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  1. I do love me some Cersei being incompetent. I find it highly entertaining when she thinks she has her father's cunning and ends up making a mess of things. But I can't see her getting taken out and not being there for the end game. How satistfying will it be narratively if whoever saves the day at the end does so by facing off against a character who wasn't around in the first book? Dany and/or Jon vs Faegon in the final book? The Martels? Nah. She is going to hold onto power until the end. But I do agree about not making her too competent.. She can get rid of all these people and have it come back to haunt her politically which I would find interesting.
  2. As much as I think the writing on the show has suffered without Martin's books to guide them, the show HAS done some things right. Killing off characters to end their arcs has worked. I think in this area, Martin would be well served to have Cersei eliminate her enemies in one fell swoop in a Godfather sort of way. The Tyrell plot has to end. Get rid of all of them at once. The Faegon plot needs to merge with the Dornish plot...then suddenly end. Let Cersei take them all out too. The Euron plot can go on but needs to start to come together with fewer characters. Dany needs to get her posse together and gtfo of Dodge. Have her unite everyone from a position of strength at the beginning of the book and not appear again until she arrives on the shores of Westeros at the end of the book. Dont give her another arc until she arrives. Or...start to finally develop the Others and the threat from the north. If they made it past the wall all of these lingering plotlines could end as cannon fodder for the real threat. But that is asking too much.
  3. Big Daddy

    Martins history or Tolkiens?

    I prefer GRRM's world to Tolkien's. For the reason that Martin's focuses more on the dynasties and family houses of the recent centuries, and treats older events like mythology that may or may not have happened. And THAT premise appeals to me in terms of storytelling. With Tolkien, as much as I love his work, a lot of characters in the recent history aren't well developed and many details not explored like Martin would have done. And I find the events of the distant past are far too reliable for my tastes. I don't like that I am supposed to trust that all these events thousands of years ago all happened as we are told they were, or that the characters think they happened. At least with Martin's world, there is a good suspicion going on that what the characters are told is their history stretching back 8,000 years or more may only be hundreds of years. And not reliable because there was no written record until a few centuries prior. Their own mythology if you will. Tolkien spends more time nailing down all that stuff thousands of years ago and I find it far less interesting.
  4. Big Daddy

    Dark Horse GOT figurines

    It looks great but not worth the money they are asking.
  5. Big Daddy

    Dark Horse GOT figurines

    They also are offering for preorder Game of Thrones: Ice Dragon & The Night King Premier Statue $599.99
  6. Big Daddy

    Dark Horse GOT figurines

    I just checked t out and they dramatically upped the price! All this time, the typical retail at comic stores has been $24.99. Now cutting out the middle man, instead of being cheaper DH s asking for $40 a pop!
  7. Agreed. These books are SO good, especially the first 3, and that's what makes the wait so painful. His gardening in the first 3 was amazingly creative that I still get satisfaction out of multiple rereads.
  8. I find it amusing that in story, Jon (both in books and show) keeps resisting or putting off opportunities to change his name to Stark. It was his most fond wish growing up, but he hasn't done it. Stannis gave him a chance and he did the "right" thing by staying a man of the Watch and a Snow. Then in the show he hasn't made time to legitimize himself as king. In a story telling sense, I chalk this up to "good things come to those who wait". When he and those around him learn he is a Targaryen is will be much more of an emotionally satisfying ending to have him crowned or take on the name Aegon VI, if that's indeed where the story is heading in the show and the books. It would make for a very Lion King epic type of moment after all he has gone through. To have him change his name to what we find out is the wrong name just BEFORE changing his name...that would suck a lot of the oomph out of the moment later on. In universe, the OP here has a great point. End of the world aside, it would take the stroke of a pen for him to legitimize himself as a Stark. What is his title? King Jon of the House of Snow? He needs a name, if not for himself then for any sons he plans on having. He needs to leave them a name. And I can't imagine him picking a different name like the cadet branch of Targaryens did with Blackfyre. It comes off odd, but we just have to suspend disbelief and ignore for a while longer that Jon hasn't shed the name of Snow yet. The writers of the show are kind of stuck there and have to keep it up for the same reasons GRRM is.
  9. I think Martin's "gardening" approach got the better of him on this series, especially as the tale grew in the telling. He expanded and created too many plots in Feast/Dance when he should have been structuring his endgame. At this point I am almost positive we will never see ADOS. And honestly I have serious doubts TWOW will ever see the light of day either. I have this suspicion that the only material he ever wrote for Winds is the material the got taken out of Dance and that we've already read most of that in the last 7 years. Gardening seems very creative and was probably very rewarding to him as he was writing along his way through the 1st 3 books, but we are seeing the effects of that now.
  10. Big Daddy

    Dark Horse GOT figurines

    Yeah, no Theon. No Robert. No Cat, Davos, Samwell or Ramsey. But we DID get Greyworm AND a Son of the Harpy. Figures nobody asked for!
  11. Big Daddy

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Maybe when he gets these things done, he can START writing Winds. I'm starting to think he never made it past the excess material from Dance.
  12. Big Daddy

    Dark Horse GOT figurines

    Dark Horse looks to be pretty much winding down with this line as the show prepares to wrap up. At Toy Fair 2018 last weekend, the Dark Horse booth only showcased ONE upcoming figure for 2018. And that was Dany 2.0, not even the other figures they previously announced at LAST year's cons. No prototype of Jon 2.0, Tyrion 2.0, Arya 2.0. Not even Tormund. Even Melisandre who was supposed to be out a year ago had no mention. Not good. http://news.toyark.com/2018/02/18/toy-fair-2018-gallery-dark-horse-game-thrones-witcher-289298
  13. Big Daddy

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Which will likely come true because TWOW will never see the light of day. Much less ADOS.
  14. My current guess is that stopping the Night's King is destroying the ring of power in Mt Doom, and finishing off Cersei will be their Scouring of the Shire.
  15. But he has those puppy dog eyes!