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  1. binhorde

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    "Aegon and his sisters" 2.0? Finally watched the teaser and to me the potential foreshadowing for this was there. Especially the power pose they put the 3 of them in at the end, which coincidentally (or not) was the still-shot HBO used for the teaser thumbnail too.
  2. binhorde

    Final Season Premiere Date Video

    "Aegon and his sisters" 2.0? Seems the potential foreshadowing for such a thing is strong here with the way this was shot and especially the power pose they decided to put the three of them in at the end of it. It's also the still-shot HBO chose for the teaser thumbnail too by the way.
  3. binhorde

    How would you rate episode 501?

    It was okay. I found the Dany scenes the worst to be honest. They were boring, and I'm sorry and don't pretend to think I can do better, but Emilia Clarke is meh. I feel like she is the weakest in the series and sometimes it shows. Her walking into the pit in total darkness was stupid. I get the point. For dramatic visual effects of the room being illuminated by a pissed off dragon spitting fire at her. But still. Would you enter a dark and bottomless pit holding two chained up dragons at night without a torch to light your way?
  4. binhorde

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    Right, which is what I pretty much think happened. But it still doesn't explain the crows. It was just the episode prior 404 where they had almost the same scene, Rast standing in front of the cage in the same spot, after having left the infant and the sound of approaching crows scaring him off. This was obviously insinuating the White Walkers were near to collect the infant. So, that's why the sound of the crows right before Ghost rips his head off, was confusing to me. They obviously meant to add it, because it was done in the editing process, but I still am unsure what they were trying to insinuate with it. Because with no Coldhands, they have only used this when the White Walkers are near.
  5. binhorde

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    You hear the crows right before Ghost rips Rast's face off? This confuses me quite a bit. Presumably Bran let Ghost out of the cage, but he did say in his dialogue "we have to free Summer" and nothing about Ghost. And of course the actor playing Sam said Coldhands is cut, and I would think if he was ever going to show up this episode would have been the time. So, I don't think it was him. So then what are they trying to insinuate with that? I mean so far in the series they've used the sound of crows to symbolize a White Walker is near. Does this mean one of them released Ghost or what? Or is Ghost himself one of them (which unless that's coming in the final 2 books, would be quite a story change). It's obvious it was there for a reason. I mean they added the sound of it in the editing process. So it was not a mistake and absolutely meant something. But with no Coldhands...I don't know what it could possibly be.
  6. binhorde

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    I'm not convinced we've seen the last of the woman who helped Jon against Karl. I believe her name is Jane McGrath. They really focused the camera on her, multiple times in episode 404. Then she helps Jon, and maybe an argument could even be made saves his life in 405. Then again focused the camera on her, and even had Jon looking at her as Craster's burned. So while the rest of those women, who are not credited, so essentially extras now disappear, maybe the 1 woman who is credited (Jane McGrath) does eventually find her way to Castle Black? Is it possible she is a replacement for Val?