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  1. I’d argue given his experiences he’d support all religions and so would Danny. At this point I’d be surprised if at the end he holds to any one faith, but rather believes in a higher power, and could theoretically fake/ be polite enough to partake in various religious ceremonies as needed if he were king. Don’t think the common people would really notice or accuse him of holding to some false faith as long as he doesn’t come out with forceful religious laws or loudly, and often, proclaims his beliefs.
  2. averde

    A call to arms

    I would be genuinely surprised to ever see Sansa fight, and I’d be frankly shocked to ever see her training in fighting. Sansa for all the ways she’s learned and evolved is still a product of Westerosi society, and adheres to the beliefs and values of that society. She’s not a rebel, she doesn’t look at the world in the way Brienne or Arya do. Sansa is, and has always aspired to be, the quintessential Lady, and while she’s realized that isn’t all beautiful weddings and a brave knight to defend her, that doesn’t mean she is going to be picking up the sword or lance to defend herself. It’s the same reason you don’t see the Queen of Thorns pull a dagger, Danny carry any kind of weapon or wear any armor (even when’s she riding into battle), Cersei, etc. Thats not the role they play in this specific story and universe. It’s really no different than playing a specific class in a video game, within the realm of that game all priests can’t use big two handed battle axes or all the warriors can’t wear anything but heavy plate even though theoretically they should be able to try and hold or wear whatever they please. Someone else wrote the rules and divided up the classes to tell a larger story and streamline a theoretical universe.
  3. averde

    Cersei's full strength

    Pretty much this. Given its the last season, only a handful of episodes left, and everyone’s positioning currently I’m more curious if Cersei ends up being the final villain/ fight/ lead into the wrap up of the show in general.
  4. averde

    So, with S8 not airing until 2019,

    First there’s only a few episodes coming so I think a degree of realism has to be used when considering what we should expect to be covered in the last season. Don’t think Sansa is going to be doing much fighting. She’s a ruler, planner, diplomat. Jon’s Tyrion. Dont think dorne is going to come back up I’d be genuinely surprised to see any of the pairings you mentioned, sorry it’s just not realistic and would be to “happy ending” for what is a supposedly bitter sweet ending. Now as for what I’d like to see. 1. Biggest one, as you mentioned, is cleganebowl. 2. A little bit of background or an explanation on the the red god, the gods, white walkers, etc. are they multiple gods working against one another? Is it the same god guiding both the white walkers and the visions in the flames? Between Beric, Jon, and Melisandre we know somethings at work and attempting to guide individuals, on the reverse of that it certainly seemed that the Night King knew where to be and when so somethings guiding him to. Really hoping for this, doubt we get it. 3. Also as you touched on I’m curious who is going to be in charge of Dorne moving forward. That goes for the Riverlands and the Reach as well. Again I really want this, but doubt we will see it. Ultimately I fear, as I mentioned at the beginning, that the show has so few episodes left that it will be condensed to a point that most of it won’t be very satisfying. I could be wrong, but it seems like a lot of material to cover and conclude the series all at once.
  5. averde

    What did Aerys think about Lyanna's abduction?

    If nothing else he was aware of it and at least semi supportive given the fact he demanded Robert Baratheons head, since he was Lyannas betrothed, along with Ned’s.
  6. It’s cold. Read about Napoleon and Russia.
  7. Stannis is captured or killed, likely killed given his nature and the fact that he is Renly’s older brother. Renly continues on towards Kings Landing and either starves it out or takes the city by force. Everyone else dies/ is taken hostage/ bends the knee. Possibility of concessions to win over disenfranchised sides (IE Robb is allowed to call himself King in the North/ King of Winter, an empty title similar to prince of dorne) and finally as someone else has already mentioned Renly grows old and dies childless = next civil war. You’d imagine Shireen as a carrier of the royal bloodline would be a pretty important asset.
  8. averde

    That was Rhaegar?

    From my understanding Rhaegar and Viserys are supposed to look like one another.
  9. averde

    Qyburn and his curiosities

    My brother was also disappointed and felt they could have at least gave Qyburn some lines about it. On the other hand, I was also very excited to see Qyburn this episode and his reaction to the wight, so I'm glad it's at least portrayed as he's keenly interested, he's the first person up and to it after it's released, because it's something that seems right up his alley. Better then no scene at all
  10. averde

    Why is Jon's name Aegon?

    I agree. Felt like a wink to book readers, a clumsy and unlikeable choice that made it more of a slap than a wink in my opinion.
  11. averde

    That look on Tyrion's face

    Welcome and congrats on your first post, it's a really thorough and well put together one too ! I agree with your examples and point that the growing gap between Tyrion and Daenerys is one of the themes of the season. It's definitely one of the areas of the show I'm keeping an eye on as the show heads into the final season. With so many characters set to die who are otherwise in safe positions, like Mel and Varys, I think some kind of conflict/ chaos must arise within team Danny.
  12. Qyburn seeing the wight and just being fascinated/ running up to grab the hand and check it out. It was something I was looking forward they'd have this episode just because you can totally see his character being fascinated by the white walkers and the science behind it. It's just right up his alley.
  13. averde

    Stannis the philosopher

    I always think Stannis analysis is interesting because as you've so wonderfully and thoughtfully shown he's an interesting and multifacted character, who comes across both as unique in tv and literature but also human. I also think it's interesting that George RR Martin has said he's surprised at the wide fan reaction/ information seeking/ love for stannis. One theory I'll throw out there for this I think can be found in your post here. Stannis is a character based off certain specific traits, and since Martin himself doesn't seem to have been particularly captivated by the character, I think it's possible he turned to other sources, like philisophers writings on life and duty, to further his understanding of those key Stannis traits and to further his own writing style for and character development of Stannis. Just a theory though.
  14. Jon Snows function at that point was as a leader and focal point for a cause. He had brought together a conglomerate of northern forces united by him. He risked dying before his forces even made it to him, most likely resulting in the route of his army before the fighting even began. So in some ways you could argue his decision could have saved even more lives then it did.
  15. averde

    An Entire Season without Ghost

    Hahah ghost is all I could think during the video of the two of them talking about how they've always wanted to do the polar bear but it was so expensive to do and now they finally could. That's the entertainment industry though, flash not substance.