can be ruthless in the defense and advancement of her family. And of course she has some great lines. 7. Genna Lannister - another member of the Tough Old Broads Club, though Genna is far from as old as Olenna. She was married against her will into the weaselly Frey clan, yet remains a Lannister and one who speaks her mind, at least to other Lannisters, and is an intelligent, forceful woman. I wish we could see more of her. 8. Barristan Selmy - He put the "H" in Honorable and the "K" in "Knight". He's one of the greatest knights (and fighters) in the history of Westeros, and is also intelligent and (when he can be) compassionate. Joffrey's loss is Daenerys' gain. 9. Brynden Tully - another tough old Knight. He's a great fighter and the strongest man in House Tully. Let's hope he survives to see his House return and reclaim Riverrun. 10. Dolorous Edd - who wouldn't adore this melancholy Crow? I love his sense of humor and I pray that he survives the wars to come, though the TV show doesn't give me much hope...
  14. Raksha 2014

    Favorite characters

    Tyrion and Sansa's wedding night, while brilliantly written, was horrific to read. Tyrion is emotionally and sexually attracted to his 12-year-old hostage bride; and he doesn't understand that Sansa is absolutely unready to reciprocate, especially when he makes her undress and exposes his own body. Tyrion wants Sansa to be his Tysha do-over; Sansa is a helpless maiden who he can save from danger and marry and have sex with - especially since, unlike Tysha, she is socially acceptable as the last (known) Stark, descendant of a high House of the First Men and also the key to Winterfell. What I don't understand is why Tyrion insisted on groping naked Sansa and exposing himself to her so soon. His best chance of getting Sansa to accept him as a sexual partner and have the son that Tywin demanded was a slow seduction, beginning with a quiet and comforting (no sex) wedding night and offering Sansa comfort and waiting until she was 14 or more before he began to broach the idea of a sexual relationship with some gentle touches at night, in bed, in the dark. Which is still creepy, but considering that Tywin was fully capable of coercing another Lannister (Lancel) to rape Sansa to produce the desired child, Tyrion successfully but slowly succeeding in having sex with a not unwilling Sansa would have been less traumatic for her. But Tyrion was self-aware enough to realize that a young highborn girl might be repulsed by the sight of her dwarf bridegroom's naked body, especially if the young girl was his family's captive. The worst part of the wedding night is when Tyrion looks at Sansa's naked body and says (approximate quote) "you're a child but I desire you". Total ICK factor going on there!
  15. TV-Bronn will keep Highgarden until Tyrion and/or Bran catch him seriously embezzling Crown funds; and Bronn will take a one-way trip to the Wall. I estimate the process will take less than five years.
  16. Raksha 2014

    How much did Ned care about Lyanna?

