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  1. It was a pain to watch just how bad the story writing was this episode. Almost nothing made any sense, most of the characters seemed to behave too stupid and unrealistic to be believable. And have the writers of this show even heard of continuity? It seems like such a waste, there is well cast and talented actors, wonderful scenery, costumes, camera, music, everything ... there is everything but a story that makes any sense. Gave it a 3/10 because most of this episode was painful to watch. Nice to have Thoros and Dondarrion back though.
  2. I'm more interested in the show again since last week. I gave this episode an 8 to honor that fact.
  3. For now the best episode this season, gave it a 6. Sansa actress has been wonderful, she really stood out this episode. Also great chemistry with the Jon actor. Overall still unhappy with the show though ...
  4. Statistics without elimination of outliers. Data from 06/19/2015 18:48. Episode 501 - The Wars to Come Number of votes: 592 Median: 7 Arithmetic mean: 6.853 Standard deviation: 1.898 Episode 502 - The House of Black and White Number of votes: 466 Median: 8 Arithmetic mean: 7.030 Standard deviation: 2.012 Episode 503 - High Sparrow Number of votes: 444 Median: 8 Arithmetic mean: 7.414 Standard deviation: 2.255 Episode 504 - The Sons of the Harpy Number of votes: 486 Median: 8 Arithmetic mean: 6.874 Standard deviation: 2.459 Episode 505 - Kill the Boy Number of votes: 549 Median: 8 Arithmetic mean: 7.164 Standard deviation: 2.326 Episode 506 - Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken Number of votes: 753 Median: 6 Arithmetic mean: 5.417 Standard deviation: 2.961 Episode 507 - The Gift Number of votes: 634 Median: 8 Arithmetic mean: 7.582 Standard deviation: 2.158 Episode 508 - Hardhome Number of votes: 958 Median: 10 Arithmetic mean: 9.048 Standard deviation: 1.751 Episode 509 - The Dance of Dragons Number of votes: 954 Median: 7 Arithmetic mean: 6.107 Standard deviation: 3.042 Episode 510 - Mother's Mercy Number of votes: 1071 Median: 7 Arithmetic mean: 6.108 Standard deviation: 3.258
  5. Thanx for your comment. It's true that I much like a lot of the cast (e.g. Jerome Flynn), locations, costumes, castles, imagery, and so on. What disappointed me multiple times this season, is the show's storytelling. There's sudden changes in people's characters; there's people doing stuff that just doesn't make sense and there's other people not doing what every sane person would do; there's been missing attentions to detail that made the show universe pretty inconsistent. Many things seemed to happen more or less randomly this season, in a way that prevented me from bonding with any one character. You just don't know how that character will be like in the next scene, or the one after that.
  6. Two stars for Lena Headey's performance alone this episode. And sorry, but that's it already, nothing else earns a star: 2/10. This is my worst rating this season. I feel it's justified since it sums up all the letdowns this season. There's been just so many logical errors during this season, so much happened that doesn't make any sense in the show universe. Please note that I don't compare books and show here. It was even hard to bring myself to watch the second half of this season.
  7. Didn't like all of it, but all of it was better than episode 1. Therefore, I'm happy.
  8. - Yayed to see Jaqen H'ghar back - Election of the Lord Commander: not a bit of build-up of tension, Jon was commander out of the blue ...
  9. This was actually hard to watch at times. I can't stand Loras, neither Daarinew. Jon and Mance saved the day, I like their chemistry. We will get no Rattlemance though, too bad. Gave it a 6/10, just because it's Game of Thrones and I like many actors, sets. Camera was good, too. Even though I usually enjoy set up episodes, for this episode scripting alone would get a 1/10 rating from me.
  10. Loved so much about this episode! Most of all: Sansa - wow! Exactly the way I wanted her to be in the books. I cheered for her when she looked in Petyr's eyes over the Vale lord's shoulder, and again when she walked down the steps - very much! Perfectly delivered by Sophie Turner. I really hope they won't go backwards with Sansa's development from here on in the show. Naked Missandei raises the score too; first the actress is very beautiful, and 2nd the chemistry between her and Grey Worm works well. The scene wasn't a waste of time; it adds to the story and its atmosphere, even if it isn't important - I know the important ongoings from the books anyhow. This I didn't know, and it doesn't destroy George R. R. Martin's telling or its goals because it doesn't interfere with either. The scene's addition is comparable to a lovingly built set, or the use of detailed costumes, in a way. A nice bonus on its own, but a lot of these "little things" combined can make the difference between a good show and a bad. Emilia Clarke's acting! when expelling Jorah - fantastic. Dany's eyes staring nowhere while Jorah tries to make (eye) contact. It really comes through how much she cares for him. The Beetle-Guy/Gregor parallel and the brothers Jaime and Tyrion laughing together for a short while before Tyrion delved deeper into (t)his story. Again, good acting there. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau's skills for sure have grown with the GoT series. So much more. Arya's laughing when told about her aunt's death. Made me laugh out loud. Oberyn's behavior and artistic fighting style. So cool. Even the graphical display of his skull crushing - although in general I hate being made to watch brutality for brutality's sake on TV - worked very well and made the scene as strong as it was. 9/10
  11. First reaction was a 9, almost forgot about the Ironborn business. So 8 it is. Meereen wasn't too convincing either but still ok. Varys, Oberyn, Tywin and Tyrion were all perfect, as was Davos. Overall, I find the series to be much more interesting again because of the last few episodes.
  12. Yes, lots of little things like that ... still that doesn't ruin the fun for me. It's just TV. ;-)
  13. Thank you for the statistics. Do we have anywhere an overview over all season/episode votes (vote count and average) for convenient comparison?
  14. Beautiful episode, again nothing that really bothered me (much). Liked each scene and interaction. Especially Arya/Hound and the Eyrie. And I even don't know whether I like show Dany or book Dany more any longer. That is about the greatest compliment I can give to the show, since I love the books. The writers clearly have different ideas about some characters (Cersei a lot this episode), but I can't really expect them to see everything like I do. All in all, it was a very strong episode especially because it was good without interruption: 9/10. Not a 10 because there was no killer moment like in: big thing happened, or: really emotional thing happened. Kind of like an LP from which you like to listen to every song, you don't want to skip one, but no single one stands out either. Over the years, that are the albums I listen to most often.
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