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  1. Were here to Rant not praise.. wrong tread.
  2. This is so point on..... Dam that's funny. creative to and so right on point.
  3. I'm going to Guess because he loved her. he's the only one that could get close to her with bad intentions because he loves her also.
  4. The whole Grey worm power Is so over the top ridiculous...... All I can say is [email protected] were offered more time and or another season but declined. uggg yea the council meeting and electing of Bran was so unbelievable and over the top. The king maker Tyrion is he a prisoner or king maker. The power that Greyworms given is hard to swallow in the realm of believable for me.. So much more head shaking moments.
  5. Grbauc

    Glad that’s over.

    Yep the cheese (Grey worms part/making of bran king with the council etc..... was the worst part of this episode... DandD were offered more Episodes and or another season and they turned it down to give us movie like ending season. The pacing was Movie like. No time to flesh out the story lines to move the audience correctly with believable stories. Lots of lackluster dialect. The ending is the most important. It's so sad they seem to Be hell bent over election to get this off there back. I wish they would of humbled themselves and hired another show runner to help them or finish it. So they could of did this right. HBO appears to be letting it be know that they were ALL in GOT and were not holding back. Has critical has I can be of the show it still the best dam TV I've witnessed in my lifetime so far. A shame they won't get the proper thank you they deserve. It's like the game of Hearts and they should of and could of Shot the moon but they won but could of pulled off the amazing. I'm glad its over I Easily can see in the (Hodor) episode and in this one the influence of George genius, I don't like the ending but I have hope in his telling of it. maybe he will get over his writers block.
  6. The worst part is they were offered more time to do the show.. Episodes or season. They appear hell bent to get it over with the weight appears to be to much. https://ew.com/tv/2019/04/09/game-of-thrones-season-8-showrunners-interview/
  7. Did you guys even watch the video? appears your just saying what's been said already. I agree with him. Of course its been foreshadowed but that's not what were saying is wrong. It was clearly foreshadowed show and book. It's the bad writing. The ringer has a article where [email protected] say they were offered more time or a season if needed they said NO its not needed.
  8. I enjoyed it but yes I wonder if its the genus of George are is it just they don't have the time resources to take care of the side stories. I've always not understood why they make the show so short. Its not network TV and a 1:05 long episode or more is fine. They have put stupid stuff in and then sped through other stuff. It now that they don't have dialogue from the books to follow its become more and more noticeable.
  9. I agree but by now I'm use to the lack of detail stuff and such. This season is way better then the last several and I've finally been able to separate it from the book story. In my mind and can enjoy the TV show for what it is. I gave it a 8
  10. Agree the last 3 seasons I've had to forget the books on too many episodes but this one was a 10 easy..
  11. Grbauc

    How would you rate episode 702?

    no need for filler, they need to learn to build up scenes. They rush through some stuff an take way to long on most filler.
  12. Grbauc

    How would you rate episode 702?

    Jon Would let Sansa know his plans before he mentions it to the other lords. I do agree and did like the Dany vs Vary's scene. I sure wish the scenes of Dragon Stone and even Winterfell would have a more true to life appearance. Serving folks and life around it. When King Robert had his Iron thrones scenes it would look like a throne room might. Not sure if its budgets or what. When they had George material would get Tyrion and Jamie eating it looked like real life.
  13. Grbauc

    How would you rate episode 702?

    I should be use to it but I have to watch Grey worm instead of them setting up the Iron fleet battle a little better. In a 4 min scene the whole fleet is wiped out. No build up nothing just sillyness that would never happen no watch guard just another sex scene and a quick wipe out.
  14. Grbauc

    [Spoilers] EP702 Discussion

    yea well have to wait for the books for common sense the Tv show is short on that.
  15. Grbauc

    [Spoilers] EP702 Discussion

    uggg nothing good in this episode. I see your point with the sandgirls. They might be there worst casting. This whole episode is just cheezy.