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  1. Dragons 7th Eye

    Qyburn and his curiosities

    One can wish. Cersei is very fond of her Hand of the Queen. Perhaps he is one of the things that will be taken away by the younger more beautiful Queen. But unfortunately I doubt it. I think he will go down with her. He should. We can't have all the nice things on the side of the good guys in the end. Jaime already went. I expect Bronn to follow, soon.
  2. Dragons 7th Eye

    Qyburn and his curiosities

    As I wrote earlier, I was very curious about what Qyburn would do in the episode. In the end, pretty much nothing. I was disappointed. He has been portrayed to be a very capable man - with very serious character flaws obviously. But he didn't really do anything other than lift the hand for Jon to light up.
  3. Dragons 7th Eye

    [SPOILERS] What did you love about this episode?

    Oh, and add this. It was a good scene. Love them both to bits, too
  4. Dragons 7th Eye

    [SPOILERS] What did you love about this episode?

    Jaime. Loved it. Goldenhand the Just is coming to save the day
  5. Dragons 7th Eye

    Height of the mountain in the show

    They did mess up the scene. All they needed was a box for the mountain to stand on. Think of all the scenes with Tom Cruise with women that are much taller than him in real life
  6. Dragons 7th Eye

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    At least Turner gets parts of it. It is telling of the other two, when the actress on her teens is the only one that does. Perhaps she is the only one that read the books..
  7. Dragons 7th Eye

    So now we know how the Wight Walker war ends

    They already took the most oomph out of the coming battle. The wights in episode 6 were so brittle and weak compared to how they were portrayed before. They were almost unkillable, with severed body parts carrying on fighting. And now we get the seven samurai massacring them left right and center. I have absolutely no doubt that they are taking the Stephen King approach - write yourself in a corner with a great enemy first to create suspension, and then just start pretending the enemy was weak all along so the heroes will survive what should have been impossible. Meh. A decent army WOULD WIN at the battlements of Winterfell against these push overs, just bashing them on the head when they try to come over the walls. Who cares about the generic Z movie undead army in the North? But just in case, let's make them all die when NK falls.
  8. Dragons 7th Eye

    Daenerys will die in episode 7.

    There are many reasons for the seasons to fall flat. A major one is that there is no threat of major characters being offed. A death is not necessarily a good plot twist, but a good plot in the early seasons involved real suspense on who is going to die. A death here and there is required for it.
  9. Dragons 7th Eye

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    I take it Jon and Jaime went to the same school of swimming in armor? Only Jaime skipped classes to learn big words - Jon certainly did skip less fewer lessons for that - and thus Jaime needed a bit of help from Bronn, too. After episode 5 I had some hopes that they would redeem themselves. Instead they hit another low, again. As much as I hate the whole wight catching thing, at least the NK now looks like a proper badass with an apparent arm transplant of a wighted John Elway. But as much as I hated that plot it has absolutely nothing on: The completely utterly idiotic Winterfell plot. Truth be told, it is so bad, that I think there will be more bad twists and turns that end up with a dead LF and Sansa and Arya as best buddies. Fan. Service. Awww, look at them. Arya just can't be ruined this bad, it's worse than Jaime by now. Beric and Jon - so so (a bright spot!) The Hound and Tormund - pretty good for comedic relief to be honest, it didn't break too many illusions. Clarke looked hot as hell or cool as ice - take your pick - in her winter attire (I am a dirty old man, apologies) The rest of it: utter crap.
  10. Dragons 7th Eye


