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  1. Yeah, it's the same with me. I've discovered that I can get my doze of fantasy/scifi through short stories because novels/book series are just exhausting to me. I get exhited for 100 pages or so and then a lose interest fast. Definetly a "me" problem.
  2. I'm still upset about this Probably one the best content creators on YouTube and deffinetly one of my favourites. So insightful, charismatic and overall enriching content. She deffinetly changed the way I approach and interact with media and I'm sad to see her go, especially this way.
  3. Every time this thread goes up I (foolishly) hope there's a release date for book 3. I still can't believe how naive I am
  4. It looks great! I love that line from the boss "I command thee... KNEEL". There's something about it that I find insanely funny. I've been saying that non stop all weekend and English isn't even our first language I like how colorful the game looks.
  5. So I finally got around on reading The Wisdom of Crowds over the weekend and my overall feelings are mixed, but leaning towards positive. I just finished reading it half an hour ago, so this are basically my first impressions. My main issue with this book are in regards to its pacing and worldbuilding. The pacing felt weird, especially part 2 of the book. I felt not much time was given for some things or moments to properly land, but at the same time I felt that not much was going on. I know it sounds contradictory, but I feel like nothing major happened over the bulk of the novel but at the same time we weren’t even dealing with the emotional or societal consequences from the events of the first few chapters and the ending of book 2. I feel like we were just transitioning from the twists and turns of the beggining to the emotional roller coaster that are the last 100 pages of the book, and that not much focus was given in making that middle portion compelling. That brings me with the issue of worldbuilding and I just might aswell go through the Breakers/Burners here aswell. I found the Breakers/Burners to not be very compelling antagonists. They felt a bit cartoony and I didn’t feel threatend by them. I get the idea behind them, I just wish we could’ve found a way to make their cause more sympathetic or something. I didn’t feel conflicted about them the way I did with Orso, Leo, Savine or Vick, and I don’t entirelly fault the lack of compelling PoV characters on their side for that (I found Stour Nightfall and Black Calder to be compelling antagonists and neither of them are PoV). I think the fault here lies with the worldbuilding in not properly conveying how the massess are living and how Society itself is changing. We are constantly told about the struggles of the common man, but I didn’t feel it. I think this problem is carry over from the other two books though, but the problem became aparent in this book. Once the Breakers/Burners were dealt with though, I found the book became way more compelling. I was constantly changing my mind in regards to the characters and I love how this story ended. I like that we spent the final section of this book on the conflict between Leo and Orso, and all the players and motivations that surrounded them. I found the trilogy was at its strongest when their conflict was at the forefront, maybe thats why I loved book 2 so much. The ending of this trilogy felt more melancholic for me than the first one. I was surprised by how happy I felt for Vick and her the decission to leave everything, heartbroken by Rikke and Orso, and chilled by Savine and Leo. The characters overall were excellent, I just wished they shinned more in the middle portions of this book. Overall I would put it on par with ALH, and TTWP is the one I would call excelent in the trilogy. I wasn’t as invested on the middle portions of this book as I was in ALH, but this one has the benefit of having the catharsis of the last section of the story. I’m now planning on reading this entire thread and see how other readers felt overall
  6. I haven't even read a single word written by Bakker, but I greatly enjoy reading how weird and intense the discussions about him get on this forum. The vocabulary is part of the charm I guess I'll continue lurking from now on.
  7. I totally agree with these points. For me, Dark Souls 1 had a great story and Dark Souls 3 feels like a more standard sequel to 1 than 2. Playing Dark Souls 2 is a fun but flawed experience, but the way the story is told and how weird and surreal the worldbuilding is makes up for it. I would even suggest that if you only want to play one more DS after the first one, you should play Dark Souls 2 instead of 3. I still haven't played Demon's Souls nor The Ringed City DLC so I can't comment on them.
  8. I may try Bloodborne as a magic user. I was under the impression that playing as knight/warrior was going to be easier but I'll give it a shot! And yeah, I think I got the pattern of the enemy down. I just need to level up and maybe find some Estus Flasks to help me. I just need to find the mental energy to farm some souls first I'm honestly tempted on creating a FromSoftware thread on this forum, haven't seen that much discussion about them around here and I think it could be fun!
