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  1. Joey Crows

    The Drunk Thread: It's Gin O' Clock Somewhere

    Just drank some Bulleit bourbon in a park, while playing kickball. Not a bad Saturday afternoon.
  2. I know very little about Australian politics having never been to the country or followed its actions closely. But I did just learn an interesting fact about the topic in a historical context. In 1967, then Prime Minister Harold Holt wandered into the surf on a beach in Victoria and was never seen again. Certainly most people from the rest of the world aren't aware of this and from what I've gathered, not that many Australians seem to know about it either. I can't imagine the President of the United States disappearing like that without it being a major historical event. Although, in today's America, if the Prez just disappeared I for one would frame the article and look at it from time to time just to bring myself a little bit of joy.
  3. I'm for this solution. While "ma'am" does perhaps carry the baggage of preconceived social and gender notions, calling every officer "sir" just feels like avoiding the problem. Can we come up with a new term that conveys respect without being limited to specific gender identities? I submit "Lao" from the Mandarin for "old." It is used as a respectful prefix when referring to someone senior to you. Anyone else have one?
  4. Joey Crows

    Up in Smoke: Drug Legalization and Dealing

    So I just moved to California (where Cannabis is fully legal) and it's amazing really. Being able to go into a shop and get information about different products and find something that best suits your needs is something I never imagined 15 years ago. Back then you had to know a guy, be very discreet, and could only choose between low, mid, and high grade without really knowing what you were getting. Legalizing other substances is something I'd have to do more research on, but at the least I feel that legalized marijuana is a positive thing overall. Of course we're only just beginning to wade into the mire with regard to taxation and all the other economic ins and outs, but time will tell on that.
  5. Joey Crows

    New Forum Census

    Originally from Atlanta, GA now residing in Los Angeles
  6. Joey Crows

    First Quarter 2019 Reading

    Starting off the year with a lot! Trying to re-read The Wheel of Time (we'll see how far I get haha), and in between reading a couple of Bill Bryson books; A Walk in the Woods, and In a Sunburned Country.
  7. Honeyed Chicken is a closeted vegan...
  8. Joey Crows

    Football: The art of lowering expectations

    Word is Levy blocked United from communicating with Poch...but, if Spurs don't win a trophy this season I think he goes.
  9. Joey Crows

    Why Drogon?

    Agreed. Even though Dany didn't really "choose" Drogon, there is a ton of symbolism in her appearing in Westeros riding the largest red and black dragon.
  10. Joey Crows

    How powerful were the Manderlys in the Reach?

    Where they kicked out of the North? I thought they were just the lone house south of the Neck to keep the old gods after the Andal invasion and the rise of the Seven. Because at one point everyone (mostly) worshipped the old gods thanks to the pact between the Children and the First Men.
  11. My neighbor knows a guy who heard about that from his cousin I think...
  12. Too small to grow much food, and too far away to easily ship in food. So I'd say permanent residence would not be a lot of fun.
  13. Joey Crows

    Imaginary swords for swordless characters

    Craster - Only Son Fat Walda - Slimmer Sister Dolorous Edd - Happy Hot Pie - Kneader (like Needle, get it?) Sansa - Big Finger
  14. Joey Crows

    What is worse?

    Oh right! Forgot about Merret. Though to be fair, his judgment is not something to be trusted based on, well pretty much every decision he's ever made. Haha. As far as the rest, you're not wrong. I have just always thought of the things that Walder Frey says as part of his justification for the things he wants to do more so than his true feelings. Maybe that's just me projecting who I think he is onto his character. And...in the immortal words of George Costanza, "It's not a lie if you believe it."