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  1. Probably it's like Maegor's case? They married by parents decree (for duty), but Aegon always loved his younger sister (see Jaehaerys-Alysanne, Baelon-Alyssa, Jaehaerys-Shaera, always younger sister never) leaving older brother's side), Aegon and Visneya didn't have children and Aegon married Rhaenys for kids (and for love).
  2. DanaKz

    hopes dashed by Fire and Blood

    Dragons? This shit will be covered in next book, I don't doubt it. We have a number of unanswered questions which will never be answered at all: What happened during Century of Blood? Why Aegon and his sisters didn't have kids before Aenys? What was in Dornish Letter? What was the matter with Maegor's kids? How did Maegor die?
  3. Ronnel's family and their death by Moon Door was mentioned during "Sons of dragon" reading several years ago. I remember we speculated if it caused bad blood with North as Ronnel's wife was Stark. But when "Sons" were printed there were no mention of Ronnel's family.
  4. DanaKz

    Nymor's letter to Aegon

    Ok, on serious note. We will never find out what was in this letter - F&B was our last hope to do it. So we can only speculate. My speculations: Dornishmen did torture Rhaenys and they got something out of her. Some very deep and troubling secret, probably something which only Targaryens knew: probably prophecy, maybe some dragon riders' biology secret, Valyria's Doom, something really damning for Targs. Or probably they knew Aegon is sterile/impotent though I doubt Aegon would draw back because of that - yes, that would be unpleasant but Aegon could brush it aside as a rumor. (But I believe in sterile!Aegon theory BTW. I think this is was a reason for Aegon to marry Rhaenys after Visenya. "One for duty, one for love" is just a propaganda, I presume he took second wife for the same reason as Maegor did - to conceive a child. Of course it just a theory and speculation)
  5. DanaKz

    Nymor's letter to Aegon

    I know what was in the letter. "Hey Aegon. I have no idea how to crawl out of this plot hole. Make your best enigmatic face. XOXO GRRM" J/K.
  6. Aerea is named heir apparent and it's apparent mistake. Heir apparent: Heir presumptive: Examples: So, it means, heir apparent is to become king or queen even if current king or queen will have any other children. Yes, Maegor and Jaehaerys both recognized Aerea as their heir, but those wording which were used: She is heir but she can be displaced by Maegor's son. So, she is heir presumptive. She is Jaehaerys's heir until Jaehaerys has his own kids. Hence - she is heir presumptive. Same goes to Viserys - he is King's heir till he has heirs of his body (and this is what happened in the end - Daeron became Aegon's heir apparent. Aegon son of Aenys has to be heir apparent. yes, (I've read a discussion) he never became a king, but it doesn't make him "heir presumptive". There are a lot of heir apparents who never became kings - for example James Stuart, son of James II, Demna of Georgia (who was killed by his uncle) and... Aemon and Daemon - both of them never made to the throne but they are called heir apparent Well, @Ran is it possible to discuss this "heir apparent vs presumptive" issue with some real experts and fix it in next editions? At least to fix Aerea thing, because she was clearley named heir presumptive - heir till other kids are born.
  7. Thank you @Ran Question then: is "Marshal of the Marches" now a thing? Previously lord Caron was called Lord of the Marches
  8. Sorry, guys, I didn't get my copy yet, but I am reading spoilers everywhere I can find it (yeah, I am the person who read last page of detective novel before starting reading the book). Anyway, what I found from discussions - seems like there is an error: Lady Baratheon's father's name either is Olyver (she named her son over him, not Aegon, as her husband wanted) or it's Royce Caron as it's said in other chapter?
  9. DanaKz

    [SPOILERS] The Regency of Aegon III

    Spoil it to me please: what the matter of Rhaena and her Hightower husband? Who is he and how come they wed?
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    Now I feel better. I've ordered American version, but I hate its cover so much, I really don't like this three-head thingy. British version's cover is so much better. But it's content that's what counts. Oh, finally, payment was processed.
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    Ugh... Amazon says my payment was declined, I've updated payment method and waiting for ours for shipping confirmation - nada. I pre-ordered it in July!
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    Some crazy stŠ³ff in here https://twitter.com/apoiaf/status/1064296525239472128
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    Because he was a liar? I really doubt he tried to mount a dragon
  14. DanaKz


    Probably Daenerys aka Aegon was Vhagar's rider? I mean, I suppose Meleys was Aemon's dragon (and went to his daughter after his death), Caraxes was Baelon's, and as for daughters - I doubt Daella was a dragonrider, and other ladies except Alyssa were not dragonriders for sure. So, it means either Alyssa or this new Daenerys had dragons, and as this Daenerys is new figure - she was third dragonriders.
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    Thank you @Ran We (Russian speaking readers) will try be gentler to poor translator. (But it still doesn't make stout vodka damn it!!)