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    The Heretic's Guide to Heresy

    Hey guys check out my thread in the General boards I think you might like it. It's my Westeros pre Andals theory! http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/104440-Westeros---From-Start-to-Andal-Invasion
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    References and Homages

    Just a little Fun-Fact about the origins of some of the names in aSoIaF... While reading Dreamsongs Vol I, I've notice that GRRM gets many of his names of Gods, characters, castles, lands and other, from his previous work, be them published or not. George's first work of fantasy writing (besides turtle castle when he was just a child) was "Dark Gods of Kor-Yuban". This story is one for GRRMs "lost stories" because he never wrote it on carbon paper. Two of the main heroes in DGoKY have name that are used in aSoIaF... R'hllor of Raugg a melancholy exile prince Argilac the Arrogant who was boisterous and swaggering companion. In the end Argilac is eaten by a dark god due to his tragic flaw of arrogance, meanwhile R'hllor escaped to fight another day and tell the tale. In aSoIaF, we all know R'hllor is The Lord of Light, basically a very powerful deity, who seem to have the most physical interaction with human kind. Argilac was the last of his house(Durrendon) to rule StormsEnd. Before Aegon the Conquerer best friend and half brother Orys Baratheon claimed the seat, sigil, words and lands. If you can use this information as some kind of foreshadowing device, feel free. Hopefully it will help some create a cool theory and predict something in the upcoming tWoW or the World Book. Thanks for your time, KtK :)
  3. Does Warriors have the Sworn Sword in it? Or is it Legends 2?
  4. I just purchased "the Hedge Knight" - Martin, Avery, Miller and Crowell with JetCity Comics. I can't wait!!! Also bought Volume one and two of the aGoT graphic novels, hard backs!! So excited!!!