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  1. The guy who got flayed and his eyes ripped out. also impaled on a stake, rumor had it he begged ramsay to give him a merciful death, just give me the oberyn he said, totally owned the episode.
  2. You don't know was referring to what ramsay would do to him if he failed.
  3. I think because it was expected, the audience knows all to well what ramsay is like so there is no surprise. But really ramsay did you half to cut out one of his eyes too. You take all his skin and his eyes, man that's sick.
  4. well to be fair the situation was never presented to him in the book. Ramsay gravitates to people that share his mindset. If a girl came to him and liked his pycho style he would probably be interested in her as an assistant. myranda has stayed alive by being pycho. Tamsay the girl who he kills with his bitches wasn't that way so she died. as have other girls previously.
  5. In the hunt scene before ramsay unleashes his bitches the girl says theon help me was she from winterfell.
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