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  1. Wait, Jaime was claiming he could beat Arthur Dayne.
  2. I see people remember how Tywin in King's Landing said he will never give Tyrion Casterly Rock but end up forgetting why Tyrion was in King's Landing in the first place. Once Jaime's death became a serious prospect back in aGoT when he was captured, Tywin started to look at Tyrion as his heir instead and hence sent him to act as the Hand of the King in KL. It's only after Tyrion completely failed Tywin's test did Tywin say what he said. Before that he did not consider it unacceptable for Tyrion to inherit. But now that Tyrion went and flat out killed Tywin, he definitely can only take Casterly Rock by conquering it, he can't inherit it anymore.
  3. I agree, unless it's a pattern, it doesn't seem to be anything more than a love affair drama. And while Lynch's behaviour was terrible, that's not something that deserves such serious accusations like grooming or sexual assault, and really should have only been the matter of those involved and not the whole public. Well, Twitter is going to Twitter, I guess.
  4. Based on what I read, the way I see it: Scott Lynch is a cheating asshole who wanted to bang a young woman while being married and get away with it. He was very dedicated too, since he continued to pursue the relationship after Rowland spilled the beans to his wife. Alexandra Rowland was delighted by Scott's attention, though didn't want to be a mistress. But eventually got convinced by Scott to be one and was fully into it. But now she doesn't want to admit her responsibility and is claiming that she did all those things because she was 'groomed', despite being, even if stupid, but still a 25-years old adult. Her accusations that she was afraid that Scott would ruin her career if she didn't have a relationship with him don't sound true when she says how 'grooming fucks with her mind' later. She clearly wasn't afraid of him. And saying how she and Scott took their time convincing a clearly unwilling Bear for an open relationship and after they did, participated in one just to appease Bear is just silly. Rowland doesn't want to be called a homewrecker but in my mind she clearly was one, even if she doesn't want to admit it and blames it all on 'grooming'. Elizabeth Bear might be toxic and vengeful but to me she is the closest to a victim in this story. At least I fully understand why would she hate Rowland. Scott Lynch also deserves her hatred but it seem like she just can't hate him.
  5. Why do you think he even wants to wed Cersei to Rhaegar? Tywin doesn't want to marry her to Rhaegar because of some kind of admiration of House Targaryen or anything like that. Tywin's goal was the same as as in a lot of stuff he does - to expand his House's power, influence and reputation. Making Cersei Queen is simply one of the ways to do it. And what is another way to achieve Tywin's goal? It's to hold a position of the Hand, the position of the second most powerful person in the Kingdom. The position he willingly abandons meaning that at this time, at least while Aerys is in power, increasing the power of House Lannister through the proximity to the court is no longer his priority and goal. He is not working on spreading his influence through being the Hand, he is no longer grooming Cersei in KL to marry a Targ. It's all abandoned. For Tywin doing this with Aerys became unbearable. He resigned after Aerys took his heir from him. It's something that can be logically assumed from Tywin's actions. What you are arguing about are also assumptions, only you are arguing that 'even though Tywin does this, he still wants this". By that logic he should have been afraid to join Aerys even before Battle of the Bells. Except we are told that Tywin's relationship with Aerys is the reason why he stayed put.You make it sound like it's something insignificant, that didn't even matter. Yes, you kinda do, especially if that someone at some point was your best friend. You and I might have different definitions of hatred, I guess. When you call your former friend a 'greedy little schemer', it means that something happened between you and you now hate him/her. She has never flat out told the reason she killed her period. It means connecting the dots. In the same day she started to hate her she killed her. Do you really think it's likely that these two events aren't connected whatsoever? Besides, this is the closest to her motivation that Martin gives us in the books. You are assuming something that is not characteristic of Cersei described in the books. Bad, so? Tywin did not punish Tytos' mistress just because she was his mistress. That would be just silly, she wasn't even his first mistress anyway and there is no information that Tywin was hunting down Tytos' previous women, lol. What Tywin punished her for was the fact that she started to behave like Lady of Casterly Rock and even take his mother's things to wear. And that continued to happen up until Tytos' death.
