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  1. Kafka's Coat

    The Broken Earth Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin

    Finished the first book last night. A bit boring in parts but I suppose with it being a trilogy then one can expect this. Great ending and sets things up for the second novel, which I'll definitely get.
  2. Kafka's Coat

    Official Blatant but Honest Self Promotion Thread

    I can understand that. Eggs in one basket is dangerous, even if you didn't intend on it to work out that way. Hopefully, people will come across your other works as a result of that one series.
  3. Kafka's Coat

    Official Blatant but Honest Self Promotion Thread

    Have any of you sold enough books to go full-time, or at least as near as damn it? I know that writing is all about storytelling; writing a story you yourself would love to read and hope that others will also like it, but going full-time must also be a fairly big goal for most.
  4. Kafka's Coat

    Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    I'm 1245 words into my first ever draft of my first ever attempt at writing - anything. Been going at it for about 5 hours. No idea what this pace it like, or even if it matters. Also not sure where I'm going with this attempt; I have an idea for a novel/series in mind, but not sure how I can get there with what I've written so far. I might just keep going to 5000 and use it as a writing experience exercise. It feels good though.
  5. Kafka's Coat

    Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    Also - notetaking. Yay, or nay, or yay up to a point? What I envisage notetaking to be is just jotting down characters, where they live, relations, attributes; locations of the world, nature, and some history, and a general outline of the plot. Stephen King said that notetaking is the best way to immortalise bad ideas, but I'm not sure what could be wrong with 'my' notetaking..?
  6. Ah - my bad! I was always optimistic it would get done, but this year the final nail is in the coffin. Actually, that nail has been in a little longer - they've started throwing the earth on top now... I can see it coming: he'll come out and say that GOT ended it perfectly and he is happy to let it be at that.
  7. Kafka's Coat

    Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    How do you all write characters of different ethnicities, religious beliefs, genders, sexuality, etc, to that of yourself without making it seem like tokenism? Is it a case of a) making that character believable with depth, or b) instead of having one black character, have a black society, ie show it at a larger scale to 'complement' (sorry, can't think of a better word) the main black character. (Character could be gay, or trans, or white, or Asian, Hispanic - just used black as an example).
  8. Yeah, after just over 7 years since Dance there's no way this series will be concluded. And not because of his age - as some have suggested elsewhere - but because I just don't think he's feeling it. He definitely took on too much regarding the show. How long does it take to write a screenplay, 2-4 months? He did 5 episodes, so 10-20 months of writing time gone there, not including the liaising needed with the producers, etc. I'm not begrudging him this (and his other releases), these episodes were some of the best of the entire series to date. I just think he underestimated what he needed to do to get Winds done.
  9. Yep. More I read the more used to it I get. Certainly fresh and exciting to read, though.
  10. Kafka's Coat

    Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    @Derfel Cadarn Are you still looking for people to read your Thorns novel? It sounds really interesting, can't say I've come across many fantasies with a north African setting. Congrats on getting RM published. Great achievement.
  11. Kafka's Coat

    Writing a novel - advice.

    Thank you both. I have been meaning to read Kin's On Writing for bloody ages now!
  12. Kafka's Coat

    Writing a novel - advice.

    Hi all! I have thought long and hard about whether to write a novel (or a short story) and I think I've finally landed on a decent idea. I would like to read some advice from published authors on this here website. I would use the search function to, erm, search for past topics on the matter, but I can't seem to find it..? To that end, please feel free to merge this thread with another, or point me in the correct direction, etc. Thank you, and good to be back.
  13. I have read 'Salem's Lot, Nightflyers, and The Haunting of Hill House. All very good, with Hill House being my favourite. Shirley Jackson's writing is perfect. I am currently reading the first installment of N. K. Jemisin's Broken Earth Trilogy - The Fifth Season. I am enjoying it, despite finding it slightly 'odd'. Anyone else read this? I'm about 150 pages in. Next up this month are these: Beloved by Toni Morrison, Tell-tale Heart by Poe, and a few of Stephen Kings shorts in Bazaar, and some of Gaskell's shorts in Tales of Mystery and the Macabre.
  14. Kafka's Coat

    Fantasy and SF Recommendations: Series

    I don't know if this has been recommended, but I'll say it regardless! The Broken Empire, by Mark Lawrence. Dark Fantasy. Fans of the Dark Souls (and Demon's Souls) video games will appreciate this series. Very good.