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  1. Dragons 7th Eye

    Season 8 Official Trailer Released

    I think it was Brienne that was fighting and we get Jaime's face next.
  2. Dragons 7th Eye

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 705?

    I can't remember a worse episode, I don't there ever was one even close as bad. What a let down from ep4. Some things were right down stupid by any tv-standards. And this is The Show. Terrible.
  3. Dragons 7th Eye

    Do you think the show is better or worse for not including Young Griff?

    Much and much of all this boils down to two things: length of the series and budget. I think they screwed up on both. As we can all see with not even a little difficulty, there is much more material for more seasons. Dorne alone would have been several episodes worth (obviously spread around). Jaime - God they screwed him out of his whole arc etc. There is no rational realistic reason storywise to not have the last 4 seasons 5, 6,7 and 8 to be six or seven full seasons. Storywise. Don't know if they would have kept the audience - I think they would have, but who knows. But, the real reason is that they employed the actors in the beginning for set amount of years - I think it was six, correct me if I am wrong. Quite a few of them will have been bargains. Do you think Emilia Clarke is going to be a bargain now, despite what you think of her acting? She has a name, A BIG NAME, and in the last two episodes they have actually got her makeup etc. back in line and she looks hot like seven suns. I wonder what they paid Williams and Turner, but the word "pittance" comes to mind. Now they need to pay them for real, as well as they would have had to cast even more people for fAegon and his troupe etc. Man, I had such great ideas of who would play Arianne. OMG such great ideas, the dirty old man that I am.. Anyway. Money lead to speeding up unnecessarily and now they are just cutting corners towards the end. I have given up and I will just enjoy the show. And I won't complain too much of the potholes etc. as long as we get stuff like the end of s7ep4.