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  1. KINGpanther

    Varys has no purpose

    I'm thinking he finds out Jon's king and tries to get Jon to betray Dany leading to his death.
  2. KINGpanther

    The four great houses. Who lives, who dies?

    %100 percent this but I fully expect Dany to die in childbirth.
  3. KINGpanther

    The North's Fate

    Winterfell is a no go for NK. He can surrond it, blockade it but wont attack it. AotD will go south and smah an unpreppared Oldtown.
  4. KINGpanther

    An Entire Season without Ghost

    While yeh no Ghost suks I kinda understand. Besides ep 1 Jon was not in Winterfell at all. So basicly D&D's answer is "Ghost is roaming the North". Really think they dropped the ball with Arya, an Arya/Ghost meet woulda been epic.
  5. KINGpanther

    Whats the fate of Euron and the Ironborne?

    I expect Dany to flame some of Eurons fleet while Theon use distraction to sneak on Silence and free Asha but Euron is there and kills Theon enraging Asha leading Asha to kill Euron in a gruesome way.
  6. KINGpanther


    Episode 7 I reckon.
  7. KINGpanther


    I expect Jamie and Bronn to slip away somehow, Randyl and Dickon executed by Drogon. Dany will be full 'fire and blood' mode after the battle but Jon will talk her down.
  8. KINGpanther

    Looking Ahead: Littlefinger & Varys

    These guys work the angles between warring houses, with houses falling like flys they are finding it difficult to survive.
  9. KINGpanther


    Oooo I like that.
  10. KINGpanther

    Jon should bend his knees.

    If Jon had knelt when he first met Dany it would be her chucking Northerners at the Lannisters. Putting aside the impending dead, the North has seen to much war. Also I think back to s5 when Tormund said Jon wont kneel again.
  11. Either way Cersei is set for a mad queen moment, using the gold to buy sellswords instead of replacing the lost food.
  12. KINGpanther


    If anything Drogon will be pissed with Jon. Drogon was suppose to take the spirit of Khsl Drogo and Jon is moving in on Dany.
  13. KINGpanther


    Don't think Jon will be back at Winterfell until Jon gets jiggy with Dany so Bran can ask Jon "how was your Aunt?".
  14. KINGpanther

    Episode's title is blood of the dragon

    The Iron Bank is diminished too. Tytos or whatever his name is has always been this pillar for the IB but now he follows Cersei like a dog.
  15. KINGpanther

    Episode's title is blood of the dragon

    This! It's just laziness. I was so hoping they did a quick scene with Jon and Ghost before he left but no. Also a Ghost+Arya meet woulda been epic but no.