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  1. I almost put this in Entertainment because there's only a few things more fun than cooking and eating. I'm hoping for a broader response here. I'll be purchasing new appliances and I'm not getting the Viking hate and the Wolf love. I don't own anything by either company but I've used both. My feeling and experience is the exact opposite. I worked at Lowe's for several years also and I'd select some of those lower tier brands over Wolf. Any ideas on what I'm missing? I appreciate it.
  2. I didn't see this while replying to a previous thread. My bad. I'm trying to bring back some old schooler's
  3. I know a lot of us have been around for a loooong time. Take it or leave it, TTTNE has always been a part of this. Give me some damn SPAM.
  4. Wait a damn minute. TTTNE is seminal. I am returned . It's been a hot minute but if you've ever been a part of this party, I require your response. C'mon!!! I made a lot of awesome friends here. Less ASOIAF and more shameless self promotion and harmless flirting. I'm gonna camp for a minute. I know you feel it. Don't make me start calling people out
  5. Yep. Exactly what I meant...apologies for being less than eloquent. I've only read the sample chapters of Peace Talks but, from Dead Beat on it was a mad dash to being current. I've not read any of his other work...and I agree that it has been a tad bit up and down since Changes. I feel like he burned a book afterwards in order to advance the narrative but I liked Ghost Story. I will admit to recency bias because I crammed so much, so quickly. It became just one long book for a minute there. One other point...I was inquiring solely about his ability as a writer, I'm not really interested in his maturity. Again, so sorry for being unclear
  6. I'd like to posit an idea. Please correct me if I'm ignorant due to not being as well read. Has anyone ever grown up through writing fiction like Jim has? Obviously, the outline helped him but DAMN. I've never turned so many pages; like at breakneck speed.
  7. i skipped the short stories due to my rush to get to changes...i'll read them once i've caught up, of course, but i am definitely going to read that one as soon as i've finished cold days. thanks!
  8. people try to prepare you for changes, so you see it coming for quite some time. i wasn't prepared. HOLY SHIT.
  9. i don't really know about the politics involved but that stat is staggering. i could, most certainly, understand if someone were to complain of over-correction...or maybe white men can't write successful, engaging prose anymore. regardless, should i ever be nominated, i will be sure to claim the filipino 50 percent of my heritage. FR
  10. Thank you! I'm still searching for something as good as The Lions of Al-Rassan
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