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  1. I was thinking that the Blonde Ufc fighter-turned-actress (Ronda Rousey?) should have a go at Val, she was in the season 4 premier I guess- and I don't know where I got that impression from, but she would make a great Val. I hope they don't drop that role, she kind of has a part to play in all the chaotic obfuscation going on during Jon's "et tu, Brute?" moment.
  2. She said the person she seduced wasn't a Targ- I don't think Aemon is the type to never notice in the subsequent 70 years since then, that his true love never loved him. Plus I think Aemon is a little bit older than Q.O.T
  3. So basically: It's just going to be too epic of an episode. Mind blown.
  4. Really, though... How touching was it when Gregor showed up on the scene in the tunnel, in an uncharacteristic blink of tardiness, just to realize that the Giant had killed Grenn and his nameless fodder brothers. Realizing he had only been a ginger-minge's hair late, you could see the blood red tears of a warrior welling in his hazel eyes. That moment was so silent it was deafening. The existential anguish captured in Gregor's eyes as he realized, "Fuck, I want a Taco", was captivating. Seeing the seething rage manifest within, as he focused back on Grenn's twisted, de-animated corpse! We all knew what to expect. When Gregor assumed that battojutsu stance, I could hardly stay in my seat. FWOOMP! Down goes the giant, before he even has the opportunity to feel the fear. Gotta love it, how Gregor staged the scene post-kill, and methodically retraced his steps to make it appear as though Grenn & Friends did an admirable job. Gregor, the unsung hero of compassion and comradery. Next, on Gregor of Thrones: Gregor fixes Pia's teeth.
  5. Immediately pulls out a cell phone and calls Ygritte like "Guess who I'm balls deep inside of right now. *Roar of pleasure in the background*"... Tormund makes beastiality fashionable.
  6. She asks if Castle Black is a real Castle( calling back to that windmill she mistaked for a castle) , when Jon says it is, she starts with the "Do you remember that cave?"
  7. Died laughing at this too... I love that bear fucker. I wonder what it would have been like if he had saved Brienne instead of Jaime. He would have distracted that thing with some sweet, sweet member.
  8. Haha between this and the Mononoke comment, you are really on point with good cues that the writers could take from anime for the direwolves. Bravo, my friend. Big anime fan, myself.
  9. Yeaaahh... I remember Kit explaining in one of the teasers for this season that they would focus on Jon learning to "fight to win" instead of "fighting with honor" over the course of the season, and they had him fighting Styr playing will he said that, I was waiting for the moment he did something more "dirty" after his fight with Karl... As soon as he spit, I was like "Fock Yeah!" By the way- Yes, I would have liked to see Stannis make it in to tonight's episode. I kind of figured he would be at the end, with his Big Damn Hero moment. Also, I wish Leslie had gotten a few more last words with Jon, but not a huge deal. As mentioned, would have preferred to have him not know who the shooter was, or whether or not he may have been the shooter. But, it's T.V., they would have probably had to cut a lot of the focus they had on Rose during the battle to really pull off the suspense of Jon (and us) subconciously wondering- not knowing where Ygritte was, or whether or not she was alive. Maybe they could have kept the shooter a mystery, too. I don't foresee that being of huge consequence, though. Jon smiling, and her almost betraying a smile right before the arrow hit, kind of heartbreaking. Over all, I still loved this episode. I'd have a hard time choosing between this and Blackwater, in my opinion. At this point, though, I've watched Blackwater a dozen times, it will take some more views of this particular episode to really say. -I've always thought that Kit showed the most promise among the cast in sword-fighting (not necessarily because of the choreography he's gotten, just his athleticism), even seasons back, and he really did a great job in the fight against Styr... -Alliser Thorne and Tormund's fight was great. I am glad that they kept Tormund alive, I would have been sad if that Bear-Porker's member hadn't lived to seduce another grizzly. "I SHOULD HAVE THROWN YOU FROM THE TOP OF THE WALL BOY!" Hopefully he gets over it as fast as he does in the books. I love friendly ole Tormund. -I did like Aemon's little talk with Sam, despite it taking away from the action. -R.I.P Grenn, one of the most heroic deaths in the show to date. R.I.P Pip, right when he found his balls. -GHOST! My mother was counting how many N.W. members died, too, by the way. It's probably due to how much they've mentioned having "just 100 brothers" left. There really are not too many left. We'll see how this all plays out next week.
  10. Ok, this is probably going to be completely random, and a very specific nit-pick. But, since when did Braavosi Water-Dancing turn in to Chinese Wushu? I thought it was cool to see Arya doing moves inspired by a Contemporary Jian (Straight Sword) routine, but I think turning her into Zhang Ziyi from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon seemed a little bit "out of place". However, if that was truly Maisie doing all of that acrobatics, Bravo! Pun very much intended.
  11. The effects/make-up department outdid themselves with Joffrey's face as he suffocated. Awesome. The tension between Tyrion and Joffrey was palpable. You could have cut it with a Valyrian steel sword. P.S. During the credits, The Rains of Castamere, really almost sounded like it could have been Jack Gleeson singing it.
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