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    the death of Jaime and Cersei & prophecies

    It's even "worse" in German. We literally have different gender words like duke/duchess or actor/actress for EVERYONE. Even something like "chimney sweepress". (sorry for being off-topic)
  2. Laguna

    House Glover

    Well I think the main reason why the Glovers refused, is cause the writers needed to show conflict between the North and Jon, between Sansa and Jon, and ultimately between Daenerys and Jon. They probably need Dany to be somewhere else when the Night King attacks Winterfell.
  3. I was reading the article about the Basilisk Isles and stumbled upon the expression "mud-and-blood towns". What does mud-and-blood mean? Towns close to dangerously swampy places? Like Greywater Watch? English is not my first language and google wasn't helpful - not at all. Urbandictionary mentioned women on toilets. Then apparently there's a video game called Mud and Blood and the rest of the search results where about Harry Potter. Please, I'm just curious.
  4. Laguna

    [No Spoilers] EP401 Discussion

    I stopped watching Treme because of him. Couldn't stand that guy anymore. In 4.1 he was okay for me though. Don't love him, don't hate him. I'm sure he's not a bad actor. We just have to wait I guess. Ed Skrein's version had a certain arrogance/swagger that didn't make him very likable, but at least he was kinda cool.