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  1. I liked or loved ALMOST everything in this episode, still had some issues here and there, but mostly smaller ones; so much great stuff, loved to get a North-centered episode, I could list now all the awesome stuff, but I'll keep that for the Positive Nitpicking thread - For me not only the definitely best episode of the season so far, but also probably one of my general favourites (But I'm also a completely biased Stannis/Davos/Shireen/Jon/Sam/Gilly/Theon/Roose/Boltons/Wall/TeamDragonstone/Winterfell fan, so this episode was quite a Schmankerl for me) -> 9/10! ETA: And I forgot to add, B-Cog proves again that he's definitely the best writer :bowdown: ETA 2: I just yet re-watched it and now love it even more! Reasons why / Positive Nitpicking will come tomorrow, it's now way too late here and I'm so tired atm.
  2. There were things that annoyed me immensely and made me mad (mostly Cersei/Marg and LF/Sansa), but when I look at my list of things I loved: Then I have to say I really enjoyed the episode, give it -again- an 8!
  3. I think that was a really strong and good season premiere! 8/10 for me.
  4. I quite enjoyed it, especially loved the Wall + Meereen stuff (as I did in 5.01, too) - gave it an 8.
  5. I am Jack’s throbbing fan heart

  6. Ian McKellen AND Iwan Rheon together sounds over-awesome! =DD Haha, good seperation :lol: :thumbsup:! - Yes, I also have my favourites who are either good guys or very, very (dark-)gray (Davos, Stannis, Jaime, Jon, Theon, Asha, Shireen, Brienne, aso.) who I want to live at the end (I'm unsure about Theon... He's getting his identity more and more back, and I want him to become full Theon again, but he still thinks "Death did not frighten Theon Greyjoy. Death would mean an end to pain.", so I actually think he should be executed, because of his crimes, but also as a "coup de grâce"); - Characters I loathe and want to see dead, but they are enjoying (e.g. Cersei) or fascinating (e.g. Roose) or so over-crazy (e.g. Euron), but nevertheless should die at the end; - and then there's someone as Victarion who I simply want to make the greatest chaos ever :lol:; it's unfair to all the people in Meereen, but sorry, I'm not very interested in the stuff going on there and I'd enjoy seeing Vic trying to tame/get/ride a dragon and making things even worse...
  7. :agree: Rheon fangirls don't mean, luckily, Ramsay fangirls (<- I'm absolutely hoping they don't exist!!!) And you're right, he makes Ramsay really somehow even more disturbing and...mh, I don't find the right word... But let's say in the books, it was Joffrey who was beautiful, had angelic blond hair, could be charismatic and act friendly, was at first a "gentleman" to Sansa, and then showed his abominable, cruel, terrible true face. Ramsay was never really charismatic or something, always despicable, atrocious, crude, sadistic a.s.o... But Show!Ramsay is even more a psychopath, I found him more similar to Roose than Book!Ramsay to Roose (especially during the shaving and bath scenes) and yes, really more disturbing!
  8. In the past I found the Show!Ramsay-fangirls the weirdest bunch of people ever... But now I'm beginning more and more to undertstand them... And with every new "Misfits" episode (and every new song of Iwan) it's more and more a spiral of growing fond of...well, I don't know of who... Ramsay?!?! :shocked: :uhoh: :eek: Because I'm already completely fond of Simon, and I'm feeling now so much shame for being attracted to Rheon, even while he's playing the world's greatest shit (Why, Game of Thrones, WHY?! :bawl:) In all seriousness, I've even had the thought if Ramsay would have got more attention and love in the past, maybe he'd be now a lovely human being and that he's misunderstood and wants to be accepted by others and... Ah, Damn TV shows :bang: Simon/Ramsay together my head (Simsay? Ramon?) confuse me... (Oh, and I've had the throught, a Ramsay who could become invisible would be absolutely bad for Stannis&Co. in the coming battle XD) The next episode will change this hopefully... or make it even worse :dunno: ... But for now I'm excited to watch the second season :drool: British TV is so good (Sherlock, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Skins, Misfits, Little Britain, ...); German TV is the shittiest ever :-(
  9. I began just yesterday night to watch "Misfits" and finished the first season at the same night (Began today with the second season); Boah, now I'm so addicted with this show (It's my new "Skins") and I love Simon ^_^ ... This is so wrong, and it's getting even worse I discovered today Iwan Rheon's youtube channel and listened his whole album, God, this guy's also a great singer! :o ... I don't know what I should/will think about Ramsay in a week, but in my head is now Simon -the super shy, introverted, nervous, unassuming outcast- and Iwan -the cool and talented actor and singer- and soon I'll see him flaying 63 Ironborn :bawl:. Watching "Misfits" and thinking Simon could flay and nail up five dozen men is the most confusing and weirdest thing ever :uhoh: :stunned: :wacko:...
  10. Oh, suddenly, it works again. Stange, but I'm happy to have my pic back :) .
  11. Maybe you can help me: I've never had any problem with my user pic, but now it's gone / disappeared :-( And when I want to use the same picture again (that picture I've alwyas had as my avatar), it doesn't work and there's every time: "Incorrect image format".
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