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  1. I was seriously disappointed that there was no LSH but i won't die. For those saying we have to wait a whole year to see her, how long have you been waiting for TWOW? I thought it was a well done episode just felt weird. It felt wrong, very, very wrong. Wrong as in, am i watching Game of Thrones or what? - I liked Stannis/Jon/Mance but could of done without the whole Ygritte burning. - Bran was awesome and so was BR, but it felt very short. And does this mean no Jojen Paste? - Liked Qyburn/Cersei/Pycelle scene which basically confirmed Robert Strong - Meh about Cersei/Tywin/Jamie - Brienne vs Hound was pretty nice and I loved how the Hound isn't dead, maybe? - Tyrion/Jamie was alright. Very rushed but I understand no Tysha it wouldn't make sense. But couldn't they have made something else up to make them mad? Now we won't have "she's been fucking Lancel and Moon boy" - Tyrion/Shae was meh. Why the fuck would they have him kill her in self-defense. Whitwashing here. - Tyrion/Tywin was also meh. It just didn't do it for me. I understand no "wherever whores go". - I liked Arya's scene and really liked her looking out to the sea but i just wish we could have seen her staring up at the Titan of Bravos I liked this episode but I didn't like :stunned: It was a bit underwhelming To make a complete decision i have to watch it again later. When there is no week long build-up On the other hand D&D where right. This was the best episode of GoT. But only for non-readers ETA: Lena really did fuck with our expectations And the thing the fucked with me the most is that i expected some TWOW news. But lets not get into that
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