    Ned may have been the intermediary; but it would have been Rickard Stark who made the decision to betroth his only daughter to the young lord of Storm's End. Ned was Robert's best friend and foster-brother; he believed that Robert would take good care of his beloved sister. As Robert's wife, Lyanna would have an easier life than if she remained in the North; she would be the wife of a Lord Paramount, a man who was a great knight, handsome, and seemed to love the girl. However, Ned had grown from child to young man in Robert's company, not in Winterfell watching his little sister grow from small child to teenager. Lyanna's character, her desires, might have been less known to Ned. Also, he might have been more used to Southern values, i.e. the concept of noblewomen being treasured chattel who would swoon over the prospect of being loved by the mighty Robert Baratheon, rather than remembering that many Northern girls were raised expecting to ride and wield weapons and would not appreciate being kept in silks while their husbands sired bastards on other women. But I do believe that Ned loved Lyanna; and loved her more than he cared for Robert. The proof is in Ned's saving Lyanna's son (which I believe happened in the books as well as the TV show) and lying about the boy's paternity to Robert and the rest of the world (except for Howland Reed, who would have witnessed Ned's taking the baby from the Tower of Joy). Ned could have left the baby to die with his mother; he could have given him to Reed to raise; but he brought the child to Winterfell and raised him there as his bastard, at considerable cost to Ned's marriage. As far as (according to other posters) Lyanna being solely/mainly responsible for the Rebellion; I disagree. The Rebellion had several triggers: (1)Rhaegar's taking Lyanna and the resulting belief that he had raped her, (2)Brandon's ill-considered charge into Maegor's keep challenging Rhaegar, the heir to the Iron Throne, to come out and die, (3)which triggered Aerys' paranoia and cruelty to kill both Brandon and his father and then command Jon Arryn to send him the heads of Ned and Robert; (4) all the dominoes fell - Jon Arryn refused to condemn his foster-sons; Hoster Tully was pulled into the alliance by his daughters' marriages to Ned Stark and Jon Arryn, Robert Baratheon wanted Lyanna back and Rhaegar dead. If Rhaegar had returned Lyanna, with recompense to the Starks; and/or if Lyanna had sent a message to her father that she was running off with the prince of her own free will, the Rebellion could have been at least stalled, if not stopped. But once Brandon challenged Rhaegar with the intent of killing him; once Aerys killed Rickard and Brandon and called for the deaths of Ned and Robert, the Rebellion was inevitable. What I don't get is why neither Rhaegar nor Lyanna send any messages to clarify that she was not kidnapped or raped. Both of them were capable of understanding what could happen if the Starks and Baratheons believed that Lyanna had been stolen against her will and was being abused. It makes me wonder if (A) Rhaegar was emulating Tywin and thought that the Dragon does not ask permission of the sheep; (B) Rhaegar and/or Lyanna did write letters of explanation but gave them to untrustworthy individuals who never sent them (Petyr Baelish? Benjen Stark - maybe he lost the letters? Roose Bolton, who might have seen an opportunity for the destabilization of the North to his future benefit?), (C) Lyanna did send a letter to her father, but Rickard did not want to have his daughter's reputation publicly soiled and he destroyed the letter before Brandon rode south. There's no question that Lyanna should not have run off with Rhaegar. But she was what, 14 or 15; and had been a rather sheltered and politically naive child. Lyanna might have thought that it would only be Robert Baratheon who would make a fuss, and that Rhaegar would placate him; especially if she had sent off a letter of explanation. Rhaegar was the supposed adult in the relationship, a 23-year-old husband and father who persuaded Lyanna to come away with him in defiance of the marriage that her father intended. Rhaegar also knew his father's paranoid, vicious tendencies far better than Lyanna. I think Rhaegar bears far more responsibility for the Rebellion than Lyanna. (we also know that Lyanna was kept under guard during at least the last part of her pregnancy; even if she wanted to leave Rhaegar earlier, she may not have been allowed to do so).
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    The role of forgiveness

    But without at least occasional acts of forgiveness, the cycle of vengeance and atrocities goes on and on; and that becomes boring too, from an entertainment prospective. At least for me. Sam doesn't have to forgive his father; but he won't try to kill him either or harm his siblings either. We don't know if Arya will kill every Frey woman and child (as Tywin killed every Reyne down to babies and servants, as I recall). Griff doesn't have to forget what happened to his family, but those who killed Elia and her babies are dead (well, in the Mountain's case, sort of). He has the right to go after Jaime for the murder of Aerys; but to pursue an anti-Lannister vendetta against Tommen and Myrcella, or other Lannisters who had nothing to do with Targaryen deaths, would be overkill. I hope that Sansa does manage to kill Littlefinger or have him killed. But if she kills the few Baelish retainer/smallfolk back on the Fingers, that would be overkill. Stannis doesn't know the meaning of mercy. I have no patience for religious fanatics, even opportunistic ones; especially those who burn people alive. Ellaria Sand gives one of the series' best speeches when she pleads with Doran and the older Sand Snakes not to pursue vengeance for Oberyn. It's all the more original and surprising because she has lost the man she loves, another Martell dying at the hands of the Mountain. (of course, the Sand Snakes are unimpressed; they seem very happy to smirk and make undisclosed plans, Tommen is probably first on their hit list; despite his not having anything to do with Oberyn's death).
  18. Raksha 2014

