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  1. Oh sorry. The Tyrion quote was from the show, I believe - some maesters thinking dragons are even more intelligent than men, but all thinking they are very intelligent. And in the end it doesn't matter. Even without that quote the dragons in this fantasy world are intelligent and if the show watchers find it out in the last episode, so what? (It is bad writing unless it is intentional, but hell - most of the show has been bad writing since season 4) The thing is - it is plausible that Drogon knew that Jon had to kill Dany and that afterwards he felt that Jon was in mourning as much as he was and; steered his rage at the throne instead of. It is possible but far fetched that Drogon understood even more and let Jon pass and it was not even anger but rather a task to burn the throne. Some people on the internet are saying that Drogon burned the city down last episode - which as far as I could make out was hours ago at most - and suddenly he has this moral and understands Dany needs to be stopped. But Dragons are bind to the will of their riders so the change too, is quite plausible. Was it that? Who knows with D&D. But it certainly is not impossible and really if anything it is almost too clever for the show since many seasons ago.
  2. Because she was right? Because she "betrayed him" to put him on the throne. Which would have been pretty damn wise in hind sight? Nah. He is just a bit straight forward like his Uncle he thought was his dad. And a lof ot the hate on Sansa is just blind hate. She did pretty well for herself and her people in a world that was not built to be a fairy tale or black and white. If it was, Ned would have his head. It isn't, Sansa learned to play and won. Some people just can't deal with it.
  3. In the Citadel in the So spake Martin, as I said. It's a big section without a search function - but it is there. He compared his dragons with Tolkien's. He said something along the lines of dragons being intelligent but unable to speak and thus they won't be discussing with people unlike Tolkien's dragons. Surely you don't think I am flat out lying?
  4. No. I am specifically not confusing them. I think people are not willing to look at the possible clever points - such as what Drogon might have done, but who knows with D&D - because the show itself went to shit a few seasons ago and even the general populace noticed this season. Denial is things like denying the dragons are intelligent, even if there is the word of the person who built the world saying so; because that leads to a small chance that D&D did that on purpose. If they did, it was pretty good. Even better if it started at the door and Drogon let Jon past knowing what he was going to do, because he must.
  5. It was clearly shown in the show in the episode 6. Other than that GRRM is on the record on metalevel, if that is what you need. It is somewhere in the Citadel of this site on the So Spake Martin - section. There is a lot of denial going on, I guess it's natural. People are disappointed with the ending and many have been disappointed with the show for quite a while, myself included. But some things are what they are.
  6. Maesters? It's in the canon that dragons are intelligent and some maesters think they are more intelligent than men. That seems a bit like a reach. They are however bind to their riders will in ways that are not understood. It is not far fetched that Drogon shared some emotions with her during all these years and managed to piece 1+1 together.
  7. with fire, I would like to add. However, it is all just a stupid irrelevant plotline, I wager. By the end of EP2 everything will be peaches, when we see the dead steed's hoofs enter the picture for the last frame. I do like that Dany was made at least a bit responsible for her actions.
  8. I can't remember a worse episode, I don't there ever was one even close as bad. What a let down from ep4. Some things were right down stupid by any tv-standards. And this is The Show. Terrible.
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