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  1. I've booked my first holiday with my partner for the end of September. Also my first trip abroad in a few years. Its an exciting step for me, I've never felt close enough yo someone romantically to want to book a trip away with them. We're going to Croatia for a week, though I think we'll be day tripping into Bosnia and Montenegro too. If all goes well we may go to Vienna in December...
  2. I'm reaching season 1 and 2 as a refresher first. Its holding up well and can't wait to get up to S3! One interesting note:
  3. Tell him you're on your period and couldn't possibly operate such a complicated machine at this time because you're all in a tizzy
  4. I've never seen the musical but listened to the soundtrack a lot. I've also seen the film far more than is probably healthy to the point where I can recite the whole thing as I'm watching.
  5. Did a quick search and it looks like this will still release on Sky Atlantic in the UK, hopefully. Wasn't sure with it going to HBO Max. I have no clue what to expect from that trailer as far as whats going on. I was also a bit underwhelmed by the trailer? Maybe I'm just comparing it to previous seasons which have been so strong but this didn't give me much (apart from reminding me damn i love the casting)
  6. This made me go back and rewatch the Best Picture debacle and I can't stop laughing at the whole thing. There's a joke here, I'm sure, for someone more familiar with DC. Something something no there's been a mistake, X you're next in the DC line up"
  7. I would also buy these and yes, New socks are a beautiful beautiful thing I am happy to spend money on them throughout the year. Clothing is mostly workwear these days so I'm not buying new clothes very often (unless I'm returning after one wear ) I only rent my flat so my possessions are pretty minimal and I've not really replaced much since I started my current job in 2019. I think I shattered one glass dish that I had to replace for my kitchen stuff. Appliances are all still good, as are my towels. Bed sheets/bedding, I rotate weekly and have had to replace one set which sadly tore when it got caught on a door handle. I am careful when I wash them so they are still in good condition. Pans are pretty good quality and I take care when I wash them so they should last years more before I consider replacing them. My kitchen knives are on their last legs now, I will try and hold off until I move in September to buy those.
  8. I've still not watched No Time to Die, but I generally agree with this and your later comments. Casino Royale is still one of my favourite Bond films (thank you Eva Green) but I think the decision in each subsequent film to try and tie everything that happens in each of the Craig films together over complicated things and came at the expense of making actually enjoyable movies. Brosnan's films at least have the mindless campy rewatchable quality and a self-awareness of how ridiculous they are. I think if they'd just made several standalone films with Craig with the connecting thread just being how his character changes over the course of the films it could have worked but the constant attempts to tie in to Quantum and Spectre and shadowy figures masterminding everything and a new mastermind every other film just spoiled the effect. Anyway, I finished season 3 of Derry Girls today and loved it, as expected. I'm not sure it was as laugh out loud funny as seasons 1 and 2, for me anyway, but I don't think it was any worse for that. I think this final season really looked at the character's as actual people more, showed their growth through a turbulent time (both internally and externally) and capped the series of very nicely. I also liked the callback to season 2 at the end as the final scene, that was nice.
  9. I'd guess he said it as a selling point knowing there would be obvious overlaps between his target audience and fans of GRRM. Promising the series is already done would be a big selling point (not sure the exact year he made the claim but I guess there had already been the wait between aSoS and aFfC)? maybe he thought he could deliver on that maybe not, but I don't find myself willing to believe much that he says when it comes to the progress of his books.
  10. I'm just old enough and from a rural enough area to remember when most people got their milk (and orange juice) delivered on a morning and had to leave their bottles out for recollection. I also remember that a lot of kids would be very light fingered with the bottles of milk left on anyone's doorstep if they weren't awake early enough to bring it in before kids were walking to school. I can imagine that would be just as bad or worse with beer, though I am sure it wouldn't be too difficult for it to be left somewhere more secure like a storage container that the deliverer has access to. The lesson: Kids are terrible.
  11. "Kindly following up on my previous email (attached)...."
  12. Now is "quite a lot" or "substantial amount" the imperial measurement for booing here?
  13. I'm going to have to resubscribe to Prime for this, is the show weekly after these first three episodes? I'll cancel once I've watched this season (and the final season of the Expanse!) so tryi g to decide whether to just wait until the full season isnout
  14. Correct. I think the trial being televised was a huge mistake. Without having followed the trial all that much I have seen an alarming amount of clickbait and sensationalist headlines that really just skews the whole thing. Also, since you are in the U.S. can you explain why this civil case was a jury trial? This may have been explained but as I said, was not following closely
  15. I think they will touch on this because of the points I mentioned in my first spoiler post about Nancy's home being stuck in the time Will first went missing. Its obviously setting something up and as Corvinus mentioned we see 001 fall into the upside down and its just a kind nothingness stormy landscape.
  16. I think that was actually another young actress which I'm sure you've probably already learned by now. I did enjoy the visual of older El looking into a mirror and seeing young El
  17. I'm from the UK and have never had trouble with deciphering accents but then I also watch with subtitles so it wouldn't matter all that much anyway. But yes, I love rewatching scenes and will always pick up a little something I missed first go round, whether it is a random aside or the expression on someones face or someone (usually Orla) doing something funny in the background of a shot. That's my day to day humour to though, the kind of thing that gets glossed over and then at the end of the sentence you say "Wait, what?" And then wheeze laugh uncontrollably.
  18. Well somehow I binged through this despite what I previously said! I standby my comments on cutting everything that wasn't El or Hawkins, I have no interest in those plotlines. Question, about the final episode There's a lot of complaints above but ultimately I did find this entertaining, clearly, since I've gone through the entire thing already
  19. I bought an expensive outfit for a work event during the week, wore it, and then returned it this morning. I have no regrets and a much more palatable bank balance than I did yesterday
  20. I watched another two episodes last night/this morning (this is a lot more TV than I have consumed in one go for a long time). I definitely agree the episodes are too long and a lot of fat could be cut. A few more general thoughts: I don't know how everything will conclude but its still an enjoyable enough show to stick with.
  21. I've started the new season of stranger things, a decent beginning but definitely didn't grab me the way that first season did. I'm not sure if thats more of a me thing (I watch less these days and the whole binge watch thing doesn't work for me) or the show being a slower build I am also finally getting around to the final season of Derry Girls, which is a joy to watch. The best moments are still those that almost slip by unnoticed, the small asides and turns of phrase in the midst of a conversation. I'll draw out watching this for a while I think. I am ultimately glad its coming to an end before it becomes stale though
  22. I've watched episodes 1 and 2. I enjoyed it, agreed with it being more intense They've managed to make Eleven look so much like a younger Joyce. I do not care about Jonathan at all
  23. We've got adjustable/raisable desks at work which I would suggest over just a standing desk, if at all possible for you. I also find I need to stand throughout the day to work or I'll suffer from the aches and pains later in the day, but standing for the full work day also takes its toll so its a happy medium to adjust my desk as and when needed. If you don't have the space for this at your home right now see if you can improvise one somehow. I don't have the space for one but luckily have a window set into an alcove so can use the alcove window sill as a standing desk when needed.
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