  9. The one in the main story. Haven't bought any DLCs but I'm tempted on buying The Ringed City because I heard it has connections with Dark Souls II. I find DS3 to be way more difficult than the other two so IDK if I'm ever going to get around to it though hahaha For some reason I've struggled with the bosses on DS3 way more than I did on any of the other two, especially this final ones. I've been stuck on this one for at least two months now.
  10. It looks fun! I'll have to get around on playing Bloodborne and Sekiro before this comes out I really loved playing the Dark Souls trilogy during the last year, although I still haven't beaten the final boss on III
  11. The event I'm actually looking forward to is getting back from work in the afternoon, making a cup of coffee, sitting in my chair and slowly opening the hardcover on page one so I can loose myself on Westeros as if I was 15 all over again. Yeah, I'm getting sentimental at the moment
  12. Thanks! I'm mostly fine right now and feeling normal again. Still taking care though. Now, to stay on topic. Another thing I enjoyed is having a main character that is gay/bi with Leo, and I was actually rooting for him to hook up with Jurand when they were in Styria, but then it all got Abercrombied so yeah, no luck there hahaha curious to see if this is the last we've seen of Jurand. Styria is just a wonderful setting for me. IDK if its just me being nostalgic for BSC but I greatly enjoyed the chapters there and how colorful the characters were. I agree with a few posts on the thread that Jappo could be a fantastic POV character in another novel/short story. I also agree with other posts that the Great Change does include magic, maybe on an Apocalyptic scale (?). So far, Abercrombie has always tried new genres with every new story set in TFL World. Maybe in book 3 magic makes a huge comeback and he has more tools to play with in other standalones set in this world (like a legit dark fantasy with monsters and magic, maybe a post apocalptic novel, maybe something in Ghurkul). But that is another topic entirely. I expect Bayaz to die on book 3, and it will probably be in an "anticlimatic" or ironic way. Let's see how this plays out... Oh, and look what Joe posted! https://joeabercrombie.com/the-wisdom-of-crowds-cover-copy/
  13. I’ve finally managed to read The Trouble with Peace! It took me week to read but that was mainly due to the fact that I’ve been recovering from Covid, if it wasn’t for that I would definitely had read it in like two days. I thought it was a definite improvement in comparison with ALH (which I overall liked but wasn’t mindblown). I liked the fact that this one didn’t seem as similar to any of the other Abercrombie books set in this world, which I think is a minor flaw of his other work. This one seemed bigger and more complex, as in I think this is the book with the most amount of factions at play than any of his other work (we had Orso et al, Leo/Savine, Isher, The Breakers, The Northern, The Styrians, Black Calder et al, Rikke). And it mostly felt organic to me. A few parts in the second “book” did remind me a bit of GoT Season 7 in regards to the pacing and the teleporting going on but it was ok. I like were the characters are right now, and I like all the POV characters except for Broad. He is just not clicking with me. The best ones for me were still Savine, Orso and Leo. I found all three to be tragic in their own way, and I’m amazed that this is only book 2, so there is still yet ANOTHER book with this set of characters so that we can see the fallout of this storyline for an entire novel. Vick is another character that was definitely a highlight. I was already attached to her on the first one but now I’m super curious to see were this goes. Rikke and Clover were perfectly fine. I felt that the secondary character were way more alive and fleshed out in this one than in ALH. I particularly enjoyed Leo’s friends, Jappo, the cast of characters in Westport, Pike, Zuri, Sholla, the witch that helped Rikke, Lady Wetterlant, Isher, etc. I sincerely hope that in the next one we get to see more of the ones that are still alive. I still believe that this infighting in the Union is being manipulated by The Prophet from behind the scenes. I believe Bayaz sabotaged him and that’s why Ghurkul collapsed, but this is him having revenge. And I still maintain that Zuri is an Eater, but wouldn’t Sulfur figures that out at the end of this book? I have absolutely no idea how book 3 is gonna play out but I’m excited for it! An overall solid book and I’m satisfied with it. If I were to rate it, it would be 4.5/5.
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