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  1. Dofs

    Which House is this?

    This one: https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/House_Myatt
  2. Dofs

    Girlfriend, mistress, paramour and concubine

    As I understand in terms of ASOIAF: Paramour - basically a wife in practice, an equivalent of a girlfriend. Mistress - a woman of a man who is already married to a different woman, basically the same as in real life. Concubine - a woman that the man keeps for sex. She maybe be a personal prostitute (that would probably be expected to be faithful as a concubine), a sex slave, or, like Lynesse, a gold digger.
  3. Dofs

    Do you think Victarion Greyjoy is a psycopath?

    It's a mental disorder. You quoted it yourself. So, anyone with whom you wouldn't leave your kids to take care of has a mental disorder?
  4. Dofs

    Do you think Victarion Greyjoy is a psycopath?

    So you admit that Psychopathy is a chronic mental disorder and then go on and say that entire cities can be made up entirely of people with this mental disorder that "banded together". I mean, doesn't it sound silly to you? Even a little bit?
  5. GRRM called Jaime as one of the best swordsmen in the history of Westeros.
  6. Dofs

    Do you think Victarion Greyjoy is a psycopath?

    Well, that's what I meant by "thick-headed"
  7. Dofs

    Let's suppose...

    I agree with those that say that the problems wouldn't come from Daemon's sons but from Daemon himself. At the time of Viserys' death he was still a huge powerhungry asshole and with the absence of other faction to fight (greens), I do believe he could have easily turned on Rhaenyra's 'strong' sons. After all, it's very doubtful that he married Rhaenyra for love, more like that was his attempt to get closer to the throne, and he would have very likely tried to sideline Rhaenyra and her bastards in favour of his children. Heck, the situation might have escalated to a different type of Dance down the line.
  8. Rhaenyra is a better person than Cersei but that's not really saying much. She is still a horrible person. I am also not sure what does Rhaenyra's rights to the Throne have to do with Cersei. It's not like Cersei usurped anyone, she is Queen Regent to her son, that's perfectly legal. Of course, there is also the issue of bastards but in this case Rhaenyra is as guilty herself.
  9. Dofs

    The Fall of the Great Houses

    Note that Tyrells and Lannisters supposedly have loads of unnamed cousins. Greyjoy cousins were mentioned as well. They did die but likely there are more of them. Martells too could have cousins. And for those who don't have cousins (for some reason) with the proper name, they always can find cousins in other Houses that can change their names, as it was done with Harry Hardyng or what Cat proposed to do to Robb when they were looking for heirs.
  10. Dofs

    Heredity laws of westeros

    I've always assumed that the name is attached to the lands and holdings unless it's taken away by conquest or by king's/higher lord's decree. Hence if Sansa's son will want to get Winterfell, he will have to get the name Stark no matter what. Even Ryswell himself might take the Stark name upon marrying Sansa, unless he himself is a lord or heir of his own House. It won't vanish, Harry Hardyng will become Harry Arryn because the Vale belongs to Arryns, not Hardyngs.
  11. Right back at you with what he wrote for WoIaF.
  12. A lord is a face of his House, he decides what the House does and directs its path. The rulers of House Lannister during the series are Tywin and Cersei and enmity from Starks, Baratheons and others towards Lannisters is influenced by those two, plus Jaime who is not really correctly judged by others. But as George gave us a peek into Jaime's mind, as he showed us more of Kevan, Lancel, as he revealed to us more Lannisters with the examples of Daven and Genna, as he showed us more Lannister history and examples of historical Lannisters, it becomes apparent that Tywin and Cersei are not representatives of your average Lannister at all. House Lannister is another example of George turning a reader's expectations upside down like he so likes to do. What you call "exceptions" of non greedy Lannisters vastly outnumber greedy Lannisters from the list of the members that we have. The World book that Martin himself wrote shows that Lannisters historically (not Tywin and Cersei) are known to be generous. I don't really care if you don't want to take the world book into account, that's what Martin told and I am taking his word. I absolutely disagree that materials like TWOIAF, D&E, F&B can be ignored, so if you want to ignore them, then that's where our conversation ends. Like you've said yourself, it's offtopic here anyway.
  13. So you just decided to ignore the material Martin himself has written about the universe he has created in favor of your own headcanon, that is based not even on the books but on the fantasy tropes met in other series. That's ... an interesting take, I might say.
  14. Crap writing is only your opinion. WoIaF says that historically Lannisters are known for their generosity. In fact at some point too much generosity almost ruined Lannisters and Tywin was a response to that. Living in a gold mine doesn't automatically imply greed for power. In fact, we have Tytos, who was generous to a fault and not ambitious whatsoever, Jaime doesn't want Casterly Rock, Daven doesn't want to be Warden of the West, Genna doesn't want Riverrun, Lancel doesn't want Darry, Kevan has no ambitions as well, etc. Greed for power is not a common Lannister trait at all. Wait, aren't you doing just that? Tyrion liked to rule, true. There is definitely ambition in him. Not sure what 'dark way' you are talking about though. Joff was raised as a Baratheon, he worshipped Robert. Tygett and Gerion did not compete with Tywin. Not sure what's your point about Genna. You are stretching hard with Lancel. It's really just Tywin and Cersei. You can count Tyrion as well, but his case is much more healthy than that of the former two who wouldn't stop at anything in their greed for power. Cersei is probably the worst case, Tywin at least understood the merits and advantages of sharing power with your allies.
  15. That's more of Tywin's and Cersei's traits, not general Lannister ones.