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  1. @Lord Varys Not only I absolutely support your theory that Aegon was sterile, I believe that was a reason of Aegon's marriage to Rhaenys and not this absurd "one for duty, one for love". Sure, Aegon probably loved his younger sister, but would Visenya be a doormat and allow Aegon to shame her so much? I don't think so. But if their marriage was childless after couple of years, Visenya would relent. And that's why Argillac and Sharra Arryn believed Aegon will set aside his sisters and take his daughter/her to marriage - they knew his wives were barren and they believed he will do like Maegor did - try again with different woman.
  2. Ugh... Valyrians could have multiple wives. That doesn't scream "gender equality" to me.
  3. Casterly Rock is translated to Russian as "Beavers' Cliff". Don't ask me why. I don't know. It's crazy
  4. OMG. There is an absolutely horrible mistake of Russian translation but I am not sure I can explain you why it's so horrible. I mean, the word "seat" Like, Harrenhal is kings' seat, Casterly Rock is Lannisters' seat etc. Russian translator decided to find something cool and ancient-sounding, like, something from 12-13 centuries, something from Middle Ages, words, that are not used in modern Russian. So, they already succeed in this case when they translated "King's Hand" as "Десница короля" - they found very old and cool-sounding word which means "hand" but not so trivial as mere "hand". So, the "seat", They found some very old word - седалище. Seat - is something to sit on, and седалище means something to sit on, all right. But there is a nuance. It means, ahem, behind. Backside. Southern body part. Arse. So, now you see what we can read in Russian translation. Harrenhal is kings' arse. Casterly Rock is Lannisters' buttocks. Driftmark is Velaryons' derriere. Cool-cool. Upd. Actually it's "Beavers' Cliff is Lannisters' buttocks". See below.
  5. Yeah, probably. But you know why I noticed this part? There was a theory about Gods punishing all those scoundrels who wronged Targaryens: Jon Arryn was first to rebel - he died first, Robert died after him, Ned was next, then Hoster Tully, Tywin the last. They betrayed Aerys the Saint (yep, there are people who think Aerys was absolutely right in everything) and they were punished by gods, and all their Houses will be destroyed as well (and in the books they all are on the brink of destruction). Well, TV-series gods definitely play for other team. Only those Houses who didn't support Bobby B are destroyed. Tough titties Disclaimer - I am kidding. I don't believe any of those things
  6. Something interesting I just noticed: three Great Houses were obliterated by the show. Targaryens, Tyrells and Martells. Well, we don't know new Dornish Prince's name but I suspect he is not Martell, it would be said so if he was. Tyrells and Martells were only Great Houses who openly sided with Targaryens during Robert's Rebellion.
  7. Well, probably it will mean there will be more than 2 books. I mean, we need to see: Dany getting Essos to order Stannis reaching Winterfell Winterfell Battle Stannis going back to the Wall Stannis burning Shireen Jon's resurrection Jon going back to Winterfell Boltons dying Euron doing whatever shit he planned Aegon doing whatever shit he planned Dornish girls doing whatever shit Doran planned Sansa doing whatever shit Petyr planned Shit happens to Margaery and Tyrells Arya getting bakc to Westeros Deny getting back to Westeros Somebody deal with Freys Somebody deals with Cersei Somebody deals with Others Bran coming back from the cave Bran becoming a king Everybody gets some conclusion There are more action than it happened in 5 books before. I mean, Stannis was crawling to Winterfell for 1.5 books already. Given current pace GRRM will need 10 new books to finalize all this shit
  8. Actually yes. Prior to the show Jon Snow was my favourite character. By the season 4 I started rooting for Alliser Thorne and I prayed for Jon to stay dead, in books as well. I really-really-really dislike the way Kit Harrington played Jon. He irritated me so much, ugh.
  9. Ah. Thanks. I've heard about this theory but never took it seriously, probably that's why I didn't recognize it.
  10. Lyanna was Brandon's little baby sister, good, pure, saint, like all baby sisters are for their big brothers. Even if Lyanna left a letter saying: "I am running away with Rhaegar because he is cute and lovely!!!111oneoneone" Brandon would think adult married Rhaegar brainwashed her and abducted her, forsed his saint baby sister to write this lying letter. He would never believe his smart, noble, faithful baby sister would run away with married father of two. So, no. Brandon didn't need any lying Littlefingers to believe Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna. Littlefinger, lord Whent, Rickard Stark or even Holy Mother Above herself might say to Brandon it was Lyanna who took away Rhaegar on swordpoint, Brandon would think it was married adult rapist Rhaegar who kidnapped her.
  11. Ok... So, Baela and Raena are Prince Daemon's daughters and they are called "ladies". Prince Daemon is king's younger brother. So, does it mean king's younger brother's children are not princes and princesses? Viserys is Aegon III's younger brother. But his second son Aemon is called "new prince" (though Aemon and Aegon are never called "prince Aegon or prince Aemon in the book"). So, let's speculate: when kids are current king's grandchildren via sons they are princes no matter what (Baelon's sons, Maekar's sons during Hedge Knight) but if kids are born when they are king's nephews and nieces, they are lords and ladies? I looked into British system thru Wikipedia: So, I suppose Westeros is using George I's system.
  12. Ronnel's family and their death by Moon Door was mentioned during "Sons of dragon" reading several years ago. I remember we speculated if it caused bad blood with North as Ronnel's wife was Stark. But when "Sons" were printed there were no mention of Ronnel's family.
  13. Aerea is named heir apparent and it's apparent mistake. Heir apparent: Heir presumptive: Examples: So, it means, heir apparent is to become king or queen even if current king or queen will have any other children. Yes, Maegor and Jaehaerys both recognized Aerea as their heir, but those wording which were used: She is heir but she can be displaced by Maegor's son. So, she is heir presumptive. She is Jaehaerys's heir until Jaehaerys has his own kids. Hence - she is heir presumptive. Same goes to Viserys - he is King's heir till he has heirs of his body (and this is what happened in the end - Daeron became Aegon's heir apparent. Aegon son of Aenys has to be heir apparent. yes, (I've read a discussion) he never became a king, but it doesn't make him "heir presumptive". There are a lot of heir apparents who never became kings - for example James Stuart, son of James II, Demna of Georgia (who was killed by his uncle) and... Aemon and Daemon - both of them never made to the throne but they are called heir apparent Well, @Ran is it possible to discuss this "heir apparent vs presumptive" issue with some real experts and fix it in next editions? At least to fix Aerea thing, because she was clearley named heir presumptive - heir till other kids are born.
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