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  1. Good Guy Garlan

    [Spoilers] EP702 Discussion

    This episode wasn't as terrible as the first, but it was a whole lot of meh. It was just exposition and repetition of stuff we knew already and all very plain and barebones. Overall, I'm like Missandei when Greyworm took off his pants, wondering "Where's the meat?" (And I don't mean the gross, infected meat like Jorah's. I mean like genuinely meaty scenes).
  2. Good Guy Garlan

    Who is Haldon Halfmaester?

    My (admittedly crackpot) guess as to Haldon's identity goes back to this comment by Stannis: Well, I'm a firm subscriber to a couple of theories: one, that Aegon is a Blackfyre, and two, that Septa Lemore is Wenda the White Fawn. So: - Aegon would naturally represent Daemon Blackfyre, the last descendant of his line. - Wenda AKA Lemore would serve as a connection to Simon Toyne (some people think he might be the father of the child Lemore seemed to have had at some point). - Then Duck could stand for the Vulture King. (Because both ducks and vultures are birds, I guess? I don't know) - And finally Haldon would be connected in some way to this Grand Maester Hareth, whoever he is. But I bet he's an enemy of the Targ regime too. Basically, I think pretty much everyone on the Shy Maid (barring Duck, maybe) knows Aegon is not really a Targ...and that's why they support him. The problem with this is that Walys contributed to the downfall of the Targs. Why then would he be contributing with Dany's return to Westeros now, especially since she's bringing dragons, which the Citadel apparently hates?
  3. Good Guy Garlan

    Who is Haldon Halfmaester?

    For the first time, I actually think a secret identity here is likely if not necessary. Say he's just Haldon, a random guy who got kicked out of the Citadel. What stops him from going to Robert/Cersei/whatever and blabbing about Aegon being alive in exchange for a lordship or gold? What made Varys and Illyrio trust him so much as to let him in on this super secret mission?
  4. Good Guy Garlan

    Would you rather?

    Jon and Ygritte. Can't disagree with Tennyson here. Would you rather have your own father force you to get rid of your unborn child from the man/woman you love or have your own father violently and physically punish the spouse you married in secret while you watch?
  5. Good Guy Garlan

    Bolton's Burnt Book: Mysterious Reading

    I hear Roose Bolton does car commercials...in Sothoyros.
  6. Good Guy Garlan

    Bolton's Burnt Book: Mysterious Reading

    I have no idea what was in that book, but now I can't stop picturing Roose as Regina George.
  7. I'm so torn on the whole Varys/Illyrio/Aegon deal. On the one hand, I kinda dig the idea of Blackfyre revenge after so many defeats, but I'm not sure if I want Varys to be a BF or any sort of Targ offshoot because the idea of Varys and Illyrio being lowborn conmen taking over a kingdom really appeals to me.
  8. Davos is Hotah lite. There, I said it. I like the guy and all but he's about as deep as a kiddie pool.
  9. I lowkey think Robert + Ashara = Gendry. The dude who paid Gendry's tuition (widely assumed to be Varys) was in fact an agent of House Dayne, hence the colors of his cloak, purple and silver. Or something.
  10. Good Guy Garlan

    Does fAegon annoy anyone else?

    It's perfectly alright to have a catalyst, though I'd rather not have him be a character that, some highly ambiguous bits of foreshadowing notwithstanding, shows up virtually out of the blue five books in and threatens to uppend the status quo. I mean, real or fake, a Targaryen pretender with a better claim to the throne than Dany taking Stannis' last foothold in the South IS a pretty big deal whichever way you slice it. And the set up is just no on par with it. I guess I would've liked it to be more transparent. Hell, an earlier JonCon cameo might've gone a long way into making me care for that storyline and make it seem less like a tacked on afterthought.
  11. Good Guy Garlan

    Does fAegon annoy anyone else?

    Well, if he's not going to do anything relevant then he's gonna be the biggest time waster ever and the show was absolutely right to leave him out. And I personally would've liked a more elaborate set up than Tyrion learning his identity off-page in the most anticlimactic fashion five books in. Mance, Euron, even Randyll Tarly had memorable entrances and were mentioned books ahead of their first appearance in a way that felt natural and made sense. Aegon freaking Targaryen was just there. Granted, I obviously don't mean that Aegon should've dropped by King's Landing in aGoT balancing lemoncakes on his head, but GRRM could've definitely set that whole plot line better.
  12. Good Guy Garlan

    Does fAegon annoy anyone else?

    I can't get over how GRRM had 4 books (four!) to decently set up the Aegon subplot and all we got was a super ambiguous vision in the House of the Undying and some questionable symbolism with a freaking dragon sign. That's...nowhere near enough set up for a character who's presumably going to turn the game on its head. The whole thing reeks of retcon and half-baked ideas, IMO.
  13. Good Guy Garlan

    Board Issues 4

    The site keeps logging me out every time I turn off my tablet/laptop and then it doesn't recognize my password no matter how many times I type it. So basically I have to go through the whole "lost password" process every time I sign in. Any help?
  14. Good Guy Garlan

    [Spoilers] EP608

    I usually enjoy the show for what it is, but this episode tested my patience. Between Tyrion's cringey comedy hour (he is just NOT funny), Edmure being an absolute dick, and Arya's extremely underwhelming payoff, this season is quickly losing most of the goodwill it earned in the beginning.
  15. Good Guy Garlan

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    It makes it look more forced, contrived and artificial rather than the natural, organic progression of the character. But that's just me and my opinion and I don't wanna derail the thread with this topic.