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  1. South is definitly economicaly stronger, but has also always been divided by various inner conflicts (Martell VS Tyrell etc). Sansa is already allied with vale and riverlands, and now has more than enough time to rebuild north. It doesn't matter anyway, story is over.
  2. Bran could live long enough to outlive Sansa's grandchildren, all he needs is to plant a weirwood tree near by. North has never been conquered before so I don't see why would they need to be afraid of South in the future.
  3. They were never part of the North, before Targs they were independent kingdom. The Riverlands were under their control at time Targs arrive, and their capitol was Harrenhall.
  4. Wolfking007

    Purpose of the wall now ?

    Maybe. I always had a impression they've started to appear again after the Roberts rebellion or somewhere around that time. Craster probably wasn't the only one offering his sons, and in the Battle at Winterfell there were only ~20 - 30 of them, maybe 50. The rest of them were zombies. If they have reappeared sooner it would be more of them. But then again this is the show where you see all of Dothraki die in one battle, and then 2 episodes later there are hundreds of them in another battle so...
  5. Wolfking007

    Purpose of the wall now ?

    Children are suppose to be extinct, at least in the show, and with them their magic too, so thats probably the end for the WW's. I really don't remember were they defeated, forced back or some kind of deal was made. I'm just guessing they didn't disappear for 8000 years out of goodness of their hearts
  6. Wolfking007

    Purpose of the wall now ?

    I haven't reread the books for quite a while, so I don't remember how it went exactly, and I don't recall show acknowledging previous conflicts with WWs. In the show just like in the books they were gone for 8000 years, and nobody in Planetos remembers how exactly they were defeated or pushed back into hiding. All that remains from that time are legends about Azor Ahai and lightbringer.
  7. That might be true, there are some Houses that are claiming to be blood of the first men like Blackwoods and they are minority south of the neck. But The North has never been conquered by the Andals, and First men kept their domination over the land north of the neck despite all of the "migrations".
  8. Wolfking007

    Purpose of the wall now ?

    This wasn't the first appearance of the Others and White Walkers, they were defeated once before, so it's safe to asume they could appear again.
  9. Every House north of The Neck has the blood of the First men, except Manderlys who came to the North from The Reach.
  10. Wolfking007

    Best lines of E06

    Sansa to Edmure: "Uncle sit down". ...and he actually sits.
  11. Wolfking007

    The purpose of R+L=J?

    He didn't kill her because he was afraid for his life, it was the idea that she might kill his sisters If they refused to bend the knee. He knew that both Arya & Sansa were not fond of "his Queen" so he had to choose.
  12. Wolfking007

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    I haven't read the entire thread so sorry If this had been discussed. How come that Jon didn't get killed by Unsullied or Dothraki. We saw them killing prisoners left & right but somehow they spared him?
  13. Wolfking007

    This ending is nothing but Bitter

    Once the bad taste of the show version fades you should give the books a try. You wont regret it
  14. Wolfking007

    How should Jon kill Dany

    Knife through the heart
  15. Wolfking007

    This is all Jon’s fault

    But he tried to sleep with her in previous episode. The fact that she is his aunt didn't bother him then, why should that be the case now?
  16. Wolfking007

    This is all Jon’s fault

    I agree! I don't see incest being problem in this scene, especially if you considere the last episode where Jon was the the one who tried to have some sexy time with Dany (but then she pulled away and started ranting about him having the better claim). Only reason for him pulling away in this scene that makes sense to me is that after Varys execution he is starting to realise in what kind of danger his sisters are at the moment. Because he must have realised that Dany knows who told Varys about who his real parents are.
  17. Wolfking007

    Jon's biggest error?

    Wasn't Jon who tried to have sex with her just the previous episode? So why did he refuse her now?
  18. Wolfking007

    Dany and Cersei: double standards?

    Reason I always liked and rooted for Dany is that all the odds were against her. Her father was a lunatic, so her nature are not in her favour. She was raised by another lunatic, so her nurture are not in her favour Never had a place she could truly call her home Only constant thing throughout her life was the idea that she should sit the iron throne Despite all of that, she always tried to do what she thought would be the right thing and no matter how many foreshadowing about her going mad has been in previous episodes/seasons, her killing thousands of innocent people I still find completely out of character.
  19. Wolfking007

    Who will kill Daenerys? NO SPOILERS PLEASE!

    If Jon kills her that would be really tragic end. What would be even more tragic, is that she finds out that she's pregnant and tells him just before her last breath leaves her. In another words, I'm hoping it will be Arya that finishes her