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  1. Dragons 7th Eye

    Your favorite individual acting performance

    Oh absolutely! Joffrey was so despicable and he not only made him maniac but vain and cowardly etc. and very consistent.
  2. Dragons 7th Eye

    Are the starks finished?

    Starks are dandy. They have a relatively young King on the throne of Six Kingdoms, so they can expect a few decades of prosperious relations that way - although they will never have another King there, since they are not even part of the Six Kingdoms. And they have a rather attractive young unmarried Queen sitting on their own ancestral throne in the North. On the Kingsroad, roughly around the border between the Riverlands and The North - that's where the queue of Sansa's suitors starts. All she needs to do is to pick one. The only real risk is the childbirth, as already pointed out by AryaNymeriaVisenya. But she is young and iron willed so the risk is not that big.
  3. Dragons 7th Eye

    The "council" was simply a rubber stamp

    It's just one more stupid thing among stupid things. I don't agree about Starks forcing anyone's hand. Unless they breed like rabbits and grow like show dragons there is no way that there was a Northern army outside that would hafe beaten the 3-4k unsullied left. Let alone whatever was left of the dothraki "in the open field". They might have had 2-3k if we are being generous. Sansa was just huffing and puffing. But there should have been more houses. That is a very real point. Even if we disregard the fact that so few houses actually are represented in the show - surely they could have done better with more placeholder lords and just dropping names of the houses. The most stupid thing was that the others just accepted The North. If they wanted it they should have shown Sansa making deals for it with the others before the meeting ever took place. Mr. Dorne would never have accepted it and neither would have Yara - they are clear as day, but realistically no one would. Bran was not a King yet, just to take care of it with that nod, as the voting was still going on as Sansa was proposing to withdraw from the vote and the Seven Kingdoms.
  4. No. It's all in the same scene. First Dany promises to come and fight for the living and; then Jon for some obscure reason just throws The North away for nothing. This topic is just unbearable because people refuse to stick to facts. Dany promises to come and destroy the NK and his army together with Jon; and then Jon says he'd bend the knee but.. S7E6 1:02:xx
  5. Like I already said, you are free to go on making your own rules in your head and, it is quite apparent that you are not going to stop any time soon so, do carry on. That is not, however, at all how it works in the universe GRRM created. Lord of Winterfell is the Lord of the North - Sansa was the Lady of Winterfell. You can fabricate as much as you want, and you are doing that more than anything else. This time you are trying to make it about the castle named Winterfell after falling flat on so many arguments already. It really is not very complicated and it is all laid out for those willing to go look for the background instead of just making stuff up as they go, to support their argument. I am quite done here.
  6. Yes. For nothing. Dany had already promised to bring his armies and dragons North to fight the NK before Jon knelt. He knelt because he wanted - something else. Help was already promised. Terrible Sansa called Jon on this too, by the way, and still supported him for the King. Also Jaime didn't. Edmure was in the cells according to his wikipage. Seriously people. Facts straight first.
  7. That's just not true. I get the distinct feeling of several of your posts that you feel strongly about the matters but you just don't know the world very well and just make up stuff to support whatever it is that you need that Sansa was bad. Warden is a military title and practically useless outside of realm of war. It is very hard to make distinction of where the power of a Lord and Warden ends as the wardens have so often - but not always - been the Lords of great houses, such as Ned Stark was Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North. However one thing is very clear - A high Lord is not a liege of a Warden and Sansa being the Lady of Winterfell most certainly was not under Jon in pecking order. That's just the way it is, even if it doesn't fit your narrative.
  8. 1. Not very rude at all. Edmure was making a fool of himself, by himself. 2. Riverrun swore for Starks. That's why Edmure and Blackfish etc. were with Robb. Sansa was Lady of Winterfell, that much is undisputed. Her power in relation to that of Jon's who Dany named Warden of the North is more than slightly vague but irrelevant here in respect to Edmure. Bran was just another Stark at the time because he said pass. Military experience is completely irrelevant to the queen and has always been so. Queen does not need any qualifications. She got the position because her last name, or more specifically because it is God's / Gods' will - just like Bran would have if he would have wanted it. That's how it worked in Seven Kingdoms, that's how it worked for most of the feudal systems - and that's how it still works in the North. Backstabbing her family is very much up to interpretation - at very best - and complete nonsense realistically. Your last paragraph makes zero sense in the setting. Robert Baratheon got to be King because treason. It was not a modern society and in fact it was not even a single society. Zero logic anywhere was a damn good reason to move on from feudal systems as we did several centuries ago. And again - Sansa's treason is in the eye of the beholders and some people really really -really- want it to be there. The history is full of "treasons" without which we would be living in that zero logic world. The fact that Sansa needs to be crucified according to some people is just because they hate on her for good reasons like screwing up royally (as a 12 year old) and telling Queen Cersei some stuff or because she was an air head or because she was rather an annoying character on metalevel or whatever - none of that is relevant to the story. Her kingdom was the North. Jon screwed up by bending the knee for nothing. She still tried to put him on the throne (despite some hateful theories of her trying to get him killed which - if you watch the show are borderline insane) and in the end she did damn well for her people. That is relevant.
  9. Off topic. Apologies
  10. Oh sorry. The Tyrion quote was from the show, I believe - some maesters thinking dragons are even more intelligent than men, but all thinking they are very intelligent. And in the end it doesn't matter. Even without that quote the dragons in this fantasy world are intelligent and if the show watchers find it out in the last episode, so what? (It is bad writing unless it is intentional, but hell - most of the show has been bad writing since season 4) The thing is - it is plausible that Drogon knew that Jon had to kill Dany and that afterwards he felt that Jon was in mourning as much as he was and; steered his rage at the throne instead of. It is possible but far fetched that Drogon understood even more and let Jon pass and it was not even anger but rather a task to burn the throne. Some people on the internet are saying that Drogon burned the city down last episode - which as far as I could make out was hours ago at most - and suddenly he has this moral and understands Dany needs to be stopped. But Dragons are bind to the will of their riders so the change too, is quite plausible. Was it that? Who knows with D&D. But it certainly is not impossible and really if anything it is almost too clever for the show since many seasons ago.
  11. Because she was right? Because she "betrayed him" to put him on the throne. Which would have been pretty damn wise in hind sight? Nah. He is just a bit straight forward like his Uncle he thought was his dad. And a lof ot the hate on Sansa is just blind hate. She did pretty well for herself and her people in a world that was not built to be a fairy tale or black and white. If it was, Ned would have his head. It isn't, Sansa learned to play and won. Some people just can't deal with it.
  12. In the Citadel in the So spake Martin, as I said. It's a big section without a search function - but it is there. He compared his dragons with Tolkien's. He said something along the lines of dragons being intelligent but unable to speak and thus they won't be discussing with people unlike Tolkien's dragons. Surely you don't think I am flat out lying?
  13. No. I am specifically not confusing them. I think people are not willing to look at the possible clever points - such as what Drogon might have done, but who knows with D&D - because the show itself went to shit a few seasons ago and even the general populace noticed this season. Denial is things like denying the dragons are intelligent, even if there is the word of the person who built the world saying so; because that leads to a small chance that D&D did that on purpose. If they did, it was pretty good. Even better if it started at the door and Drogon let Jon past knowing what he was going to do, because he must.
  14. It was clearly shown in the show in the episode 6. Other than that GRRM is on the record on metalevel, if that is what you need. It is somewhere in the Citadel of this site on the So Spake Martin - section. There is a lot of denial going on, I guess it's natural. People are disappointed with the ending and many have been disappointed with the show for quite a while, myself included. But some things are what they are.