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  1. There's no obligation for laypersons to assist in basically any state that I know of, and very few states mandate reporting for off-duty trained personnel either. The fact that she did not call anybody should have no bearing on her crime. Maybe I'm wrong about Massachusetts, but it seems kinda shitty to be including shitty but legal behavior in a list of reasons she was convicted of a crime.
  2. MerenthaClone

    US Politics: the Lying Liars Who Lie edtion

    Hey, maybe we'll see if the general media will label a white guy a terrorist now.
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    Board Issues 4

    Also, I refuse to use a whitelist because some of the ads are of the incredibly irritating "YOU HAVE A VIRUS!!!!" redirect category that basically make me have to shut chrome down and restart. Pick better ad agencies and I'd consider it.
  5. MerenthaClone

    NHL Playoffs: Stanley's Suitors

    A series! Seriously though, when the refs let it spiral out of control enough that Phil Kessel decides to take a run at somebody, you've let things get out of hand. Last game was a lot tighter with the penalties called and even then, they still swallowed their whistles a lot. I think I'd rather that than the almost line-brawls we got this game. Hopefully Sullivan reams everyone for losing their shit; the most visible impact he's had as a coach is keeping that fuckheadedness to a minimum.
  6. Well, also the problem that Pittsburgh voted pretty significantly against him. Allegheny county went 55 to 39 for Hillary, iirc, and Pittsburgh proper was higher, to the rough tune of ~75% to 80% pro-Clinton. So, yeah. Pittsburgh's standing iconic pop-culture reference is being a failed steel town, which is a perception the city fights very strongly. The G8 was held here a few years ago specifically because Pittsburgh was an example of the Rust Belt that was choosing to look ahead to biomed, tech, and sustainable energy as viable options instead of clinging so, so desperately to coal like the rest of the region. And, shockingly, Pittsburgh has had a pretty huge turnaround while outlying western PA and northern WVA continues to shit itself in a heroin-induced dream of coal.
  7. http://www.rawstory.com/2017/06/in-an-unprecedented-court-escalation-trump-protesters-could-be-facing-decades-in-prison-for-inauguration-demonstrations/ Cool, cool. Totally normal.
  8. MerenthaClone

    NHL Playoffs: Stanley's Suitors

    And again, I'm left staring at the screen going "what the fuck did I just watch". What a strange series.
  9. MerenthaClone

    Alien: Covenant

    Yeah, now I just don't understand. "None of it adds up at this exact moment partially through a planned series of movies, so I give up, the guy who gave us Alien must be doing a stupid." At least let him finish before you decide that his incomplete story has holes in it, especially when you mostly seem to be upset that what he is telling doesn't line up with what you imagined the story would be. And if stories only went exactly where we imagined they would, well, Ned would have been pardoned and ended up at the Wall with Jon to fight off the Others. And that'd be boring.
  10. MerenthaClone

    Alien: Covenant

    Fair enough, but I think Scott left enough leeway for you to keep seeing it as you did originally, too. The xeno-like mural in Prometheus certainly implies some degree of xenomorph has been around for a long, long time and that the Engineers had some sort of religious appreciation for them. They could still be that ancient horror, just one that looked very slightly different because they're so highly mutable. As for the Engineers, maybe, but I think there's a lot more to their story still. Their attitude toward David's approaching ship doesn't square with them being gods. And we know at least one Space Jockey should still be around: the one that ends up on LV-426.
  11. MerenthaClone

    Alien: Covenant

    He calls them "twitchy" when Ripley first meets him. What I meant is that androids existing and walking around is a well-accepted fact. You'd see them being sold, with certain lines being marketed for certain tasks. Its not that people would have ways of telling synths from people, its that you'd be able to recognize a lot of synths because they'd all look the same. I know it isn't in the movie, but check out this tie-in website: https://www.meetwalter.com/ Walter exists as a product line, with multiple identical-appearing models but slight personality changes. Bishop likewise. Ash isn't that. David might have been an earlier enough model that that wasn't the case either.
  12. MerenthaClone

    Alien: Covenant

    He isn't. The crew of the Covenant knows Walter is a synthetic while nobody knew Ash was until he attacks Ripley. The David model was stated to disturb people and didn't sell well, which means that there was some kind of broader social awareness of synthetics. This is borne out by Bishop's role on the Sulaco, too. The general populace can recognize synthetics, but they don't recognize Ash as one, which means he's either a custom job or from a stealth line. How linked the personality and physical models are is something I don't know, though. He could be a David profile stuffed in a custom chassis, I suppose, if that's possible.
  13. MerenthaClone

    US Politics: Terminal America

    I think you'll find that police actually do have the right to throw explosives and smash heads, especially when they're stopping protests. Which, for some reason, they usually do more vigorously when its a leftist or black protest. Weird, that. But besides the point is that right-wing violence has been continuing on in this country for a lot longer than antifa has been particularly active. But suddenly when people decide that maybe polite discourse and decorum does not appear to work when one side shows up with guns and so start (badly and with poor aim, I'll admit) trying to fight back, the handwringing about violence in the US comes out. As far as I can tell, apparently, violence is all well and good when its administered by the state, protests are all well and good while they don't bother anyone, and we should just ignore a sudden resurgence of neofascism, overt racism, sexism, and general hate because well golly gee, at least we tried to be polite about it. And even then, that doesn't make sense. You're still saying that if antifa hadn't shown up, the people who showed up with fucking torches to defend a confederate monument wouldn't still be making life difficult for PoC across the country. Because I think they would have. And I think they have been doing so politely and legally, but nevertheless just as harmfully, and it would have been allowed to be ignored. But then people started protesting against the racism endemic in our society and the backlash was against the protestors. Antifa is a reaction to the perceived failure of the system and the perceived collaboration of that system with the alt-right and neofascists. You have right-wing assholes stalking, intimidating, and attacking women who try to go to Planned Parenthood. So then you get people escorting those women through the crowds because we've decided that that harassment falls under the right to protest. But then women are still getting abortions, so George Tiller gets shot. And now you're fucking telling me that the problem is the clinic escorts because they "escalated" the situation. Give me a break. The right and alt-right would have shown up and been violent without antifa ever existing.
  14. MerenthaClone

    US Politics: Terminal America

    Well, I guess this answers the question of whether you'd feel like you made a mistake in thinking that Hillary would be worse for the country than Trump simply because she'd...somehow back Wall Street more than the president who put out a tax platform so horrendous and favoring the rich that even the reddest of Republicans are balking.
  15. MerenthaClone

    US Politics: Terminal America

    And the implication, however much you might not be saying it, is that it is the responsibility of antifa to not have protested, lest it cause escalation. And you might not be saying that, but many, many others are, and the arguments start in the same way. Forgive me if separating the people who present one argument and stop there and the people who present the same argument and leave an implication hanging in the air is sometimes difficult.