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    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    Have Ender's Game on right now. The actor who played Xoan Daxos (sp? Don't Have Clash of Kings handy now) is in it. We watched Mama a few nights back with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in it. Kinda fun to see him cheerful, although GoT/ASOIAF gives new meaning to "I'm the FUN Uncle."
  2. Heidrun

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    DBF and I saw that at Wal-Mart in the $5 bin. "Hey look! It's Ned Stark and the Red Priestess ... as a blonde!"
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    Nope, but I love Norse mythology. Heidrun was the great she-goat in Valhalla and mead flowed from her udders. My fiance and I just watched "Thor; The Dark World" last night and when Anthony Hopkins as Odin told Natalie Portman/Jane Foster that she was as out of place in Asgard as a goat at a banquet table, I explained to him that "The gods ALWAYS had at least 3 goats at ANY banquet table of theirs. Heidrun for the mead and Thor's goats Tanngrisnr and Tanngrindr (Tooth-gnasher and Tooth-grinder) had the unique ability to be cooked, eaten and resurrected so long as their bones were intact. Little disappointed that Marvel hasn't decided to show 2 giant goats in those movies ... but what can one do? I'm actually a mish-mash of Eastern Europe: Polish, Ukrainian & Russian. Although Poland and Russia were settled by Norse tribes from Sweden. My late husband was German/Austrian and Blackfoot Indian, so my last name is German. And most of my goats are of Swiss breeds: Saanens and Alpines. Thanks for the welcome, Lord Tyrion! :cool4:
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    Hi, fairly new poster here Big fan of epic fantasy, so of course I love the series in book and TV formats. I'm a self-employed small farmer in northern Michigan, doing goat dairy, goat meat, chickens for meat and eggs. Active 4-H mom as well. I also ride horses and compete in endurance rides (long distance cross country). I also have a sheep and an Angora goat and do some fiber crafts like spinning, weaving and crochet. We have a Great Dane for our house dog, which is like having a direwolf that sleeps all the time. And right now, being in northern Michigan is a bit like living north of the wall (cold, lots of snow and pine trees and everyone hunts). I half expect to see White Walkers and mammoths when I wake up in the morning.