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  1. Like I said I've only seen the first 3 episodes and I'm not sure what you're referring to. Maybe I'm extra dense today. I was specifically talking about the over the top, dastardliness of the actor playing the Abbott in episode 2 or maybe the way the character was written and interacts with those around him. Here's an example that may help show where I'm coming from. In GoT the show, Craster is a terrible human. He abuses his daughter-wives (also, he has daughter-wives) and he sacrifices his infant sons. The portrayal of his character is always rude, gruff, violent, and simply malicious. Because of this, everyone knows what type of man he is and wouldn't trust him any farther than they must. In TLK however, the Abbott's character can somehow be just as obviously horrible as Craster, yet people trust him and don't suspect he's plotting behind their backs. I guess I just mean it feels odd that a character can be played as 100% evil and it's obvious to the viewer but not to the other characters. That's where some subtlety would need to come in to make us believe that perhaps his intentions do go unnoticed by other characters sometimes. Or not. At this point I think I've confused myself
  2. Joey Crows

    What Are You Reading: September 2017

    Also, my wife is reading The Circle by Dave Eggers and has mixed feelings about it but told me I should read it when she's done. Pretty sure they made it into a movie that got terrible reviews. Anyone else read that book or seen the movie? Thoughts?
  3. I'm assuming you're referencing something specific that I've yet to see. Since I'm only 3 episodes in at this point, I was mainly talking about the Abbot in episode 2. It seems like he could still plot against Uhtred and promote his self-serving agenda without having a permanent scowl on his face and delivering every line in a tone that screams "Hey everybody, I'm about to do some evil shit!"
  4. Joey Crows


    Damn. I used to get Weller at like 10 bucks a fifth and even the 12 year was around $18 or so.
  5. Joey Crows

    Cast the Actor!(v3)

    Sweetrobin Michael Cera
  6. Joey Crows


    Slightly tougher to find these days, but W.L. Weller is a really tasty bourbon for an absurdly cheap price. Also Eagle Rare is comparable in its profile and inexpensive. I know Eagle Rare is from the same distillery as Blanton's and Weller may be as well, but I'm not totally certain.
  7. So I absolutely loved the first season and was thrilled when the second season dropped on Netflix. Finally got around to starting it the other day. I've only seen the first 3 episodes of S2 so far and mostly enjoyed it. If I have one bone to pick based on what I've seen of this season, it's that good/evil has lost some subtlety that (I think) S1 did a good job with. Maybe this will change as the season progresses, but I had a tough time with the fact that if a character is going to do something evil they make damn sure you know it. Almost to the level of having the "bad guys" portrayed as mustache twirling, maniacal laughing caricatures.
  8. Joey Crows

    What Are You Reading: September 2017

    Finished that last month! I'd heard it was slow and considered one of the lesser books in the series, but I enjoyed it. Everyone has things and characters they prefer reading about, but once you get that deep into the story I think even the slower political/ideological machinations become interesting. Anyway, for September I just went to a book festival in Atlanta and bought a ton of stuff. Haha. Right now I'm reading Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie and thoroughly enjoying the unique narrative approach. Still early in the story, but it seems to have an interesting blend of intellectual, historical nuance and almost Beat-like self aware, stream of consciousness story telling.
  9. Joey Crows


    So I know it's overrated due to scarcity and hype, but I was randomly having lunch at a spot last week and looked up to see ALL of the Pappy Van Winkle versions behind the bar. I couldn't resist the temptation and got a glass of the 13yr rye (because it was the only one I hadn't tried and wasn't like a million bucks for a pour). Fucking delicious and really just felt special because it is hard to come by. Overall worth it!
  10. Joey Crows

    What will happen to Stannis in TWOW?

    First bit, sure, I buy it. Second bit, not so much. If we're being real, there is no "one true king." Whoever takes the throne and holds it, is the king or queen. Assuming the letter of the law says "if the king dies with no trueborn heirs, his next eldest brother shall be declared king" and so on and so forth down the line of family until someone meets the requirements, then Robert or anyone not related to the Targs (yes he's technically related but it's far removed) would be an unlawful king. The irony is that if you want to be 100% true to the law when it comes to succession as Mannis does, then he himself is excluded from the throne.
  11. Joey Crows

    If You Could Change History

    Well, in light of recent international events, I think I would attempt to prevent the Red Army from installing Kim Il Sung as chairman in North Korea. If I waited until just the right moment before interceding, it is unlikely that the Soviets would have been able to raise someone else to power in time to influence enough people to go to war with the southern part of the peninsula. I haven't thought too hard about it, but at first glance it seems there would be little negative effect with this alteration.
  12. Joey Crows

    Wow, I never noticed that v.15

    Sweet. Can we throw a twist in this and talk about "the darker end to the story" where the song ends when Daenerys finds the babe and kills him because he was unwilling to kill his own kin? Parallels! They run next to something similar but never actually cross paths
  13. Joey Crows

    What will happen to Stannis in TWOW?

    Pandora: Hey look at this shiny thing. Me: Oooh, I love boxes!
  14. Joey Crows

    The Great Debate: Should Jon Have Lied?

    In the universe of ASOIAF the fact that Jon would stay true to his word (honor) means something. In the story yet to be told he needs people to believe what he says without question. The North needs to trust his every action. The free folk and Night's Watch need to believe he is going to help them in the days to come. The other lords, and probably Dany need to understand he is coming from a place of duty based on factual threats. In the world of D&D words truly are wind. It doesn't matter if he lies in that situation or stays true to his honor. The characters in the show no longer require reasons for their actions. He could've said anything and the end result would've been the same. Did anyone really think Cersei would be convinced to do anything beyond her own agenda even when shown a white? In the real story (and I do like the show by the way ) characters would be driven by their own personalities and influenced by events and people with an understanding of that. It's a slow shaping, not a rapid change. In closing, Jon should have lied. But he should have done it off screen so we could be shocked when we found out later.
  15. Joey Crows

    What will happen to Stannis in TWOW?

    I think he dies during or just before the battle of Winterfell due to something Mel does. Maybe he actually burns? Side note; I've noticed over the years of just really scratching the surface of this community that a bunch of people love Stannis (the mannis, fine). But I must admit I don't understand why. Again, I've only noticed it without exploring the depth behind it. Seems like a fine character. He's dedicated, uncompromising in his cause, oddly sardonic, and rigid yet aware of the realities of the world. At the same time he is brittle, self-righteous, and unwilling to be strategic, as well as totally cool with demon babies. Which makes him a pretty solid character living in the grey area we love so much about this story. Enlighten me Stannis fans. Why do you back him?