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  1. In the books they 'leave', backtrack to confuse the trail, hide, Theon 'murders' them, then after Winterfell falls they actually leave. As this is their first 'leaving' they can still be 'murdered' and be presumed dead for a time.
  2. Perhaps the first time I actually enjoyed a departure from the novel. It can't be said enough how much better Theon's story gets by him executing someone as important as Ser Rodrik. And it doesn't really spoil the story in the long run, as Ser Rodrik is due to die quite shortly anyway, so why not make the best of it? As a whole I have to say that my biggest concern about season 2 was that they would fail to properly convey Theon's story and he will turn into an antagonist. In hindsight I have to say that conveying Theon's story properly, on occasions even better, has been the height of the season, whereas many other storylines suffer. Given his story to come in later books, I am pleased with this development and not at all worried that Theon might be becoming a far-more-important a character than he was in book 2. Naught shall be spoken on the subject of dragon theft, lest the Doom falls upon us all.
  3. I know it's probably mentioned twenty times already but... Why cut Jojen and Meera?! How would they progress Bran's story later on? Will he go north with just Hodor? Madness! ETA: 3-eyed-raven?! I guess it could've been worse ... could've been 3-eyed-Hodor...
  4. Hi Milady, Jennelyn, Petyr, Thlayli, Ser Osis, kellaria, Misa chan, Lonely and Elle Enjoy the forums and don't hesitate to explore the non-asoiaf related sections - great fun is to be had there :).
  5. Welcome BS27, Liz, Black Betha, Jaycel and Gaby! Enjoy the board and take your time with the books - they are slow in coming :).
  6. Hey Buster, CrazyWildlingGirl and Kori Glad to have you all on the board. Enjoy the threads and beware of spoilers. They cannot be unseen ;).
  7. Добре дошла, Hady! It took me a while to get used to the English versions of the names and places, but a few re-reads of the series in original helped a lot. Now I can barely remember misbegotten translations like "Джайм" and etc. :). Have fun on the board and good luck with your exams. P.S. I think 'grace' is precisely the word I would use too.
  8. Welcome Sotty and Demosthenes :). Don't be shy to go beyond peaking in the threads - we have already seen several fl00bs rising high in a matter of weeks. Maybe you too have what it takes!
  9. Welcome brocklaser and Rakosor, brock, try staying away from the spoiler threads, regardless of how tempting they may seem. Spoilers are like a drug - one taste and you may be hooked for life. Also, enjoy tonight's episode3 of the TV series ;). Rakosor, too bad you didn't find the board sooner, you missed on a lot of fun moments and threads, but it's never late to catch up.
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