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  1. Angus Thermopyle

    Poll. Is Bran ever leaving the cave?

    I have no evidence of it to point to, no other character has been healed, but I think Bran will walk out of the cave under his own power. He's been told since he was injured he would never walk again, only fly, and it just strikes me as wrong. Or would that be too much of a trope?
  2. I'm open to other theories other than R&L=J. I like how you give alternatives. But I have a couple of questions. If the pregnant woman is carrying Bael's child praying for a son to revenge her, who is she hoping for revenge against? And if it's Bael, why would she kill herself when it does happen? Also, if Rhaegar's obsession was to hatch a dragon, wouldn't that point to Lyanna being pregnant with his child? We see what is needed in Dany's pov. The kingsguard may have been there to not allow her to leave. But I think Ned would have much different thoughts about Rhaegar, if he understood the importance. Just a thought.
  3. Angus Thermopyle

    The danger of Gerold Dayne

    This could be a bit of foreshadowing, too, as Gerold is the kind of bad boy that Dany would fall for, which would be bad news for the Martells.