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  1. Is there any evidence in the books that there is a political arm to the Faceless Men? Right, thanks. I was going by memory and I knew there was Hightower in there somewhere. But it is not for a Faceless Man to judge him, is it? It just seems odd to me that we read of a Faceless Man in training (Arya) being taught a code, which the only other Faceless Man we read about (Jaquen) totally disregards.
  2. Here is more of that passage: Jaquen clearly intends to murder Pate. But his code does not allow for murder just to further another objective (no "bodies as collateral damage, as it were). So unless he is indeed going against the code, the target had to have been Pate, right?
  3. So the Kindly Man tells Arya (The Ugly Little Girl) "... we who serve Him of Many Faces give his gift only to those who have been marked and chosen." So who chose Pate? Perhaps Leo Hightower, or Alleras, or Rosie's Mom, or Rosie herself, or maybe Archmaester Walgrave in one of his lucid moments?
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