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  1. Not really an exactly 'unpopular' opinion but I believe a huge amount of the fanbase are confused why Catelyn has kidnapped Tyrion. I have seen a lot of discussions that refer to Catelyn taking Tyrion to punish him for what she thought was trying to kill Bran, when in fact that wasn't the reason for kidnapping at all.
  2. Jaime sees a dream in a sleep. But of course you will treat it as his real intentions. And I see, you do call Ned as "possessive", well, then you do you. Anyway, enjoy.
  3. That's what you implied, not sure why are you trying to shy away from your words. Unless you agree with me now that it was a silly thing to write. Must be in your edition of the books. So? Will you call him "possessive" in this case?
  4. You have claimed that Jaime is possessive of Cersei in the context that he would have killed Cersei's child if it wasn't his. That means you have clearly meant that Jaime's supposed "possessiveness" was something bad. And all of that based on the fact that Jaime hated that Cersei was sleeping with another man. So yeah, if, let's imagine, Catelyn cheats on Ned and Ned dislikes this, would you say the same thing about him? Would you even call him "possessive" in the first place?
  5. I just found the sentence I initially quoted hilarious, and am just going with it indeed. You have described having a completely normal emotional response as something bad, so am now wondering if you will remain consistent and apply the same logic to other characters. He wanted to please Cersei far more than to have her children to be his. Which is why he gave up on them so easily. Jaime himself thinks about this in aSoS with regards to how horrible that was and that he will never behave like that again. He could have refused, but, again, he was just doing what he was told. Jaime was a "yes-man" to Cersei at that point. Cersei was indeed the instigator of everything, and if not Jaime, would have found someone else to help her, both with abortion and with denying Robert from heirs. Remember that this was entirely her decision when she sound out Robert was cheating on her. If Jaime wasn't available, she would have slept with someone else instead. Maybe that would have made less obvious her children are bastards though. Depends on who would she have found. Jaime sees his children as Robert's already. If the children were Robert's, he would have done what he was already doing - sucking it up and trying to please Cersei. Jaime wasn't a person to just lash out on his own like that, compromising Cersei's life. Otherwise he wouldn't have needed his character arc.
  6. Why, thought? Just want to figure out who do you think shares their partners in asoiaf. Since you started this conversation.
  7. Do you believe Ned was a decent man or not thought?
  8. Don't treat that post seriously, it was an irony on the idea, that Jaime disliking the fact that his partner sleeps with another man makes him a bad person. Hence that if we agree that Ned was a good person, then by that logic their life with Catelyn was pretty spicy.
  9. Well, apparently you have to share you partner to be a decent person.
  10. Of course he had no right to be upset! It's absolutely disgusting that he was, what an awful human being. A good man wouldn't be in his place. Like, four of Ned's children don't have typical Stark features. Why? Because Ned was a good man.
  11. Ho dares Jaime to hate the fact that his life partner sleeps with another man. Any decent man must be a willing cuckold!
  12. I would question the very idea that Jaime's relationship with Cersei defines his redemption arc that a lot of people seem to hold (and the show definitely went with this interpretation as well, so that doesn't help). I mean, Cersei wasn't even relevant to his arc in aSoS, so how can it be about her?
  13. Man, the braindead takes on the Ukraine war... Ukraine has actual anti-aircraft capabilities. This is why infrastructure destruction in Ukraine is limited relative to its size. Russia can't destroy it because they simply can't fly their plane beyond proximity to a frontline. They tried to do it with long range ballistic missiles but at some point they simply started running out of them. Then they bought Iranian drones to do it but then Ukraine adapted. That's all there is. Now, if you look at infrastructure where the actual fighting is going on, it's erased from the face of the earth with artillery. Did you see how towns like Bakhmut, Popasna, Maryinka and most especially Mariupol look like? There were huge outcries about Israel bombing hospitals, well, let me laugh in your face because hospitals getting obliterated in East Ukraine is such a non-news, no one is talking about it. And with regards to civilian casualties, no one has any idea how many of them are, simply because all these destroyed cities are under Russia's control who don't report any truth whatsoever about civilian casualties. So all your talk about Russia caring about Ukrainians lives are just straight up bullshit from your part. Like it was said by others, they don't care about any lives whatsoever.
  14. What's the one thing? I thought I said it made perfect sense? What do you mean he doesn't know who he is anymore? Isn't he a Lannister above gods? I am teasing.. a big spill out... on something... But why would he feel worthless if he was a Lannister above gods? Eh, fine, so be it, I will: "Aye," his cousin said. "I don't doubt your sister needs you. Why did she send off Kevan? I thought she'd make him Hand." "He would not take it." He was not as blind as I was. So why did you mention that he thought about Cersei in that moment? Yet he thought Catelyn to be interesting and compared her to Cersei. Yeah, it was totally platonic, brotherly even, haha Haha, I wasn't even serious when I mentioned it. Not sure what Aurane has to do with anything either. In what way she found her match? I believe that it can be a sign, but not necessarily, and you have to look at more evidence than just that. You will see this evidence in Cersei, but not in Jaime. You think there is? What conclusion are you talking about? And, I mean, I simply respond to short snappy remarks with short snappy remarks, I will not say I was debating at all since I know it's pointless. Because as I have said, we read different books, and you tend to bend facts in order to win an argument instead of actually debate with any kind of analysis. But if you wanna continue to do that, sure, I will. To be honest, I think Cersei's infatuation with Rhaegar should have a huge asterisk because she was in love with him... before she even saw his face. She really fell head over heels with his status of a crown prince more than anything.
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