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  1. Haus of Targaryen

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Well, shout outs to Balon Greyjoy, King of the Iron Islands & Lord Reaper of Pyle... the official winner of the War of the Five Kings!
  2. Haus of Targaryen

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    Missandei is going to be in Fast & Furious 7, just saw her in the trailer. And did anyone see Theon in John Wick? He was so cute but so douchy
  3. Haus of Targaryen

    [Book Spoilers] EP409 Discussion

    He plays the giant, most likely. He did the giant in the season 3 opener as well. And he did a White Walker too, possibly the one in the pilot.
  4. Haus of Targaryen

    [Book Spoilers] EP409 Discussion

    Alliser Thorne was okay for me. He did what he was suppose to do/what was expected, or else he'd be hiding in the cupboard w/ Gilly & the babe. I guess we can safely assume there's no way Slynt can make a bid for LC? Or Thorne for that matter he's seemingly too injured they had to drag him off. I agree w/ all those who were wondering about the Night's watchmens numbers... I was sitting there like wait how many could there possibly be anymore? Poor Pyp I did not see that coming. As for Grenn, the Donal Noye moment didn't even register for me at the time. I just knew the other 5 brothers would die and Grenn would make it out. RIP I was really hoping they did a good job w/ the Jon and Ygritte death scene, which I think they did, except for the fact that it happened in the middle of battle! Anyone could've just walked by and nicked Jon's head off. I was really needing more Ghost. Maester Aemon was such a delight. I hope they start calling that cute little boy who killed Ygritte Satin. Did you see him over in the corner, ears covered, blood all over his face & crying. Man this kid has had such a raw deal these past week/s. Ughhh that huge Thenn guy (Alabaster Seal) was really tryna f**k up Jon's face huh? Why are people always trying to f**k up this young man's face. Tormund captured... Book canon? I can't recall John Bradley for MVP this episode I really enjoyed his performance as well as the material he was given.
  5. Haus of Targaryen

    [Book Spoilers] EP408 Discussion

    I'm still really upset they haven't been showing the Eyrie in the opening credits
  6. Haus of Targaryen

    [Book Spoilers] EP408 Discussion

    The part when Jaime said the maester tried to touch him was the most interesting part of that entire dialoge lol
  7. Haus of Targaryen

    [Book Spoilers] EP408 Discussion

    Aha! I thought this too... I even said to myself "I would've got the drop on him and threw him over the wall" Nobody would've seen or heard from him for days haha shoot messing up my good thing that I've got going on here
  8. Pretty new profile my other was bungled & absconded somehow... I know right?! Don't you just hate when that happens