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  1. How was your week of bachelorism? I love the Discworld books. There are a lot of course but you can split them into different groups so its not compulsory to (and a lot recommend you don't) Read them in publishing order. I actually quite enjoy the first two books. Naturally my favourites are The Witches series (and the related but separate YA Tiffany Aching series). The Hogfather has also become a compulsory Christmas read. Speaking of Pratchett, I'm currently listening to the Good Omens audiobook.
  2. I'm having issues with my skin, which seems to have become super sensitive lately. I've got angry red patches all over that get very hot and itchy, and I've also got patches of dry and scaly skin, particularly around the forehead and creeping back to the scalp/into the hairline . I'm moisturising with a fragrance free "Vaseline Instant Dry Skin Rescue" which at least doesn't set off the red patches but it also doesn't do much for my skin as its dry and flaky/scaly again within a few hours. I'm anxious to use anything more heavy duty because of these red patches. I've also got areas of sensitivity under my arms, on my hands and my inner thighs. I'm currently looking for something I can use that is gentle but I can use daily for washing/showering. Recommendations for a shampoo and/or care routines would be handy too given the dryness creeping onto the scalp too. I've cut out all of my previous body washes, shampoos etc. and I'm currently using Dove hypoallergenic which isn't awful but still stings and inflames these red patches a little. Any recommendations would be nice. Context, in case helpful: No recent dietary changes. This has been going on and getting steadily worse for about a month now. I hadn't introduced any new products which is why I'm struggling to see what caused it. I'm on hormones, but have been for some time without this particular issue so I don't think its them. No pets in the home for it to be allergies.
  3. This was so much fun, I'm up for it if others are!
  4. Living in a city centre hotspot for hen and stag parties, and student nights out...alcohol maybe doesn't directly impose itself on other, but the behaviours it prompts certainly do. You can say not from you, and I would believe you, but this isn't a personal thing, we're talking more broadly. In what way isn't this already done? The bodily effects of smoking are plastered on packets of cigarettes. Its also still very common, in my experience, particularly when paired with alcohol. The amount of people huddled in the smoking shelters on a night out is pretty significant. I also know a lot of smokers at work
  5. Also caught up on OMitB. Its a very bingeable show. I think season 1 was probably the best of the three seasons so far, followed by 3 then 2. One of the recurring bits that gets me every time, as someone who listens to too many podcasts, is the adverts that they usually tack onto the end of a dramatic Cinda Canning moment. The squarespace one had me laughing out loud through the credits. Also Cinda Canning/Tina Fey in general just makes me laugh every time she's on screen, solid casting and performance there. This season
  6. When I had Prime Video last year I belatedly discovered they had the entire series on Prime. Sadly halfway through I got the dreaded message that it was leaving the platform soon. So naturally I had some very late nights binge watching the rest of the series. I still have a weirdly clear memory of sitting down to watch the final episode of this with my mam. I was only 7 at the time I believe but I remember it very clearly because we made pizza from scratch and bought a bag of sweets so we could sit down and enjoy it together. In summary, yes, nostalgia
  7. Simone Biles. There are a lot of very talented gymnast out there, and historically there are a lot of names that spring to mind too, but Biles is really just ahead of everyone else in her skill and her prominence in the media
  8. I don't have a jalfrezi recipe but is there any reason tinned tomatoes wouldn't work? A lot of recipes for other dishes (including various curries) seem to use tinned tomatoes as a base rather than fresh
  9. This is a genuine, logistical question and not meant to disagree with any of the posts above. How do these "bans" work in practice for those who already own one of these breeds? This was something someone asked me today at work when we were discussing it and I didn't know the answer so, here I am. Presumably they aren't just immediately asking for these dogs to be put down? And if you own one already, what do you do? Turn them over to some kind of facility? I am just genuinely curious here and my apologies if I'm missing something obvious
  10. Its like I never left Please never change, Pebs, Buck, Bear
  11. where are you watching Futurama? The season are labelled differently depending where you watch - season 5 on Disney+, for example, has Jurassic Bark which is one of the best known episodes of the show, I think. All of the movies are lumped into Season 6 on Disney (there's 4) which is a weird way to place them.
  12. Give us our cut or we'll reveal you're secretly a Starmer supporter
  13. Ha, I think this new season of Futurama was worth it for Rage Against the Vaccine alone, I laughed out loud for most of the episode even though most of the jokes were the low hanging obvious ones. Also started OMITB which I'm enjoying
  14. Mostly through passive aggressive corporate speak in my case. Case in point, signing off an email: "kind regards" - what it says on the tin. "regards" - now i'm angry "[name]" - I have just thrown my colleague out of a window
  15. ha, I misunderstood you then because I thought you were making a loaves and fishes reference
  16. Given all of our advice, we surely deserve a percentage of Spocky's income?
  17. Incorrect. Wear a pair of fake glasses, walk to the front of the room, remove said fake glasses to reveal the exact same pair of fake glasses underneath. Your move *flex*
  18. Oh, wow. There's a throwback that immediately brought back a flood of nice memories of my nanna looking after me as a child. Anyway, thanks all for the input on Disney+ recs
  19. Adding to the confusion, I would say a half dozen buns could mean 6-8, but a half dozen eggs is always 6
  20. I have Disney+ for the next three months (I won't be renewing when its back at full price). So I'm looking to work through a back catalogue of shows as well as some new stuff. Looking for any recommendations as to what I should prioritise (UK, if that helps). Predictably, I binger Newturama and then immediately had to go back and watch the older seasons which I've been watching as background comfort noise, Thinking I will watch Wandavision (yep, I'm that far behind on Disney+ content). I'm not interested in jumping deep into the marvel stuff but I recall how well received it was and it sounds like my kind of show. Also going to try OMITB which I know has received a lot of praise around the forum. Which of the Star Wars shows, if any, would you all suggest? I'm aware that they've been a bit of a mixed bag.
  21. ha, yeah CW boss says CW show and associated lead are awards bait doesn't really speak much to me. CW does not generally do well at awards shows either right? I've not paid attention much lately, true, but I have a vague recollection that the likes of HBO, Showtime and Netflix tended to sweep up? I've no particular thoughts on Sophie as an actress, I think she was solidly fine through the latter half of GoT and not familiar with her other work. She always seems nice enough in interviews etc.
  22. Harissa trout, beetroot and grapefruit salad with whipped feta, from BBC Good Food. We followed up with a fruit salad, Greek yoghurt and homemade granola
  23. Miso roasted aubergine with stir fried veggies and pickled cabbage
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