  6. So why did Tywin leave? What no. Tywin attempted to resign before Joanna's death, not after. If something changes and a chance appears, sure, Tywin would have probably tried again. At that point he wasn't actively trying for it to happen though. Tywin's inaction decided the winner. The loyalists wouldn't be a losing side if Tywin joined them when asked. But Tywin decided to ignore the calls because he hated Aerys. He was ready to join before when he didn't think that the rebels had a chance with or without him fighting them, once that chance appeared after the Battle of the Bells, Tywin decided he didn't want to quash these chances. Exactly because of his hatred towards Aerys. There are two motivations at play here for Tywin, personal and pragmatic. He personally didn't want to fight for Aerys but was ready to do so in order to not jeopardise the position of his House. If there was opportunity to not fight for him and not lose, he would and he did. Maybe the word ambivalent is correct here indeed, it doesn't change my point that Tywin didn't want to fight for Aerys because of his personal hatred. No, it did not. "Cersei had not had a friend she so enjoyed since Melara Hetherspoon, and Melara had turned out to be a greedy little schemer with ideas above her station." Something between them entering the tent with Maggy the Frog and Melara's death made Cersei hate her to the point that she still insults her more than 20 years later. It's safe to assume that this hatred was why she killed Melara and it's also pretty obvious that the hate comes from Melara revealing she wanted to marry Jaime. The idea that Cersei killed her so that she doesn't speak about the prophecy as Melara suggested isn't implied anywhere in the books. Which is why Cersei got him into the Kingsguard. So that he doesn't marry. Tywin dealing with the mistress is not a comparable situation. The mistress was humiliating House Lannister in front of other people in Tywin's POV at the very time he punished her. There was no time passed between her humiliating Tywin and his punishment.
  7. "ll this Lord Tywin endured, but when the king made his son and heir, Ser Jaime, a knight of the Kingsguard, he could abide it no longer. Lord Tywin at last resigned the Handship in 281 AC." Tywin has given up his position close to court and any of his plans with it after Aerys took Jaime from him. It's literally said that he endured Aerys before that but when this happened he could no longer. It's a difference of Tywin still willing working for him and not not willing to do it. It's quite clearly that whatever hatred and resentment Tywin had for Aerys, he had more of it after Jaime was called to Kingsguard. It's a difference between not hating Aerys enough and hating him enough. I am not saying that before that he had no resentment towards him, I am saying that it was smaller than it eventually became. And saying that there is no difference between Tywin's feeling towards Aerys before and after he took Jaime and it was just Tywin being pissed off is simply silly, sorry. Pissing someone off makes him hate you or hate you more, by definition. There was still relationship between them between Tywin's attempt to resign and Joanna's death. Years of relationship. Tywin probably simply felt he had a duty to protect his wife's honour back then. It didn't make him hate Aerys. We know for a fact that Tywin left his position of Hand not out of fear for Cersei or for anything else. It's written in the text. If he so wanted for Cersei to still marry Rhaegar, he would have stayed as Hand if he was so afraid to leave Cersei alone in KL. Yet he didn't. He packed his things, took Cersei and left to Casterly Rock. It's clearly shows that marriage to Raeghar was no longer his goal. Cersei killed her best friend because she wanted to marry Jaime the same day she talked how she dreamed to marry Raeghar. And why do you think Cersei got Jaime in Kingsguard, in KL? What do you think Cersei expected to do in KL for her whole life? She still thought she was going to marry him and got Jaime into Kingsguard anyway. Her crush towards Raeghar has absolutely no relation to her possessiveness of Jaime whatsoever. Jaime and Raeghar is not a choice for her, for Cersei Jaime is a part of her that should belong to her regardless. No, it's written straight in the text that he started to ignore Aerys' summons precisely because of the history between them. That by definition means he wasn't ambivalent. Tywin just didn't make his personal feelings get in the way of the interests of House Lannister, that's all, which is why he wasn't ready to mindlessly join the rebels. There is a difference between feeling humiliated right now and being once humiliated approximately a decade ago that doesn't matter anymore
  8. We are not told that Tywin intensely hated him. And we know for a fact the that he didn't hate him as much as he did after he took Jaime from him. Ah, yes, I misremembered and thought that it was Joanna who talked Tywin out of it. It doesn't matter, it happened a long time before Joanna's death and we know that their relationship was not yet as bad at that point. Tywin wanted to resign because he insulted Joanna in front of the court. So you think that if it was just Tywin's personal hatred and there was nothing that would endanger Cersei, he would have left her in KL? Doubtful, to say the least. Our argument started after I claimed that Tywin had no reason to still be angry at Elia being chosen instead of Cersei at the time of rebellion and you disagreed with me. That by definition implies that we are talking about Tywin's POV. What is the point of pondering whether some random events would have happened if Cersei was chosen, exactly? I simply read how she acted in the books and without seeing any reason why would she act differently, assumed that she would act the same. How did you figure it out? As I've told already, if Tywin doesn't care about it, than it's irrelevant to the discussion No, he was not ambivalent. He specifically didn't join to help Aerys because he hated him but didn't join the rebellion straight away because he did not want to end up on a losing side. Eh, sry I am confused what are you trying to say here and from where this 'Tywin wanted to be Targ' comes from.
