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  1. I didn't realise this thread was here, sorry about that! But, anyway... I'm from Liverpool, England (but now live in Northern Ireland) and I started reading the Song of Ice and Fire series just before Christmas and am hooked. I haven't yet watched the TV show as I want to finish reading book three before hand. I started reading after being told that the books were based heavily on the Wars of the Roses (an era my Masters was based on). I'm a medievalist through and through and this is actually a pretty damn good representation of the era (minus the dragons and whatnot). Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting stuck in with the theories once I'm caught up on the books.
  2. Iain Glen (Mormont) was in Spooks (series 9), as was the guy who played Edmure (series 8; forgotten the actor's name, sorry). Liam Cunningham was in a great, indie movie called "The Numbers Station". Stephan Dillane was in the awful "King Arthur", too.
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