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  1. Howth is beautiful and I highly recommend it. Damn work and it’s convoluted leave rules
  2. Deedles

    Third Quarter 2019 Reading

    Bought the song of the lioness quartet for me about 6 years ago for a reread. I’m now really looking forward to my little girl reading them in a few years(4 now, or, as she likes to tell me 4 and 1/4). Reckon ten might be a good age. anyway, enjoy them. I sure did on the reread.
  3. Have started “whose body’” by Dorothy Sayers. Enjoying it but not loving it. Good enough to get the next though.
  4. Deedles

    Cast in series

    Mmm. Toasty warm. I loved the first 8 or so. It all just gotta little metaphysical with no obvious payoff then. I liked but not not loved
  5. Deedles

    Cast in series

    If I remember correctly @antsis a Michelle Sagara fan. I’ve read most of Cast but the last few fell somewhat flat for me
  6. Got to say, I miss @Hereward. And not just for the tractor porn. Wonder what he’d say about all this. Must be gutting.
  7. Deedles

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    New one is fabulous. Identifiably Kay and just gorgeous.
  8. Deedles

    Work Life Balance... non traditional edition

    I don’t know if it’s fair to make those generalizations about wives expecting upgrades. Re housework: we both work full time with both kiddos in crèche. I leave the house before anyone else wakes so he does the full morning routine when they wake. I leave work around 4:20-4:45, get home, walk the dog, pick them up, entertain them, cook supper for them then dinner for us. He is home around 8 and we split bedtime. It’s always me who is asked how splitting work and housework goes. His mum was here for the afternoon and she told me I should consider getting a cleaner to help me with the housework. Clearly standards have slipped since I went back to work.... He does cook, but a lot of the time I end up cleaning up after it (though I clean up during the week). I end up doing a lot of the emotional labour and direction.
  9. Deedles

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    Eeekkk. Out tomorrow. I am excited (and my kindle will be downloading).
  10. Deedles

    UK Politics: The Edge of Destruction

    Eh, I don’t recall thousands of people being slaughtered as a result of “Troubles” between Sweden and Norway in recent history. My Swedish friends don’t tell me about checkpoints on the way to school and my Noggie friends don’t tell me about being systematically discriminated against. In recent history. when you look at the proposed technology solutions, who is beating that drum? Johnson. Gove. Redwood. I wouldn’t believe them if they said the Sky was blue frankly.
  11. Deedles

    Second Quarter 2019 Reading

    Just finished Red Sister by Mark Lawrence. Really liked it.
  12. Deedles

    UK Politics: What Goes DUP Must Come Down

    May I make it VERY FUCKING clear that Gove suggesting Ireland (Rep of) having their goods checked on the continent is NOT helpful. We like our customs union. We are not muppets. Don’t try and drag us out because you (MPs) are idiots who can’t get your shit together.
  13. @Isk, how would you value the Leaving Cert \CAO points vs the American system? While I see the value of a good Liberal Arts basic in college, I like the LC /blind CAO. I certainly prefer a State wide exam. I certainly see merit in courses ascribing more points to LC courses, (e.g. chem, physics, biology getting a 20% boost for Sciece, English, history etc boosting Arts).
  14. Definitely phonics to begin in Ireland. Lots of ants on the arm and clicking castanets here.
  15. Deedles

    Hello from Eurocommieland