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  1. Big Daddy

    Dark Horse GOT figurines

    Yeah, no Theon. No Robert. No Cat, Davos, Samwell or Ramsey. But we DID get Greyworm AND a Son of the Harpy. Figures nobody asked for!
  2. Big Daddy

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Maybe when he gets these things done, he can START writing Winds. I'm starting to think he never made it past the excess material from Dance.
  3. Big Daddy

    Dark Horse GOT figurines

    Dark Horse looks to be pretty much winding down with this line as the show prepares to wrap up. At Toy Fair 2018 last weekend, the Dark Horse booth only showcased ONE upcoming figure for 2018. And that was Dany 2.0, not even the other figures they previously announced at LAST year's cons. No prototype of Jon 2.0, Tyrion 2.0, Arya 2.0. Not even Tormund. Even Melisandre who was supposed to be out a year ago had no mention. Not good. http://news.toyark.com/2018/02/18/toy-fair-2018-gallery-dark-horse-game-thrones-witcher-289298
  4. Big Daddy

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Which will likely come true because TWOW will never see the light of day. Much less ADOS.
  5. My current guess is that stopping the Night's King is destroying the ring of power in Mt Doom, and finishing off Cersei will be their Scouring of the Shire.
  6. But he has those puppy dog eyes!
  7. Big Daddy

    Dark Horse GOT figurines

    Wun Wun will be a statue. It LOOKS like it might be the right scale, but you'll pay through the nose to get it because it will be porcelain and not plastic. Might be better to wait and see if they later do a figure in that mold. Ghost in the mystery box thing will be easier to get on ebay as people will break those sets up and try to sell them individually.
  8. Big Daddy

    Publishing lead time

    That's kind of what I was getting at. That he hasn't been writing it and it's just the material left over from Dance that's been sitting there collecting dust for years.
  9. Big Daddy

    What will happen to Stannis in TWOW?

    I think Stannis may end up victorious in the upcoming battle, but some weird twist of fate will happen to take him out. Martin loves to play things out like that where a plan falls apart because of unforseen circumstances that complicate things. Either way, I don't see Stannis making it out of the north, or TWOW alive. But I don't expect his downfall to be anything like it played out in the show. Shireen being burned alive will likely happen, but without Stannis beimg present. I don't think he will make it back to the wall.
  10. Big Daddy

    Dark Horse GOT figurines

    So I did some searching and found on amazon that she never was released, and just kept getting pushed back. Now she is listed for August, behind all of the re-do figures. Here's the updated list: 25 Son Of The Harpy (out) 26 Stannis (out) 27 Dany 2.0 (march 14th) 28 Tyrion 2.0 (july 25th) 29 Jon 2.0 (august 15th) 30 Melisandre (august 31st) 31 Tormund (tba) 32 Arya 2.0 (tba)
  11. Big Daddy

    Dark Horse GOT figurines

    Did Melisandre ever even come out? I never saw her and cant find her anywhere. Dark Horses website doesn't list her and I can't find her on ebay. As far as I know, the Son Of the Harpy and Stannis were the last two figurines released, and that was forever ago. Did any of you ever get Melisandre?
  12. Big Daddy

    Publishing lead time

    So they need at least a few months of lead time from when they get the final version out of GRRM's clutches, to when they can release the final product to stores and into customer's hands. What is that, 3-4 months? Roughly? This week, the big rumor was that the publishing date might have accidentally slip and it was a September date. I have real doubts that was real and could have been for the first half of the two Taryaryen history books instead. My fear is that Martin has emotionally moved on from ASOIAF and will continue to make pitches for other tv shows, and sprinkle more satelite ASOIAF projects like the short stories he has done in recent years. That somewhere in his house under a pile of clutter lies his abandoned work on Winds, and he never made it past 200-300 pages.
  13. That's definitely true. They had the added wrinkle of not carrying the Targaryen name in addition to probably not being fathered by Velaryon. That made it even more interesting to me on my initial reading of that story.
  14. I kind of get a kick when I read the Targaryen short stories, because Martin likes to pepper the Targ family tree with instances where bullets are dodged for messing up the continuity of the Targ dynasty. He set up those three sons who were obviously bastards to mirror Cersei's three children, with the danger of losing the Targaryen name if any of them made it to the throne. Conveniently Martin killed them all off in the story so it wouldn't happen. It's also why I have trouble buying into tinfoil hat theories about any past Targ legitimacy that would indirectly lead to Dany or Jon NOT being a direct descendant of Aegon I. Anyhoo, bullet dodged on the Velaryon thing, because they surely would have lead to a new house of Velaryon on the throne.
  15. I think one of the best decisions the show runners made that different from the books was an overall one to not get mired down in new book subplots after the Red Wedding. The show obviously screwed the pooch on things like the Dornish plot, but overall, they chose wisely discarding things that they knew weren't going to matter when it came to the end game itself. Will UnCat matter in the end? No? Gone. Will FAegon or Jon Connnington matter in the end? No? Gone. The Sand Snakes infiltrating the Maester's Citadel and King's Landing going to matter in the end? No? Gone. Martin is still mired down in new narrative debts that need to be paid with no end in sight, while the show is going to finish on schedule. I'll take the books over the show any day, but you can't deny the showrunners are far better prepared than Martin.