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  1.  It would be really interesting if Dickon dies and Randyll Tarly is forced to accept alleged Sam's bastard as his heir. Just imagine Mance's son as the future lord Tarly... The image filled me with joy :D
  2. Even though I am late to the party, this was a great read LongRider. Thank you for all your efforts. With regard to Gilly being pregnant I want to point out that since she is breast feeding, it is very unlikely that she can conceive.
  3. @KLM What is the luggage allowance on an economy return flight venice-amsterdam? Flight number: KL1652

  4. Parizad

    A Compendium of Theories v.2

    :agree: :agree: I think that would be interesting too. Let me know if you found such a source!
  5. Parizad

    A Compendium of Theories v.2

    Valonqar is Little FInger theory: http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/topic/102589-valonqar-theory/?p=5328332
  6. Parizad

    A Compendium of Theories v.2

    This is the same list as v.1