  9. We are told that their relationship started to seriously worsen but it's clear that Tywin still tried to maintain working relationship with the king. Its only after Jaime's appointment to the Kingsguard did Tywin's hatred overcome his desire to be close to the court. This was the final straw. Before that Tywin's hatred clearly wasn't that big, otherwise he would have left his position as the Hand earlier. And no, Cersei doesn't need to go back with him if he renounces. Cersei was there in the first place to get closer to the princes. Obviously Tywin wasn't concerned with that anymore. First of all, we are looking at this from POV of Tywin, you are arguing that Tywin would see the fact that Jaime got taken into the Kingsguard as the consequence of Elia becoming Rhaegar's wife instead of Cersei, yet Tywin had absolutely no idea about the fact that it was Cersei who convinced Jaime to enter. And secondly, Cersei being bethrothed to Rhaegar or being married with him already wouldn't affect Cersei's motivation to get Jaime into Kingsguard in any way. That would still have happened. As if Tywin cared that Rhaegar destroyed his life. Your argument is that Tywin would be still upset that Elia became Rhaegar's wife instead of Cersei because otherwise there would be no rebellion or that he could have ended it quickly. That by definition shows that you are implying that Tywin was against the rebellion. And yet Tywin didn't put up with Aerys after all? One instance was relevant up to the point when Tywin humiliated the mistress. Cersei's rejection stopped being relevant after Tywin resigned and especially wasn't relevant during the Rebellion where Tywin was literally ending the Targaryen line with his own orders.
  10. Tywin initially was best friends with Aerys and the decline of that relationship to hatred was gradual and ultimately reached its conclusion after Aerys took Jaime into his Kingsguard which was the final straw after which Tywin abandoned his position of the Hand and took Cersei with him back to Casterly Rock, clearly indicating that he gave up trying to marry her to Aerys' sons. I did not say he doesn't hold grudges, didn't I? And anyway, you don't even need to be a particularly hateful person in order to hate Aerys for all the stuff he did to Tywin in the first place so it's only logical for Tywin to feel that way. In fact, I would say Tywin was way too patient instead, tolerating so much humiliation while he was the Hand. He didn't tolerate her, he couldn't do anything to her and humiliated her when he finally could. Nor was it for something she did a long time ago, the mistress was actively acting like the Lady of the Rock up until Tytos' death which was a constant humiliation of the Lannisters in Tywin's eyes. Because Tywin isn't stupid and understand that the decision was Aerys'? What? How exactly did you conclude that if Cersei became Rhaegar's wife instead of Elia, none of the events from Aerys slighting to Jaime's appointment to KG (which you even bolded as if it's relevant somehow) would have happened? Also, where exactly did you read that Tywin was upset with Robert's Rebellion, that you seem to be implying?
  11. Them standing by when a king commits atrocities is their job. As it was said above, they are like willing slaves. Which is why Jaime Lannister is the worst Kingsguard in the history and is still just as bad no matter how much he is dedicated to the position nowadays.
  12. For Tywin the difference between actual whores and commoner girls is only theoretical. As I've said, he is extreme elitist.
  13. Tywin was ready to join Aerys' side when the rebellion didn't seem to have a chance of success. Once the success became realistic, Tywin started to ignore Aerys' summons ("Prince Rhaegar returned from the south and persuaded his father to swallow his pride and summon my father. But no raven returned from Casterly Rock") exactly because he hated the king ("My father had held back from the war, brooding on all the wrongs Aerys had done him"). Tywin could have easily won the Rebellion for him if he joined straight as soon as Aerys called but Tywin just didn't want to do that. He obviously didn't want to fight for Aerys and only would have just to not be on the losing side which eventually turned out to be Aerys' thanks to Tywin's inaction. And Tywin has tolerated being humiliated by Aerys for 20 years while serving as Hand for him. While he does hold grudges, it's not to the point of absurd extreme with him. Which holding a grudge on Elia for something that happened approximately a decade ago that Elia had no say in and which turned out great for Tywin would be.
  14. This is, first of all, a story of Tywin's assault. It makes little sense to randomly write about the lack of motivation to fight or to add speculation that some Tarbeck men were bought in the middle of the assault description for no narrative reason. The author is obviously speculating as to why Tarbeck Hall fell so easily and he is implying that something happened there that can either be attributed to the unwillingness to fight Tywin or to the fact that some Tarbeck men were bought. And this something would naturally be written in the next paragraph where it's described how the castle actually fell and the only thing that can point to it is the fact that the two gates were opened from within. The text says that the Lannisters entered the castle only when the gates were smashed/opened, so no significant force got inside prior to it, and that would be an incredible incompetence of the Tarbecks if few Lannister men simply managed to sneakily scale the walls and open the gates from inside in the middle of the attack. What's much more likely is that as soon as the main gates were smashed, some Tarbeck men, either not motivated to die, or if they were bough, as is being speculated in the previous paragraph, opened other gates so that the fighting would be over.
  15. Tywin has willingly abandoned his position as Hand because of Aerys. Clearly he has a limit up to witch he can tolerate things for the sake of power and prestige of his House. And Aerys has reached it. At the point of the rebellion Tywin obviously wasn't reminiscing of the long gone opportunity to be on the side of a king whom he intensely hated.
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