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    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    The show has essentially become it's own parody with it's own fan-base of mindless drones who think sex , violence, shock moments and cheap thrills are all there is to a good show.It's flooded with fanboys who watch it because :" it's game of fucking thrones, of course it's going to be good, oh shit boobs, gore, who's going to die next." and D&D apologists who defend their incompetence and their worst kind of writing mistakes , only because "hey it's different" even though it's shit besides different. Essentially episodes have been receiving almost perfect ratings, because the show now caters to the lowest common denominator. Mindbogglingly the seasons which stayed true most, to the books, received lower scores than a lot of the episodes this season. HBO will say this was a success since it received the highest ratings since the show started and started controversy and will pat D&D on their back and say, do what you've been doing , you've hit the soft spot.
  2. KarlVyt

    [Spoilers] EP505 Discussion

    One does not simply walk into Valyria.
  3. I don't understand why the fuck didn't they just have the whole wall story line conclude this episode. I mean they had an ENTIRE EPISODE TO DO THIS. BUT NO WE HAVE TO GET FUCKING SAM AND GILLY AND MORE WASTED TIME. WTF? You could of had stannis save the day at the end and have a nice conclusion to the wall arc and finish it for the entire seasons and leave the other story lines for episode 10 cause some major shit is going to happen Now we have to have everything cramped into one episode which surely means david and dan will fuck up something as always. Jesus D&D must have developed a brain tumor when they wrote this and thought. Hey fuck george and his writing let's make our own incompetent shit.
  4. Only Balerion. Vhagar and Meraxes were born much later on Dragonstone and Balerion was already old by then. Or maybe I've remembered poorly when they were born.
  5. Dany is so fucking stupid. So good luck trying to change a society of slaver's overnight.Well Yunkai and Astapor turned out just fine. OMG I'M NOT PREPARED TO RULE, I HAVE TO WAIT. oh dear there's no way i could have miseed something no....! well...let's see Dear old illyrio mopatis, the golden company with the Mummer's Dragon, funding from the iron bank of braavos, Prince Doran and the entirety of dorne at her side, Mercenaries that can be bought from the free cities with the wealth of Mereen and the liberated cities, more ships as-well to buy. Oh dear my dragons are too small.! The sheer sight of dragons will make the noble houses swear for her.On a side note Ageon the conqueror had small dragons at the beginning and waited for them to grow, but the most important thing that he did was... wait for it... MAKE THE MOST OUT OF EVERY FUCKING OPPORTUNITY THAT CAME BEFORE HIM. He wasn't a perfect ruler, but saw an opportunity and conquered westeros. My god people who like dany are just as stupid as she is.