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  1. Just reading this post of yours


    I don’t understand how this isn’t obvious to everyone reading it. 
    I miss a lot of detail and inferred plot points when reading, my ability to connect dots to create theories is next to none existent, but even I on my first read was able to deduce the conclusion that Robb names Cat as his heir. The line “She could only hope that the trap he'd planned for Moat Cailin worked as well as the one in which he'd just caught her.” is GRRM essentially telling the reader that it was Cat all along who Robb intended to name.

    I made a Reddit thread regarding this earlier today and have been basically laughed off the board for suggesting it.

    I googled around to see if it was just me who believes it and if I had misinterpreted and found your post, so I’m glad I’m not the only one who believe it was Cat who was named as heir.

    It’s baffling that the majority of readers still believe it’s Jon.

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