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  1. Planning on being there. Friend and voted, so should be an attending I think!
  2. Potato and onion frittata with leaves, doughnut peaches, toasted pine nuts and goats cheese
  3. Have started “whose body’” by Dorothy Sayers. Enjoying it but not loving it. Good enough to get the next though.
  4. New one is fabulous. Identifiably Kay and just gorgeous.
  5. Eeekkk. Out tomorrow. I am excited (and my kindle will be downloading).
  6. Yeah, I’m 2 months notice but that’s under EU work regulations. If you can be let go with no notice and no contract (or a contract that has minimal notice), I’m not sure why you should be made feel bad. They could have future proofed this with a good contact with benefits for both sides. Congrats on the pay rise and what sounds like interesting opportunities. ive to start thinking seriously about my career. I’ve topped out where I am, so it’s either go part time and focus on the family, or move in the company, which is likely to involve people management.
  7. If you want Portland on steroids, you want West Cork, e.g. Skibereen or Clonakilty. There’s a huge counter culture community down there, some I agree with, some I don’t (anti vas sentiment is high down there, but that’s a subject for another thread). Lots of immigrants for lifestyle, rather than econmic reasons, and a distinct live and let live ethos. Nearish Cork airport, but, to be fair, still fairly small. Trans is a funny issue over here. As Karaddin notes, the feminist movement and most women’s rights groups are proudly trans inclusive, with some exceptions. However, in the majority of the country, it feels like trans hasn’t permeated consciousness. In a way, stealth may be easier rurally, as it’s just not a thought someone like my 60ish y/o Dad would consider in the first, second or third instance. It’s becoming slightly more prominent, but not hugely from what I can see. I didn’t watch it, so possibly shouldn’t comment, but RTE, the state broadcaster, recently put out a series called my trans life. Might be worth digging out.
  8. Oh that’s very exciting. A definite “must read” ASAP for me. thanks for the unexpected good news.
  9. Deedles


    Sounds like an utterly bizarre study.
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