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  1. Good Guy Garlan

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave with Impunity

    For real. A first-time viewer could've jumped right in this episode and would've managed to follow the story, with the amount of explanations and recaps.
  2. Good Guy Garlan

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave with Impunity

    Did Greyscale!Jorah look like a cream-filled chocolate to anyone else? I was like, yeah Sam, get that Lindt. I honestly don't know what else I can say about the show at this point. Nothing makes sense anymore, the dialogue is either recaps/exposition or terribly uninspired (like the convo between Missandei and Greyworm) and the characters have been reduced to cliches and plot points. Like, look at Tyrion, for example. He's a cypher, devoid of any personality or energy. D&D aren't even trying anymore. I don't know who gives less fucks about the series, them or GRRM.
  3. Good Guy Garlan

    [SPOILERS] What did you love about this episode?

    - Euron - Hot Pie - Qyburn and his harpoon. He looked so happy and proud showing it to Cersei! - Olenna telling Dany to act like a fucking dragon already. - I'm a straight dude, so I'm bound to say I liked the Missandei scene for...reasons.
  4. Good Guy Garlan

    Spoiler: Dany's Small Council

    More like a GOP town hall. But you're right, I suppose three dragons do make people less argumentative.
  5. Good Guy Garlan

    Spoiler: Dany's Small Council

    How screwed up is that Jon's council is more disfunctional than Dany's despite the latter including a Lannister, the most offensive Tyrell, a Dornish bastard, a couple of Ironborn, a Red Priestess and a sneaky Master of Whisperers?
  6. Good Guy Garlan

    [Spoilers] EP702 Discussion

    This episode wasn't as terrible as the first, but it was a whole lot of meh. It was just exposition and repetition of stuff we knew already and all very plain and barebones. Overall, I'm like Missandei when Greyworm took off his pants, wondering "Where's the meat?" (And I don't mean the gross, infected meat like Jorah's. I mean like genuinely meaty scenes).
  7. Good Guy Garlan

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave without Repercussion

    What I didn't like: Everything. Jk. (But not really): - Sansa being that person in camping trips. You know who that is, the guy that only complains about everything and contradicts everyone but never offers any valuable input. If this were a zombie movie, she'd be the first casualty. - Ed Sheeran. - The endless sequence of literal shit at the Citadel, though at least it serves as a metaphor for the show. - Cersei inviting Euron to KL just to tell him to fuck off (although that was a very Cersei-like thing to do). - Dany entering Dragonstone slower than my grandma walking into the house carrying bags of groceries. Euron's new personality was a pleasant surprise, though. (Also, Jesus H. Christ, this site is down in the dump. It's like the people in charge don't give a damn anymore).
  8. Good Guy Garlan

    Discussing Sansa XXVII: Northern ways...

    Sansa was right, fight me. Jon should've married Alys Karstark to someone loyal like in the books and sent that Umber kid packing. It's harsh but that's the name of the game. Of course, she shouldn't have argued that in front of literally everyone.
  9. Good Guy Garlan

    Who is Haldon Halfmaester?

    My (admittedly crackpot) guess as to Haldon's identity goes back to this comment by Stannis: Well, I'm a firm subscriber to a couple of theories: one, that Aegon is a Blackfyre, and two, that Septa Lemore is Wenda the White Fawn. So: - Aegon would naturally represent Daemon Blackfyre, the last descendant of his line. - Wenda AKA Lemore would serve as a connection to Simon Toyne (some people think he might be the father of the child Lemore seemed to have had at some point). - Then Duck could stand for the Vulture King. (Because both ducks and vultures are birds, I guess? I don't know) - And finally Haldon would be connected in some way to this Grand Maester Hareth, whoever he is. But I bet he's an enemy of the Targ regime too. Basically, I think pretty much everyone on the Shy Maid (barring Duck, maybe) knows Aegon is not really a Targ...and that's why they support him. The problem with this is that Walys contributed to the downfall of the Targs. Why then would he be contributing with Dany's return to Westeros now, especially since she's bringing dragons, which the Citadel apparently hates?
  10. Good Guy Garlan

    Who is Haldon Halfmaester?

    For the first time, I actually think a secret identity here is likely if not necessary. Say he's just Haldon, a random guy who got kicked out of the Citadel. What stops him from going to Robert/Cersei/whatever and blabbing about Aegon being alive in exchange for a lordship or gold? What made Varys and Illyrio trust him so much as to let him in on this super secret mission?
  11. Good Guy Garlan

    Would you rather?

    Jon and Ygritte. Can't disagree with Tennyson here. Would you rather have your own father force you to get rid of your unborn child from the man/woman you love or have your own father violently and physically punish the spouse you married in secret while you watch?
  12. Good Guy Garlan

    Bolton's Burnt Book: Mysterious Reading

    I hear Roose Bolton does car commercials...in Sothoyros.
  13. Good Guy Garlan

    Bolton's Burnt Book: Mysterious Reading

    I have no idea what was in that book, but now I can't stop picturing Roose as Regina George.
  14. Good Guy Garlan

    The Winds of Winter - Small Council

    I don't think Cersei will have a say in the (most likely short-lived) Tyrell Small Council. Win or lose her trial, she's done either way. Like @Lord Varys mentioned upthread, her best shot is to grab Tommen and make a run for Casterly Rock, possibly with the aid of Robert Strong and maybe Qyburn as well. I do think the Tyrells will try to replace Jaime as soon as possible (they'll be fools not to seize that advantage) but I can't think of a Reach fighter that would be a good fit. Maybe one of Matthis Rowan's sons, I don't know. I could also see Lady Nym as Mistress of Whispers.
  15. I'm so torn on the whole Varys/Illyrio/Aegon deal. On the one hand, I kinda dig the idea of Blackfyre revenge after so many defeats, but I'm not sure if I want Varys to be a BF or any sort of Targ offshoot because the idea of Varys and Illyrio being lowborn conmen taking over a kingdom really appeals to me.