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  1. Gave it an 8. Could care less about Stoneheart not one of my favorites anyway best thing about her was hanging Freys but otherwise meh, rather have BF lead Bwb since I like him more anyways. The entire episode was enjoyable, except Tywins death and Tyrions escape. It was so rushed and well, the Tysha story with wherever whores go was just too good, why mess with something that was so well done? Oh well, atleast they didn't rush through Jon becoming LC.
  2. I gave it a 9. Should've been a 10 if they ended with Stannis, only bc the finale is going to be ridicously rushed unless they do Jon being elected LC at the beginning of next season, which I don't like, if that were the case we didn't need Brienne and Pod until next yr, Jaimie and Tyrion talking about beetles, or Crasters, idk, but I absolutely LOVED Thorne in this episode, they made him into one BAMF. Of we both live you can go on hating me and I can go on wishing that wilding bitch of yours finished the job lol
  3. ? The punch line to the joke,really? If he wore a red shirt so they wouldn't see the blood, brown pants would hide what's coming out of his ass as he's surrounded by 10 pirate ships, sheesh lol
  4. So happy they kept the trial very close to the books, and loved the Vipers quip "well did you?" Lol six he's only in 1-2 more eps. They made him just as I imagined. Tyrions speach was just as good as the book, I'm guilty of being a dwarf. Still confused how Ramsay got the cuts though.
  5. Sry but Cersei and Marg saying to each other they both knew Joff was an asshole and then Cersei telling Marg that Tommen is going to need a politically savvy strong queen when they are supposed to be enemies is just straight bs. The way Locke was supposed to kill Bran for Bolton but starts to carry him off before Hodor kills him is dumb. Why do that when he could've just cut all their throats and blamed it on the mutineers. The only thing that saved the episode was the funny oh petyr which I'm glad they kept and Karl showing up pretty boy Kit, though Jon Snow should've owned him, in Cqc I can see why 2 knives are better than a bastard sword.
  6. Gave it a 7. Sam always bores me, even in the books, I did like Tywin and Tommen, and Tywin and Oberyn. Idk why everyone has this whitewashed image of the sept scene, even in the book it was kinda the same tone. Gillen is trying too hard. He was solid in the wire but in this, idk, it's like he's at his acting limits or he's intimidated by the talent around him and trying to be something he's not, weird. Solid but not anything special.
  7. There were some highs and lows. Even though I knew what was coming with the forging of oathkeeper and widows wail, seeing it still pissed me off and Tywin burning the scabbard in the flames just reinforced how much I hate him, Charles dance is perfect as Ty, and oberyn is so badass I loved him in the books but that seen with the lannister soldier singing reins was awesome, but the arya scene will good just doesn't hold a candle to the one in asos. Solid episode.
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