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  1. I can't believe I'm saying this but Book!Littlefinger would never do this to Sansa...He's not THAT evil!
  2. Oh Tommen you dawg...He went where no "Baratheon" has gone before
  3. Just watched it...WOW I was waiting for Stannis,he didn't show up oh well next week I'm sad about Pyp and Grenn :frown5: :frown5: I knew something bad was gonna happen to Thorne(not sure if he's dead) because they made him slightly likeable Janos motherfucking Flynt hiding in the pantry,priceless :lol: :lol: Jon-Ygritte scene made me cry,and I didn't even like her :crying: :crying: I'm sooooooo excited about next week
  4. The duel was EPIC...Head-smush!!! I'll miss Oberyn,he was a true badass :frown5: The whole Eyrie thing,meh I don't like it when they change things but I don't really care :dunno: I suppose since Sansa dyed her hair they will keep calling her Alayne and only 5 people will know she's Sansa Alfie Allen was great once again,he's an amazing Reek Arya was like "Hahahahahahahaha my whole fucking family is dead that's hilarious" :lol:
  5. LF didn't say "Only Cat" that was a bit disappointing...The kissing scene :ack: :ack: Hot Pie made a comeback :laugh: :laugh: Brienne is heading in the right direction,that would never happen in the books :P
  6. On the first half of the episode I was like "what the hell is going on?" I loved Davos' speech,although it never happen...So is Stannis going to the Wall at all or are they going in a different direction entirely?? Poor Tyrion,Shae's testimony was cruel on the books and it was even worse on TV... Also "Lord Tyrell be a good man and fetch quill and paper" :lmao: :lmao:
  7. Sooooo... Dany has 92 ships and still won't move her ass. The Lannisters are broke :lol: :lol: Cersei actually wants Margaery to marry Tommen...Last time I checked she was a doe-eyed whore Lysa is crazy bitch,ok that was expected,little Robin knows that Alayne is Sansa. Bran and Jon didn't meet- thank the Gods Jojen is supposed to die by burning?Or is he going to turn into a wight and then they will burn him? edit: The sand snakes are mentioned,that's good
  8. That white walker in the end looked like an alien :shocked:
  9. The web is dark and full of spoilers

    1. Shadrich The Mad Mouse

      Shadrich The Mad Mouse

      the forum is dark and full of theories!

  10. Heeey didn't see the introduction thread until now! I'm Anna,I live in Greece and I'm an English literature student...I'm obsessed with ASOIAF and I'm a Targaryen loyalist :) I really like this forum,it's the only place I can discuss ASOIAF and GOT!!
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