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  1. A good episode let down by a few moments: 1) Petyr had no plan, which is completely out of character. There is o why he would rely so much on Sansa. It just slightly undermines how exceptional he is at playing the game if he needs a 13 year old to stop him from being killed. 2) The Mereen scenes are exceptionally dull (the Jorah scene was good) but the pointless Grey worm missandei relationship is taking valuable screen time away from important plot points and characters. 3) Leaving the scenes that everyone wants to see until the end of the episode is very frustrating. It works when some of the other scenes are before are exciting and develop the plot, but in this case it felt very cheap. Of course i understand the need of putting the duel at the end but another scene explaining the vipers reputation or anything relevant in kings landing would have been good. The best actors are all in kings landing they should make the most of it. Overall 6/10