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  1. Frosty


    Hello everyone I am back ! :)
  2. Hey White Queen I hope you get your color and you win the game!

  3. Frosty misses White Queen and is sad she is gone. Will she ever return to claim her throne? So many were so mean to her for so little. :(

  4. Frosty

    Vote on the Reputation System

    Raidne said: Okay, Frosty, I'll answer your question. It's like this: Raidne said: Imagine if Os were still regularly posting. Can you imagine what his reputation score would be? Frosty said: I HAD Osraven on ban – just because I could read them totally and proved how sick my mind was.<br style=""> <br style=""> Raidne said: Although, many of us think Os is the best thing since sliced bread, his post were, ahem, difficult to read, grammar non-existent, and he perpetually played devil's advocate to a degree since unseen. Frosty said: Okay so you are saying I post like Osraven? I mean c'mon Raidne that is a stretch even for you. Raidne said: What I'm saying is, there would be a reason for his negative rating. Having said that, his negative rating would not reflect overall popularity with the Board - it would reflect the fact that a significant minority of people just really couldn't stand his posting style. But, I bet, if you took an actual poll asking whether people liked Os's posts or hated them, and to what degree, the positives would come out way, way ahead.<br style=""> <br style=""> Frosty said: I do not concur. You can't have it both ways. You either like him or you don't and his posts. I mean it is like saying you hate milk – but enjoy the hell out of chocolate milk. Raidne said: Same with you pal. Read your sig. <br style=""> <br style=""> Frosty said: Okay you answered the above question(s) in a nutshell. Okay put me in the box with Dirji, Osraven, White Queen and KSI. I don't care one hoot overall about the rating system. It bothers me that it bothers friends of mine here – but for me – I have never been popular on msg boards nor do I care to be. I am me, myself and I. And all 3 of us are fine with us. I mean I am going to live my life from now on in 2010 and this decade with no regrets or remorse. If folks like me or hate that is their issue – I will not change because of some new fangled politically correct verbage or concept or some idea of pussy-footing around an issue I feel passionate or strongly about. And I will tell you the truth, nicely BUT FIRMLY, and many people do not like that – they hate the truth and would rather be danced with and be pc'ish and all. That is just not my cup of tea. Okay my .02 cents. F. ps Hope that helps Arbor Gold
  5. Frosty

    Vote on the Reputation System

    I voted to get rid of the post rating system, but if it's going to stay, I would like for it to stay anonymous, and I would like for it to be for the individual post only and not contribute to an overall reputation. Well Eponine R. that I think is part of it – it is like a snowball effect as in look at my rep and Ran’s – mine is running away with 5 plus negs a day no matter what I post where – what thread I start or add too. If someone is goading me it is not working and I actually hope I catch up with Ran for fun. As far as popularity is concerned, I don't think that it should be an issue for anyone to have a few posts down-rated. It's pretty thin-skinned to think that no one will ever disagree with you. I have to admit though, if I saw my overall reputation start dropping a few points every week until it was firmly negative (and not as a joke by some trolling friends), I'd become concerned that I was unliked or unwelcome here. Well not everyone has thick skin and I think the whole thing has gotten out of hand, lots of feelings are getting hurt and I think the confusion lies in when negged why? But but on the flip side why not wonder why someone plus’s them – I wonder why so many + for that post? Wtf? Also the other issues is thread deletions and post deletions – many posts are deleted and no reason given other than Moderator perogative or choice. Well yeah this is not a democracy but can’t we have diverse views and drunken posts anymore? I am just saying........
  6. Frosty

    Vote on the Reputation System

    I 2nd this. I mean I am at f*cking -27 and not sure why? I have not been a Troll for over 2 yrs and even get negs on the most benign of posts! Wtf?
  7. You are awesome, Frost Man! Happy New Year!!!

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    Niamh it is not gonna happen!

  9. Just some good thoughts about your kitty. *~*~*~*

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