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    Top 3 books of 2018

    Hard to pick out just 3 this year. I read All 16 Realm of the Elderlings books this year for the first time on top of many other great books but if I had to narrow it down while choosing only 1 from each series I read I'd say it was: 1. The Library at Mount Char 2. Assassin's Fate 3. The Thousand Names HM: The Stone Sky and City of Stairs.
  2. Britton

    Malazan: High House Shadow edition

    I was kinda of dreading Toll The Hounds on my first read as I only started the series shortly after the Crippled God was released and had heard it was most people's least favorite at the time, but I ended up really liking it. It was different sure, but I was able to appreciate the slow burn. My least favorite of the main series was between Dust of Dreams and House of Chains. I haven't read the series in about 4 years (gearing up for a reread soon) but I remember the key moments in most of the books, those two though I can't remember much of anything other than the fact that House of Chains had Karsa for the first quarter of the book. Thankfully I didn't have to deal with the wait between Dust of Dreams and The Crippled God that would not have been pleasant.
  3. Britton

    Malazan: High House Shadow edition

    Midnight Tides is also my favorite. I didn't realize it was so divisive.