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  1. This sounds lovely, though I’m more likely to have for lunch than dinner. I’d been looking for a good home made soup that wasn’t either cauliflower, or butternut squash/sweet potato. I never think my tomato or mushroom soups are worth the effort to do at home.
  2. Oh I’m like a zoo keeper at the penguin enclosure at feeding time, instead of fish it’s haribo and rice cakes. the problem is she runs interference with the 2 year old. He’s much happier doing whatever she does. And tbf, she is very good. Also, she thinks Khan kids is a video game. He is a terror though.
  3. Nope. No vaccines here for those under ?65 without underlying vulnerability or front line health care worker. Will be age based from here (which I agree with) but as in late 30s will probably be late May/early June before I get my first sho
  4. I love my children. They are 2 and 6. They are funny, and kind, and interesting and BLOODY IMPOSSIBLE to work with effectively. Te first two COVID cases got diagnosed in their Creche which means 2 weeks (assuming they are negative ) of them being home while I try to work. And it’s awful. It just is. Between requests for nappy changes, or fighting, or requests fr treats as they know I’ll say yes to shut them up. Argh.
  5. Argh. The first two positive cases in my children’s Creche today. Small likely to be home for 2 weeks. Big probably out of school too. I HATE working with a 2 year old in the house. Looks like work hours just expanded to as and when seven through eleven. Hoping I’ll get my first shot in May, probably June though. excuse me while I go order premium spirits
  6. Is Book 5 nearly done? Would be wonderful if so
  7. I nominated novels, and nominated what I enjoyed, which was, this year, all books by women. I typically prefer to read novel length fantasy to sci fi, and I nominated in accordance with that for novels (I nominated some sci fi shorter fiction by both men and women). There are authors I like, follow on SM, whose books I read in 2020/21 that I didn’t nominate, so it wasn’t solely SM focused. I don’t see how or why I should have to explain or apologise for my all female novel slate though. I’d be quite happy to nominate men next year, if I enjoyed their work. I do think the snide blog post was unwarranted so I’ll probably make an effort to see some of the other nommed work, or simply vote no award
  8. So with less than 3 weeks of nominating left is anyone here nominating anything. I think I will nominate A Deadly education by Naomi Novik. I know I read a short by Elizabeth Bear I liked so will have to look that up . I think Ursula Vernon / T kingfisher might have something nominatable. Otherwise I’m not sure I read that much new this year.
  9. Deedles

    Lit Prizes

    The long list for the Dublin literary award, (previously impac) were announced today. Longlist Can’t say I have read many but I’ll try. I do like that it’s international libraries that nominate to the long list.
  10. We are super risk averse, so our (Irish) mortgage is currently standing at about 75% of my annual salary, and substantially less of his. Plan is 3 years and gone. But, starting to dedicatedly save for school and uni fees. Can’t imagine that less than a masters will be needed in 15-20 years time. Aggressively saving for retirement also given tax breaks. Am genuinely horrified by US uni debt. I was lucky enough to benefit from free 3rd level. I think registration fees were 500-700 a year. Now, as a culchie, I had living costs, but I could always defray these with a part time job. The idea of graduating with a 6 figure debt is genuinely horrifying. Double digit interest on top seems immoral.
  11. We found boy names easier, (probably cos I was a div over girls names). We both wanted fairly short, fairly strong. I wanted Hugh, he wanted Ronan, we compromised on Evan.
  12. Tessa Dare or Courtney Milan keep getting recced to me?
  13. The second Bridgerton book (the viscount who loved me) was a 99c Amazon deal a few days ago, so, I picked it up and tore through it. It was just a really easy, fun read. I liked it a lot.
  14. For sure! As an interested observer I’m not sure being able to obsessively check and recheck tallies would be good for mental health. As not directly impacted, and as 2.40 am, I’m 2 gins and an amaretto coffee in
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