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  1. D_P

    Fourth Quarter 2019 Reading

    You have never wavered in this point, sir. Respect.
  2. D_P

    The books coming out in 2019

    Yay!!!!!!! I just bought prisoner of limnos so that is perfect timing. I've read these all recently and I will be moving on to the novels very soon.
  3. D_P

    Top 10

    No particular order here... 1. A storm of swords- martin 2. Use of weapons- banks 3. The lies of locke lamora- lynch 4. Lamb- moore 5. Before they are hanged- Abercrombie 6. Retribution falls- wooding 7. Survivor- Palahniuk 8. Leviathan wakes- Corey 9. Assassins apprentice- hobb 10. Old man's war- scalzi Much harder than I thought. It was very hard to narrow this down.
  4. D_P

    Comics XIII

    neither do i. its ridiculous. its just going to push ppl to pirate.
  5. D_P

    Second Quarter 2019 Reading

    i can almost see your spit take. ETA: on topic, i am reading before they are hanged by abercrombie and the ember blade by wooding. both very enjoyable, so far. I recently finished penric and the fox by some lady named bujold that i may have mistakenly slept on for far too long. excellent prose, excellent, well fleshed out cast. this lady is aces...also recently finished arm of the sphinx by bancroft. i was initially underwhelmed but i ended up finding it spectacular. i plan to read the hod king soon, especially since there will be one more. i have a difficult time reading the last book in a series, as evidenced by me reading the ember blade before the ace of skulls...a book i may never read because i just can't currently accept that it is over.
  6. D_P

    By Everam’s will; a re-read of the Demon cycle:

    jeebus...slower, you say? CoT was glacial at its best. that's quite an indictment, wert. i'm still laughing here...you owe me a 20 oz. mountain dew and a new keyboard, btw.
  7. D_P

    Hugo Nominations and Awards - Onwards to 2020

    i don't really know about the politics involved but that stat is staggering. i could, most certainly, understand if someone were to complain of over-correction...or maybe white men can't write successful, engaging prose anymore. regardless, should i ever be nominated, i will be sure to claim the filipino 50 percent of my heritage. FR
  8. D_P

    College Basketball: 2019 Bracket Edition

    i just now caught my breath . if we happen to beat UVA (which i think we will), i wonder if a single team has gone on a run like this. beat kansas, beat unc, beat kentucky, beat uva. that is a pretty sick stretch. right before that we beat a good tennessee team twice in a week. ON TO THE FINAL FOUR!!!!!!!
  9. D_P

    College Basketball: 2019 Bracket Edition

    literally blew my mind...i don't think i'll be able to cover up the stain. the wiley block was tremendous. we looked really, excellent against UNC. the chuma injury is crippling honestly. if people thought we played that well tonight, we are gonna have to play at an even higher level, both individually and as a team, to beat a team that has already between us twice...by 2 at home and i don't even know OTR but one was certainly winnable, in retrospect, and the other is an aberration really. i liked our chances with chuma and the momentum and now i feel like i did before the UNC game...a little scared.
  10. D_P

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    idk. being able to speak in an online forum affords us all with a certain amount of flexibility. but just like everyday conversation, that is the rub. current iterations allow us a small measure of individuality. but mandy and i actually talked...many times. distance was a factor for us, as well as my attachment to other people. suffice to say that Amanda and I were on the ground floor of this shit. I'd punch any of you bastards in the face for saying an unkind word about her, YW excluded; apparently...I owe you one, cuz. but she was there for me and i tried to be there for her.. ETA: and isn't that where most online relationships begin?
  11. D_P

    Comics XIII

    it is marketing degrees. which has absolutely fuck all to do with telling a coherent story. i'm just glad to be old enough to be meta without it needing a term.
  12. D_P

    TTTNE 475 - for the Honour of Greyskull!

    how does TTTNE hit 13 hours? damn that...i only lurk now but i spent YEARS on this site filling in the spam. i'm quite sure that people that post more than me would be MOTHER FUCKING MORTIFIED at your lack of commitment. Don't pull up on me sideways, you don't know me. but ppl that know spam know me. You bastards like spam????? prove it.
  13. D_P

    Who Stands Alone?

    from what i've witnessed, this hasn't been on the board in a while. Who is LeRoy Brown in speculative fiction. You must include their trump card and overall abilities. weapon of choice is a non factor...folk fought with different shit. everytime i start a thread like this, i want to lead off with rand al'thor or cheredenine zakalwe. but who really comes out on top? Lan? corwin? logen? cnaiur? conan? kovacs? matrim? god forbid, and i don't want to actually say this, but...caramon? what do you say?
  14. continuing to play really well against a quality opponent. whew!! i'm getting so nervous. i've just really been enjoying the progress of our basketball program. with auburn arena being new, as well, it's just great to be close to a program with that kind of product for a change
  15. I know!!! I'm so excited right now!!