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  1. Overall I enjoyed the new season, but I will say it wasn't as compelling as the first two for me. Olivia Coleman is a treasure, but her storyline this season felt a bit muted. Of course being based in reality it could have just been that young Elizabeth had more intriguing events/life lessons going on. HBC's performance was really good in my opinion because she really made me hate Princess Margret when I actually empathized with her in the previous seasons. Also, I love Matt Smith, but Tobias Menzies absolutely nails Philip's character in a way that Matt never quite did.
  2. Just finished a rewatch of Peep Show. It’s so good! It has the awkward comedy typical of many great British shows and the borderline psychopathy of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Aaaand it launched the career of Olivia Colman...
  3. Great show! With regards to the standup, it has to be said that it is standup from the early 60s so much different from what we’re accustomed to these days...
  4. Saw a billboard today for “Nissani Bros Chevrolet.” I feel as though their market research led them astray from a natural partnership...
  5. Saw The Farewell the other day and really enjoyed it. Sad yet funny and it was an interesting look at the cultural differences between the US and China with regards to how we deal with family.
  6. Decided to go with a kale and arugula salad with some citrus to balance the fat of the pork belly.
  7. So everyone handles stress differently, and I've come to realize in the last year or so that my reaction to extreme stress and depression is to go to sleep. Whenever I'm overwhelmed my response is just to turn off the lights and sleep. Maybe it's because I'm hoping that the situation will feel differently the next day or maybe it's just a way to avoid thinking about things for a little while. Either way I'm apparently neither a Fight or Flight person, but a fall asleep person. Anyone else experience this?
  8. Planning on cooking up some pork belly tonight. Anyone have recommendations about what to serve with it?
  9. Just discovered the late singer Phoebe Snow. I bought her first album on my wife's recommendation and I'm really digging it. Funky and soulful for sure.
  10. Joey Crows

    Top 10

    Just remembered Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman. Add it to my list! I was gonna take something off my previous 10, but then I thought, "Fuck it. This is the internet. There, are, no, rules."
  11. My cat is 7 years old and has always been an indoor cat. We've lived in apartments with indoor hallways mostly so she's never really been exposed to the real outside. Recently we moved to a place with a yard and she freaking loves looking at the yard and even occasionally, slowly creeping along the side of the building when I open the door. Now I open the door while I'm reading or doing chores and she just sits there taking it all in. No point here. I just like that she is intrigued by all that yet is content with mostly observing. It's basically cat tv and I'm on board.
  12. No actual cooking tonight for once. Time for a pizza party!
  13. Joey Crows

    Top 10

    Oh nice one. I read that probably 15 years ago and absolutely loved it. Made me want to learn Japanese.
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