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  1. I've been a fan of hers since she was in The Tudors. I LOVE HER!
  2. Also notice that Pycelle says "Moon tea for..." and Cersi interrupts him by saying "I know what moon tea is for" It's likely that the moon tea is for one of Margery's cousins. Later, he falls in line and lies about who actually needs the moon tea.
  3. Hello! I'm SapphireGhost18 aka Kadia aka Jon Snow lover. I've been lurking for a few months now and recently decided to start to add to the conversation. It's terrifying especially since most of the forum has been following the series since the beginning ( I watched all three seasons of the show before I started the book series. I'm on my second re-read. ADwD specifically) I'm love comic books, GoTs, Doctor Who, Eureka, Star Wars, Star Trek (I like both equally don't ask me to rank them!), Twilight Zone, Harry Potter, DIY projects, Sewing, gaming, movies and television, Cosplay, Lindy Hop, and about a billion other nerd friendly activities. I hope to spend more time posting and less time writing post and chickening out and deleting it :drunk: Hello everyone!!!!
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