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  1. How are you? I hope life has been kind. If you can, come join the chat and partake in our gift giving.
  2. https://www.amazon.com/Dahlia-Bakery-Cookbook-Sweetness-Seattle/dp/0062183745 Some tasty treats but Tom Douglas. I can send some recipes if anyone wants to try the recipes out.
  3. Hey Rhae, Same here not much in terms of the pandemic but a lot of local coverage on monkeypox Hope you can stay cool with that temperature. Not a fan of the heat personally. Good luck on the complex AC Hope you all are good, always feels nostalgic to check on the forum. Just noticed the membership count is under 200,000. Felt like so much more when I was younger.
  4. Same! Though I'm using Chrome on my android.
  5. Will the chat button be back?
  7. Haha well I'm glad you decide to join the party! I hope you have fun and enjoy it Oh which book is your favorite? Aww well I hope the picture uploading helps :/ it can get wacky Anyway welcome to the boards and Jayhawk xD what's your house motto lol
  8. Hey welcome! Do you have a favorite character so far?
  9. Sweet vocals!!! lol :D Welcome to the boards! I do hope you get a chance to read the series, they are quite good and missing? Lol I think you should find out exactly how much of the story we don't see in the show, all the details that are getting removed.... Things aren't exactly how they are in the books... Though I won't spoil it for you. Read and enjoy bud :)
  10. Welcome to the boards, you'll come to find a lot to talk about in the general asoiaf threads. Not a fan of the show? Lol no worries, there are a great lot who concur. I don't really have much time to watch anything, so I've not made time for season five at all. Just heard a lot about how bad it was. Lol Oh if there are any other shows/movies/books/food (HA!) you're currently watching/reading/eating you'll find a great lot to talk about in the miscellaneous portion of this forum. Brienne is cool, what was the song about? Favorite quote? Enjoy the boards :) Hey Dome Ah, all five books in the shortest month of the year? Damn that's impressive. Though if you aren't retaining it. Maybe you should do a couple of rereads? I know there is A LOT I've discovered from rereading. Bran's chapter from the first book for an example! So much went right over my head, and I just shrugged it off. But I've come to realize, Martin doesn't write anything just to put pen to pad.... He seems to have an agenda... Well unless he's describing food xD aaaah lol sometimes I can't get over how much detail he puts into defining a meal! Anyway, best of luck to you. Hope you enjoy yourself :) Oh and who's your favorite character? What's up Bucket! Nice to meet you, of course this place is awesome!! Lol so many people to talk to and get to know. I for one love these boards ....maybe a little too much xD Haha keep reading! Keep on, they're really great and so addicting once you start. At least imo lol Oh what's your favorite house? Have fun dude! Lmao! You seem hilarious! Sweet name, and awesome reference! Same goes for my username.... (Cora is my name) I have been known to change mine a lot in the past, though I think this one may stay awhile. Lol LURKER! Well glad you're here and posting! Have a great time and don't be a stranger. Haha thanks for asking that my king! XD Another LURKER xD Lol welcome! I too reside in NC Its okay for the most part. I adore the redwoods and lake tahoe is like my second runaway place here!! LoL Texas? I've driven through it, though haven't stayed around to check it out. Haha sweet, great list of hobbies, you'll for in great here xD Knitting? Ah maybe I need to pick that up!! I just exercise, or draw when I'm stressed out. Bu that sounds like a sweet skill! I love scarfs and beanies!!! Awww you own pigs? That's awesome! Bathe them in buttermilk by any chance? I too love animals! I have a dog, though he's with my other siblings & their parents in Wyoming. I miss him so much!! Hey DJ! Lol sweet videos!!! Do you mind if I share them in a few GoT Facebook groups I'm in? You're editing skills are pretty awesome! What's your favorite GoT quote? Which book is your favorite? Welcome Steve!! Cool to know you were brought to the boards by the love of these awesome creatures!! Lol you'll learn about a long list of other awesome creatures on the way! Oh and that's awesome you write! There is a thread called 'boarders writing novels' (or something close to that) in the literature part of miscellaneous. Check it out if you ever feel inclined and maybe even better your skill. :) I'm going to talk a wild guess and say you like house Stark. But you may also be a Clegane fan, no? Lol cool taste! You'll probably love the music thread then! You're songs cool, I'm listening to some classical just because it's late and I had a hell of a day, but from what I can tell it is good. I hope you eventually get on his show :) I want to ask which you are in the band, however the mystery of it is pretty awesome for now xD Hope you have fun here! King, when you're sharing I'd love to hear your tunes too! I didn't even know you made music. I'm sorry I've become forgetful :( Forgive me if I have typos, I'm not proof reading this, however it's one in the morning and I have work in four hours so I doubt I'd catch the errors anyway.
  11. Lol hey! Welcome to the boards :D I hope Tyrion doesn't die.... well not soon anyway :( What kind if music do you like? Play? Favorite house? Favorite quote? ;) I hope you enjoy yourself! Lol
  12. Welcome all! I hope you all have fun with us and enjoy the forum... I'll make a better, more personal welcome later on. :D
  13. :Rolf: this is actually pretty funny for multiple reasons
  14. Hey Moriath! :D Welcome to the boards! I like your outlook on spoilers xD :thumbsup: I hope you enjoy it here and you post! Start threads! Meet people! Oh and don't get scared if the boards shut down sometimes, they come back :D I respect Varys a lot, he just seems to understand the game :smug: no one can tell him anything!
  15. Lol :rofl: Hey Debora Bell, welcome to the forum :D I hope you enjoy the boards! Its a pretty chill place and there is always something to talk about :p
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