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    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    I've just finished watching the episode. I'm actually disgusted. The episode is repulsive. It's pretty clear that they've used certain imagery for the shock factor. At one point, it seemed as thought they were trying to reproduce images from the fire bombing of Dresden, then 9/11, then Schindler's List and, in the context, just for the "shock and awe" of entertainment, it is pretty disgraceful. As for the story and the characters, well, nothing makes any sense. Dany has just incinerated a city for no reason apart from "feelz". No conqueror completely destroys a capital city in this way if they actually want to govern a country and its people because you destroy all the mechanisms of commerce and government if you do so. You only destroy a city like this if you want to wipe a people off the face of the earth. That, alongside the overtones of the Dothraki annihilation, leaves a very nasty taste in my mouth. They have completely destroyed GRRM's work.
  2. I just can't. Of all the phenomenal things that could have happened in this last season, we've waited all this time for the most basic of basic storylines.
  3. As others have said, and I've said elsewhere, the only thing that can revive the plotlines now is if Bran has inherited the NK's powers to warg the dead. It would be a very interesting twist for the power tussle between Bran and the NK to have actually been about each party only having part of the Children's powers, and needing to kill the other in order to inherit the full package. The NK wanted greensight, say, and Bran wants mass-warging powers. One of them must die. Then Bran can raise the dead to defeat Cersei. This opens the possibility that Cersei could be, in fact, killed by her dead son Tommen, thus fulfilling the volanquar prophecy with a nice GRRM horror twist, amidst the rest of the people she has killed also coming for her. Jon would then have to kill Bran in order to prevent him grossly misusing his power when Bran goes all "All men must die". This all has some very interesting overtones: it would be very bittersweet. Jon and Dany would "win" but at the cost of Jon losing his family (Sansa would categorically fail to understand why Bran had to die) and having had to kill Bran. To save the North, he has had to kill the North. Dany would have the IT but no-one would be alive to share in her victory. Jaime would have to live knowing that his actions in throwing Bran out of the window led to thousands of deaths and the destruction of the North and KL, and his actions at the BfW meant an even greater horror down the line. It would also prove the maesters right in some sense. The Battle for Winterfell and the death of the NK has no mean something more than just one of the "big bads" has gone. It has to have implications. Otherwise, nothing makes sense in the show. It would also force Cersei to recognise her failings through subverting her expectations. She believed either the North would win or she would face the dead. This way, the North wins AND she faces the dead. Bran has to turn bad. It's the only way it works.
  4. Masha's apron

    Who is Going to Die

    I have a feeling Theon cannot be killed by wights. Reason being...Bran seems to approve of Theon defending him in the Godswood. And it got me thinking about the Drowned God and the ritual words "what is dead can never die." I wondered whether those words are an old twisted echo of a truth about adherents to the faith of the Drowned God: that they are already "dead" so cannot be resurrected as wights when they've been physically killed, iyswim. If so, I wonder if the same may be true of Jon and Arya. Jon is resurrected dead, and Arya likely "died" at one point in the HoB&W. When you think about it, a number of characters could have have potentially "died" and been resurrected without an obvious signpost. Dany has survived a deadly furnace twice: the funeral pyre and Vaes Dothrak. Jorah and Sam potentially "died" of grayscale (can't be healed, then "suddenly" it can; highly contagious, yet Sam doesn't contract it). Bran potentially "died" when he was pushed out of the window. Davos potentially "died" at the BotBW or the BotB. This would fit with the resurgence of magical resurrection with Thoros and Beric, and Melisandre's ability to resurrect Jon. Resurrection has happened all over the land, but only the obvious instances are recognised. Which would mean the AotD are essentially fighting ... the dead of Westeros.