    Rank your 2019 TV shows throughout the year

    I'll do a 2019 Top Ten TV series list. In approximate order of my fondness for the series, #1 being the favorite: 1. The Crown Season 3 - Outstanding drama with some understated humor mixed in; it's great even with a completely different cast. This is one of the few shows I deliberately rewatch. Charles Dance and Jane Lapotaire should have been nominated for Emmys. 2. Good Omens - Not quite as good as the book, but still enchanting; this is the only other show I've rewatched. 3. This Is Us - I just discovered it this year and binged all the way through the series (so far) and am hooked. Superior familial drama, with some fine performances. 4. Outlander Season 4 - Still good even though the season was somewhat uneven. 5. Krypton Season 2 - A bit murky compared to Season 1, but I'm still enjoying it. 6. Watchmen - An ambitious story that didn't quite equal or surpass the sum of its parts. 7. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3- fun and frothy with some good satire and truth. However, Midge shoots herself in the foot again via her mouth, which she's done before and should know better than to do again; and I found it hard to swallow. But I will be there for Season 4. 8. A tie between Carnival Row and Umbrella Academy: Both very interesting stories that I want to see more of. 9. Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 - To be honest, I was underwhelmed by the writing of New-Spock. I stayed onboard to watch Anson Mount rock the role of Captain Pike as well as to enjoy the appearances of Philippa Georgiou (who should have her own series). 10. Game of Thrones Season 8 - On my list of favorites for the splendid visuals. Jon Snow petting Drogon would give the season the 10th spot on my list; but Drogon torching King's Landing was epic (as long as one looked at Drogon and all the million or so poor souls he killed). I don't have a very high opinion of the writing or plotting of this season. (A Discovery of Witches and Lost In Space would be on this list if they hadn't aired in 2018)
  19. Raksha 2014

    [SPOILERS] Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

    When a friend of mine, with whom I was hoping to go see the movie, said she didn't want to see it, I gave up on seeing it in a movie theater and decided to wait until it came out on TV. Then I went to Wikipedia and read the plot summary, especially the ending. I am so disappointed. I watched the original Star Wars when I was 20 or so, on campus; and I remember the excitement and wonder of it all. The first trilogy was a pretty awesome film achievement, and ended optimistically, with romance and courage and hope for the future. The prequel series was not as good. I liked Star Wars: The Force Awakens; and surmised that Rey was actually a Skywalker. Now I feel let-down and disappointed and glad that I didn't spend money on the movie. To kill off all our heroes, i.e. the Skywalker/Solo clan, wipe their family line from the mythos, and set up Palpatine's granddaughter as the new (and only) Skywalker, is indeed a slap in the face to George Lucas; the man without whom there would be no Star Wars movies at all. I like Rey as a character, and am glad that she lived. But they could have given Han and Leia one or two other children who lived and were not corrupted, or given Luke a child. And bringing back Palpatine seems stupid. I probably should have realized that the Star Wars franchise would end badly when they killed off Luke in The Last Jedi. Luke should have survived to train more Jedi and have some peace and fulfillment in his old age. So a huge meh from me. I will watch the movie when it shows up on HBO or wherever.
  20. Raksha 2014

    Vikings XII: It's not History, It's Hirstory [SPOILERS]

    Well, it's nice to see that Ivar can enjoy an activity that doesn't involve slaughtering people.
  21. Raksha 2014

    Watchmen: Nostalgia is a helluva drug. (spoilers)

