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  1. You are flat out wrong. Your opinion doesn't matter. Neither does mine or any one single person's on these boards. Facts matter. Here are some: 'The penultimate, seventh season premiere of "Game of Thrones" broke the record for the most watched HBO season premiere of all time when it reached 26 million views across platforms' - Variety Game of Thrones generates "slightly more than $1 billion annually, the success and income has become unparalleled" - New York Times “Game of Thrones,” HBO’s fantasy epic, will again be the leader of the pack heading into the awards. The drama, which just completed its sixth season, received 23 nominations, the highest total for any show. The show received 24 nominations last year and won its first best drama Emmy." - New York Times. 9.5 out of 10 rating on IMDB based off of 1.2 million votes. So it's the highest revenue generating show, most watched show, leader in Emmy nominations when eligible, and has a collective rating of 9.5 out of 10 based on over a million people. This isn't debatable. It's a great show. You can disagree and are entitled to do so, but you would be wrong.
  2. You do realize that this was taken from an actual battle that happened in history right? I don't have the name of it but it's been said several times by the director of the episode + D&D they based the mountain of dead bodies off of descriptions of actual battles that took place.
  3. I personally could not disagree more. I thought the dialogue was excellent. Tyrion and Cersei, Jaime and Cersei, and Jon and Daenerys in the dragon pit were great. How about Theon and Jon in the Dragonstone throne room? Really well done imo. I loved every scene in this episode. That's why I gave it a 10. As to how anyone could give it a 10, the ratings have twice as many 10s as any other score so ask the majority of posters here and they'll explain.
  4. But why did Aerys kill Ned's Father and Brother? They went to KL under the impression Rhaegar took Lyanna against her will. They demanded Aerys to make his son free her. This led to them dying. If they had known the truth they would've never went to KL in the first place. Very fair to say the rebellion was based on a lie.
  5. They are just trolling to illicit a response from people... general rule is to just ignore these types of posts as your reaction is what their goal is.
  6. Legit 10/10. Everything was excellent. The meeting in the dragon pit especially. Not to mention Daenerys' entrance..... that was just an awesome moment. That might have been the best finale yet. D&D fantastic work writing this one...not sure how anyone can say anything bad about this episode.
  7. lol stoppp. This was an awesome episode. So many huge moments and reveals. It's a fantasy show remember that not real life on planet earth.
  8. She seemed more in shock and disbelief... I bet we eventually get some tears Both dragons seemed affected Rhaegal just flew off he was so shook
  9. They look close to death and one of them did die....
  10. To be fair they just showed they spent the night on that rock.
  11. Nope it's dragon glass. That's the reason it immediately died.
  12. Except they do have it. Jorah stabbed the polar bear with it.
  13. 8/10. Loved the dialogue. Rational thinking by everyone as well. Fair and balanced writing. Well done. Used to to really enjoy these forums but the amount of ignorance, trolling, and blind hate has really made it impossible to visit here anymore. Actual discussion about the show is non-existent. Sad it's gotten to that point.
  14. She literally has been doing her water dancing training every morning for the past however many weeks, months (years!) however long it's been since season 1. She's had extensive training with the FM, including while she was blind. We as viewers have only seen a small percentage of this. She's obviously had formal sword training and a lot of it. This scene was very plausible and very realistic.
  15. He's just trying to ease the tension while talking to a seemingly shy person. Looking way to into it.
  16. Might have been the best episode in television history. 10/10
  17. Who decides if the writing is good? I think it was fantastic and you think it sucked. Who is right? Why are you more qualified to make that determination? Right you're not. Numbers determine that. 41% of people here think that it was a flawless episode giving it a 10/10. On other sites with thousands and thousands of more users it has an AVERAGE score of a 10/10 meaning almost everyone agrees it was a flawless episode 10/10. Numbers don't lie. That's how you determine it. The overwhelming majority of people who watched the show believe it was perfect in every aspect. That's not an opinion or an argument that's a fact. Show me the facts that determine otherwise.
  18. I gave concrete evidence that the overwhelming majority of viewers thinks this episode was a 10/10. What proof do you have that it wasn't?
  19. Re watched it and it's a 10+. Second time around you can pay attention to details more and I'm astonished at how flawless everything was. Aside from the obvious directing, visuals, choreography which are all masterful, the dialogue and writing is world class as well. Every aspect of what goes into a TV show was absolutely top notch. I'd recommend to watch it again if you have time to be able to appreciate the masterful subtlies in the acting. Other sites with many more active participants that have rating polls agree. One has 95,000 votes and the AVERAGE SCORE IS A 10/10. Case closed imo. One of the best written, acted, and directed hours in TV history. Numbers don't lie. Most viewed, highest rated, surely multiple Emmy winning, and great reviews from critics. Checks all the boxes. I'm not sure how you can argue otherwise.
  20. 10/10. Might have been one of the greatest hours in TV history. The battle at Winterfell was spectacular. The directing, the editing, and the choreography were amazing. The acting was top notch. Kit has cemented himself as world class. The writing was fantastic as well. Bravo to D&D here. I'll be shocked if this episode doesn't win emmys in several categories. We can only hope and pray that TWOW is written close to as good as this season has been but mainly this episode. I can't imagine how any battle in TWOW will come close to being written this well. Hopefully GRRM is somehow able to muster up some of how he wrote in the 90's to try to do this episode justice.
  21. The problem is that this is an actual rational, realistic take. Those are typically not allowed here. I agree with a lot of the Arya gripes, but mainly how she went from having a very serious wound to being able to run all over the place overnight. That was pretty bad. I didn't like the Tyrion/Missandi/Grey Worm stuff either. Otherwise I really enjoyed the rest. The Hound, the Brotherhood, all of the Riverrun stuff was great. Here however there is no point in even trying to have a rational discussion. You'll only get the typical 'writing is terrible, show is so bad, D&D are ruining the show, if I could give it less than a 1 I would' responses. Basically people trolling to elicit reaction. Something I've unfortunately fallen for recently. I'm sure you'll discover this for yourself soon.
  22. She literally just had a discussion with Daario about needing 1000 ships to get to Westeros. When you need ships and there are hundreds (however many) that just showed up, it probably wouldn't be a good idea to burn them.
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