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    -Game of Thrones boxset (paperback) -Westeros map poster -Ned Stark on the throne poster -Season 1 and 2 on DVD -Hand of the King pin (not sure where it went..) -Targaryen grey hoodie -Tyrion Lannister Funko pop -Ned Stark Funko pop -Daenerys Funko pop -Khal Drogo Funko pop -White Walker Funko pop -Jon Snow Funko pop -Arya Stark Funko pop -Robb Stark Funko pop -The Hound Funko pop -Cersei Lannister Funko pop -Jaime Lannister Funko pop -Renly Baratheon Funko pop -Viserion Funko pop (Hot Topic exclusive) -Brienne of Tarth bloody (Hot Topic exclusive) -Tyrion battle armor Funko pop If anyone have and is willing to sell me a Rhaegal or any of the series 3 ones, please PM me. (I live in Singapore just to let you know)