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    Work Life Balance... non traditional edition

    I don’t know if it’s fair to make those generalizations about wives expecting upgrades. Re housework: we both work full time with both kiddos in crèche. I leave the house before anyone else wakes so he does the full morning routine when they wake. I leave work around 4:20-4:45, get home, walk the dog, pick them up, entertain them, cook supper for them then dinner for us. He is home around 8 and we split bedtime. It’s always me who is asked how splitting work and housework goes. His mum was here for the afternoon and she told me I should consider getting a cleaner to help me with the housework. Clearly standards have slipped since I went back to work.... He does cook, but a lot of the time I end up cleaning up after it (though I clean up during the week). I end up doing a lot of the emotional labour and direction.
  2. Deedles

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    Eeekkk. Out tomorrow. I am excited (and my kindle will be downloading).
  3. Deedles

    UK Politics: The Edge of Destruction

    Eh, I don’t recall thousands of people being slaughtered as a result of “Troubles” between Sweden and Norway in recent history. My Swedish friends don’t tell me about checkpoints on the way to school and my Noggie friends don’t tell me about being systematically discriminated against. In recent history. when you look at the proposed technology solutions, who is beating that drum? Johnson. Gove. Redwood. I wouldn’t believe them if they said the Sky was blue frankly.
  4. Deedles

    Second Quarter 2019 Reading

    Just finished Red Sister by Mark Lawrence. Really liked it.
  5. Deedles

    UK Politics: What Goes DUP Must Come Down

    May I make it VERY FUCKING clear that Gove suggesting Ireland (Rep of) having their goods checked on the continent is NOT helpful. We like our customs union. We are not muppets. Don’t try and drag us out because you (MPs) are idiots who can’t get your shit together.
  6. @Isk, how would you value the Leaving Cert \CAO points vs the American system? While I see the value of a good Liberal Arts basic in college, I like the LC /blind CAO. I certainly prefer a State wide exam. I certainly see merit in courses ascribing more points to LC courses, (e.g. chem, physics, biology getting a 20% boost for Sciece, English, history etc boosting Arts).
  7. Definitely phonics to begin in Ireland. Lots of ants on the arm and clicking castanets here.
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    Hello from Eurocommieland

  9. Deedles

    Hello from Eurocommieland

    I live in Manhattan and woe is me for my life is terrible. I can’t get by on less than 600,000 a year and the colour of my ballgown is unflattering. I got a traffic ticket and couldn’t talk my way out of it, so I’m going to try and get the policeman fired. Also, who let the plebs into the city?
  10. Deedles

    UK Politics: Time Marches On

    My British friends, I love you. But seriously. Fucks sake. Get it together will you.
  11. Deedles

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    I was 30 when I passed my driving test after 4 fails. I’m so rules oriented that I never drove unaccompanied when, I’m Ireland, it is semi assumed that a learner will drive when and how they like. Among my fails: breaking a read light ( in my defence, the light had only started working the previous day after being installed and unworking for 3 months. ) unable to start the car. My Mum had locked the wheel when parking. unable to open the car. My Mum had gone off with the keys. My major issue was driving one or two hours a month, when I visited my parents. Genuinely, I think to be a good driver, you need to be driving regularly . 7 years driving. No accidents. No accidents around me. I’m generally a polite and considerate driver, albeit with a tendency to speed on motorways. Also, other drivers, indicators are way to use, figure them out!
  12. Deedles

    Careerchat III

    Yeah, I’m 2 months notice but that’s under EU work regulations. If you can be let go with no notice and no contract (or a contract that has minimal notice), I’m not sure why you should be made feel bad. They could have future proofed this with a good contact with benefits for both sides. Congrats on the pay rise and what sounds like interesting opportunities. ive to start thinking seriously about my career. I’ve topped out where I am, so it’s either go part time and focus on the family, or move in the company, which is likely to involve people management.
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    Congratulations brook and karaddin!

    Wonderful. Congratulations to both of you. I hope you’ll be very happy.
  14. Deedles

    (Probably) Not safe for work November

    I thought this might be a return of naked, hatted avatar week. This does not sound like a good idea!
  15. Deedles

    Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    Picked up The Last Sun and Anno Draculi and looking forward to getting into them.
  16. I’m really not seeing how the border situation can be overcome and how it was overlooked in the campaign. It’s a bit heartbreaking tbh
  17. I like my tea and coffee but am a total conservative when it comes to tea. It’s Golden chai by Numi, or Barry’s gold with a splash of milk. Coffee I’m happy with just about any reasonable blend. Having said that, I’d like to buy himself some really nice coffee beans for Xmas. Any suggestions for favourite beans?
  18. Also, Northern Ireland is an absolute economic mess. As a Republic of Irelander, I’d have serious reservations if the island became a National whole. I’d accept it, but wouldn’t be entirely happy.
  19. Deedles

    My new daughter

    Congratulations! They are brilliant with preemies. I’m sure Sophie will be home safely soon. Little girls are brilliant. I love watching my partner with ours. It’s brilliant.
  20. Deedles

    Stuck in my ways and fine with it!

    I have two pairs of unworn Ecco sandals, same colour waiting under the stairs for this pair to break (I walk the dog in them). I have 2 styles of dress in 5 patterns/colours. I am the wrong person to ask.
  21. Deedles

    Careerchat II

    Feel no guilt. You aren’t a fool though perhaps, overly conscientious. 2 reasons, 1) you are providing value to your current company now, and 2) if the company are paying for it, they could put in a clause explicitly stating that they are paying for this on the basis that you have to stay for x months after completion. It’s fairly standard for professional qualifications. If it’s transferrable skills from a project or group of projects, then you are totally in the clear, as any project should be able to provide skills you can leverage. Good of luck and I hope you enjoy the new route.
  22. Deedles

    Careerchat II

    Yep, you definitely only have one degree. And you definitely shouldn’t be saying you have 2 in cvs and job applications / interviews. If I were hiring, it would totally turn me off as it looks as if you are either lying or exaggerating, neither of which I would want to encourage in a team. Sorry. If if you are straight out of uni, you could highlight the diversity of courses but don’t say you have 2 degrees.
  23. Deedles

    Careerchat II

    I would have thought one degree with two majors. How many credits did you complete, and how many would be needed for a degree?
  24. Deedles

    Vacations Destinations

    I much preferred Vietnam to Thailand. First time we went, we saw Ho Chi Min city, the Mekong Delta, Hoi An, Hui, Hanoi and Halong Bay. Absolutely amazing. Can’t recommend it enough. The second time, we just tacked 4 days in Hoi An onto ten days in Thailand for a break. Super relaxing. The food is great, scenery amazing. The staff and people we interacted with seemed genuine rather than obsequious . I loved it. Can’t wait for the sproglets to get big enough to contemplate the plane trip. Ive done Cancun and the Mayan Riviera twice but never again.
  25. As much as people like to complain about Brussels bureaucracy, the EU doesn’t actually have an inexhaustible supply of civil servants. Working on attempting to get a deal with the U.K. means they aren’t working on something else. They don’t really want them hanging on indefinitely, or rotating in and out. It’s not going to push them into making a decision, but they won’t be happy to string it out indefinitely either. As an Irish person, Brexit is probably as important to me as to you. As an EU citizen, yeah, it really isn’t. I can’t see, for example, a Dutch MEP caring all that much.