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  1. Just paid for the 4th private test for my kiddos. Theoretically everyone can have free tests but in practice, it’s getting very hard to book tests. Previous ones had been €99, this was €69. Yes it’s out of pocket but results in 8 hours rather than 2 days and very convenient timing made it worth it. 4 cases in my daughters class though, so very nervous about it. Discon isn’t happening now, and I’m really hoping we do manage our post Xmas trip to the Canaries. I would do bad things to get a vaccination into my 6 year old (and, frankly, the 3 year old too)
  2. My hatred of the Xmas episode only grows (it failed on every front for me);but episodes 6 and 7 built on 5 and I’m begrudgingly enjoying it again.
  3. Was ok. CEO had to bail, so ended up a 45 minute convo between me and coo. Felt very weird putting myself out there, but definitely glad I’m doing it. I’m delighted you are too
  4. Loved season 1. Genuinely loved it, but very disappointed with season 2. The Xmas episode was dire, and most of the others fillers. It never bore up to any in depth thought, but even superficially it’s not making sense anymore. I really hope it turns it around. The only bits that landed for me were Roy related
  5. Interview on Wednesday for a Head of role. This is the first external interview I’ve had in 16 years and I’m thrown. It was only set up today after 5pm - but as CEO and head of sales, can see how co ordinating schedules is tricky. I have very little prep done. Any last minute tips? What is the etiquette for remote interviews?
  6. Having set this up for my 6 yr old, and then trying to help, I’ve succumbed to the game very late. Still trying to get my head around rads and battles, but think I’m nearly there. Code is 3888 1263 4518. Would love any friends
  7. Did Kat have that? Definitely existed
  8. I heard there was no other woman involved, certainly. re Batley and Spen. Jeez Galloway is odious. While I think Owen Jones can make good points, he looked horribly comfortable with GG. The bravery of Kim Ledbetter to stand is phenomenal, but I have to think the Hancock scandal came at just the right time for that win.
  9. For sure, and it’s semi entertaining to see support for reunification diminish slightly in the Republic. If a referendum in the North were to show a clear wish for reunification, then yes, as a democrat and Irish person, I would have to support it. I wouldn’t be so keen, on say, a hypothetical 52:48 result. The public service and NHS, if nothing else, cost a fortune. Schools are completely different etc. As Hereward has touched on, the policing and military spend would explode. I may be a coward, but there is a bit of, lord let this pass over me it’s even the political parties. Sinn Fein in the South is a different beast to that in the North, catering for fairly disparate tastes (how they pulled that off I’ve no idea!).
  10. Oh @Hereward, I’m so sorry you feel that way. I’ve been a lurker for more time than I like to think about, but I’ve always looked up to you, and admired and respected your views. As an Irish person in Ireland, we are probably culturally conditioned to revile the stories (those in the UK possibly less so), and many years ago I would have instinctively objected to your frank support for the Conservatives, but as I’ve aged I see how those views were formed. I could always see you held them in good faith though, and your explaining how and why gave me pause for thought. I probably put you in the Ken Clarke, David Gawke, Matthew Paris camp, and I would have a lot of sympathy with them. In UK terms, I’ve probably evolved to Lib Dem. am extremely grateful that I live in Ireland where pr-stv means that votes can and do shift easily. anyway, you are appreciated, I’d love to be your friend, and I miss the tractor porn jokes.
  11. Congrats on the Baba (and commiseration on the cmpa/ intolerance. In one of the (few) truly progressive things my co has done, is introduce 8 weeks fully paid paternity leave to all new fathers. It’s great. A friend of mine is looking at his second (in 2 years) in November. 6 yers go, as the mum, I got 18 weeks fully paid (then 10 @230€ a week), and now the dads are getting 8 weeks. It’s truly fab.
  12. I understand that the COVID architecture was on different (modern) systems and is mostly autonomous from HSe legacy infrastructure (thankfully). Easter didn’t appear to bounce that high so I don’t expect the previous (extension of travel limits, introduction of outside sports eg golf, tennis, limited amateur soccer, GAA etc) relaxation to bump much, and this weeks relaxation won’t show too next week. J was shouting with delight when told he could register for vaccine next week. He didn’t expect to be so moved.
  13. For sure. It’s still going on. A friend of mine was bringing his daughter to the Rotunda (very badly impacted, one of the 3 maternity hospitals in Dublin) and apparently it’s really tough. Loads of staff working OT, days off etc, but very difficult, slow and time consuming. Coming into the 5th day now. (Obvs know they are based abroad, and many are state sponsored, so utter pipedream alert). I’d love to see them tried for attempted murder on thousands of counts. Utter barstewards. COVID wise, Ireland appears to be in an ok place. First day of non essential retail today since just after Xmas. Hotels back in 3 weeks. Hopefully outdoor dining at a similar time (all restaurants have been closed since Xmas). Currently vaccinating 50-59 yr olds. Good take up rated. NIAC (national immunisation advisory council) owed the use of AZ and J&J to those under 50 provided an mRNA isn’t available, which should be helpful. Expecting registration for vaccination to be opened for 40-49 year olds late this week, early next week. Probably another 4 weeks before they get to 30-39 year olds though, as the 40s is a very large cohort.
  14. This sounds lovely, though I’m more likely to have for lunch than dinner. I’d been looking for a good home made soup that wasn’t either cauliflower, or butternut squash/sweet potato. I never think my tomato or mushroom soups are worth the effort to do at home.
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