    I think: The episode will end as the Wall is coming down and Unviserion flying above it with the NK looking cool on his back. This will be our cliffhanger. LF dies when Sansa's and Arya's plot comes to an end. I mean the writing can't be this bad, can it? Surely there is more to those terrible scenes in Winterfell than meets the eye. This means LF = DED and Arya and Sansa are the bestest sisters, like ever. Cersei betrays Dany and something happens. I am hoping that Jaime kills her - Cersei that is - but of course he won't. This is where The Hound intervenes to save Dany, because she saved his ass in ep 6, and we get the Glegane-bowl. Because you all know that we are going to get it. They are not stopping the fan service now, are they? lol However, with extreme luck we might get Jon vs. one handed Jaime or Bronn (both hands) too at the same incident. Unfortunately, no one dies, of course. If someone does die with Ungregor, who is as good as dead (again), it's the Hound as everyone loves the Hound so he would sting the fans enough, without really mattering. The reason I have this faintest of hopes for Jaime to see the Light (spot the pun ) or The END is because he has the val sword. Obviously those are being handed to the people that will be in the final fight(s). Maybe Jorah takes the Widow's Wail off his cold hands. (Sorry getting carried away here, of course no such thing happens and Carol and Larry are firmly on the bad guy seat for the last season, as well.) The twist I don't foresee is what will make Euron the most hated character in the end of the season. Maybe he kills someone? (Who is Yara, btw, I have faint recollection of a character of that name? If he kills her, no one will care so that can't be it). OMG would it be great if he offs Tyrion! (Getting carried away again, sorry ) Honestly and no sarcasm: One thing I am really intriqued by and looking forward to seeing is Qyburn. He IS very smart. I have no idea what he will do. I hope they write it well, because there is a lot of real potential for proper interesting plot there. If by off chance Cersei does not do anything idiotic, it has to be his influence.
  11. Dragons 7th Eye

    Daenerys will die in episode 7.

    Dany won't die, let's not be ridiculous. LF will die. And Arya and Sansa will giggle and high five each other. Hound or Frankenmountain or both will die - I mean who really thinks they are stopping the fan service now? Clegane-bowl is better than confirmed, it's practically started. And no one will care. Not really. Meh. It would be epic if Jaime killed Cersei in the next episode after Brienne reminds him of the stuffs not in the show, but - lolololol no (she will die in the penultimate episode in the next season as Jaime's Nissa Nissa) We will get the wall faling down as the cliffhanger. I really really _really_ wish they take much more care writing the final season. It is such a shame how once the greatest tv-show of all times - financially as well - seems to be heading to end as an utter failure. grrrrr
  12. Dragons 7th Eye

    The captive wight....the big elephant in the room

    Wights that attacked Jeor Mormont were clearly and decisively south of the wall.
  13. Dragons 7th Eye

    Acting - Season 7 Game of Thrones

    Pretty much everyone is suffering from terrible writing, but oh well. Headey and NCW have been the best ones this season, in my opinion. Apart from the dungeon scene, which just went over the top for my tastes acting-wise, Headey has been very good as a Queen - with boiling hatred behind a royal facade. NCW has really done well with the ruined Jaime that he has to play. The confusion and the pain is right there under the surface. Glenn hasn't had much screen time. He is always very solid. Not much time for McCann either. He did do a very good job - as far as I could see from all the darkness - in the hut. Quite touching, actually. Cunningham has been ok. He is terribly misused as a comic relief though. I hated the "staring at her heart" for example and I have no words for the "still rowing". None of that is his fault. Dinklage has been awkward. It is probably because of writing and his diminished role and his character being out of his depth - the character not Dinklage - but I can't say I have enjoyed it much this season. For example the field of fire scene with Tyrion looking terrified and confused looking at the dying Lannister army, I thought he overdid it by a fair margin. Terrific actor usually, of course. Turner and Williams are very young. I have been thinking that Turner is portraying Sansa very will this season, but she too has suffered from terrible writing especially at the great hall of Winterfell scenes. I thought she was superb on Arya-Sansa reunion and right after that with Bran in the scene as well. I think Clarke has been a bit better this year, and having thought of it, I think she simply does better when her character is having problems rather than steamrolling along. Nathalie Emmanuel is very beautiful. Her scene with Greyworm was gringeworthy, and I don't think it was all writing. Harrington has been a bit weak, to be honest. It is his time to shine, but he comes off quite flat. He portrays Jon a bit too whiny for my tastes. Again - he gets a lot of time, but writing has been just bad. To be fair, I think his response to the terrible "staring at the heart" line was outstanding. Like a little boy that Jon is, in that sense, caught his hand deep in the cookie jar and called out for it . Perfect.
  14. Dragons 7th Eye

    Discussing Sansa XXXI: The plot thickens...

    Come out, Bella! Admit you are reading the forums and that's why you called her Sandra on purpose