    I never said that Judd was totally innocent. I just questioned if his level of involvement in the conspiracy merited the death penalty. Also, I can definitely understand killing a white supremacist to save other people; but Will's murder of Judd didn't, as far as I can tell, stop anything that Judd had been involved in. The conspiracy continued, Dr. Manhattan was killed, (I think) innocent people in Tulsa probably died, etc. I supposed it's part of the extended Watchmen mythos that 'heroes' can murder with impunity and commit other reprehensible acts. In the comic book, the so-called superhero the Comedian murdered a pregnant woman (while Dr. Manhattan stood by and did nothing to stop him; and he could have done something) and probably committed other war crimes in Vietnam, not to mention trying to rape Laurie's mother. Laurie and her boyfriend Dan (and former boyfriend Dr. Manhattan) allowed Adrien Veidt to get away with mass murder of a few million people; in fact Dr. Manhattan murdered Rorschach, who was going to bring Adrien's actions to the world (or at least try). (I wonder if Laurie will be indicted for concealing Veidt's crime; maybe she'll cut a deal) It's been an interesting series. I wish we could find out whether Angela goes Big Blue, and if so, what she does with the power.
  22. In the books, Jon doesn't seem to have any bad memories of Sansa. He does remember her giving him some tips on how to romance a girl he was interested in - that's not the act of a girl who hates her half-brother. And Jon was probably "half-brother" and "a bastard" to Sansa because she felt caught between her mother's hatred of the boy and her parents and father's embrace of Jon; and Sansa was very close to her mother. I didn't hate Sansa; I felt she was immature and needed to grow up. I don't think that Sansa's mocking/bullying of Arya was unusual; though it should have been stopped long ago by her parents. Sansa identified with her mother and felt she was a delicate Southern maiden stuck in the cold, unrefined North. Her brothers and sisters embrace their father's Northern values; Sansa probably felt left out. Arya is adored by their father; she's the perfect daughter for him; Sansa may resent that as Arya resents Sansa's being perfect at embroidery and manners. Septa Mordane, who should have seen that this was happening and tried to defuse the tension between the sisters, just intensified it by constantly favoring Sansa and emphasizing Arya's faults. Ned should have stepped in and insisted that the girls' talents and preferences should be taken into account; since Sansa was being reared as a Southern maiden, Arya could be reared as a Northern maiden - i.e. she should learn basic sewing so she could patch up a sock or sew on a button, but she didn't have to master embroidery. In any case, Sansa was still a child, 11 years old, in the books and 13 in the TV series, on the journey to King's Landing. She wasn't an irredeemable Mean Girl (and in the books she never was rude and mean to her Septa as she was in the TV show).
  23. Raksha 2014

    Watchmen: Nostalgia is a helluva drug. (spoilers)

    I didn't really want to rewatch the entire series to see who said that or where it was said or shown. Guess I'll just leave the topic as is.
  24. Raksha 2014

    How would you have ended it?

    Yes, Aragorn reclaims the Kingship of Gondor, marries Arwen, and unites north and south as the Reunited Kingdom. But when the hobbits, who were definitely more the protagonists of the story than Aragorn, return to their beloved Shire, it has been conquered and oppressed (at least part of it) by Saruman and various evil men. The hobbits have to fight to reclaim it, and for the first time, war enters the historically peaceful Shire. They win, and take up their lives. Frodo, who is the central character of the story, cannot enjoy the peace that he helped to win; he is physically and emotionally worn out and cannot live in Middle-earth; he must leave for Valinor with Gandalf & Galadriel & Elrond (who take with them much, if not all, of the magic of Middle-earth) to be healed there. And the other Elves who still live in Middle-earth will eventually leave too; because the Age of Men has begun. There is much joy and relief to be had by most of the characters who survived Sauron's fall, but there is sorrow too. So I'm hoping that GRRM will have a satisfying mix of bitter and sweet, not all sweet and not all bitter. That's assuming that GRRM will actually finish the story - I'm praying he will.
  25. Raksha 2014

    House Lannister is doomed.

    In the show, Tyrion is alive and well at the end. When did he swear to be celibate? If he did, I doubt it will last. He'd quite like to be Lord of the Rock and continue the Lannister dynasty, I think; maybe TV-Tyrion would actually be a better lord than his father. Of course, in the show, either the Lannisters or the Crown owes the Iron Bank quite a bit of coin, and Tywin said that the mines are failing; so maybe Tyrion had to sell Casterly Rock to the highest bidder or forfeit it to the Iron Bank to pay off the Crown's debt.