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  1. averde

    Unowned lands and keeps

    since the crown has given lordships like Harrenhal, Brightwater Keep, and Derry away in the span of the books, I would definitely guess lordships are the crowns duty. You'd assume it's customary to consult with the lord paramount of the region though.
  2. averde

    So where would you live ?

    Central reach, it seems like the most viable place in terms of survivability in a medieval setting.
  3. Haven't been on in forever, had to log back in to say how bad of an episode this was. I'll start with what I enjoyed, the slow this is inevitable and preplanned feeling of the night king killing viserion. Really good parallel to the frantic scenes, shock, and disbelief when Bronn shot drogon. I'm also hoping that those scenes and others this episode imply that the red god is possibly aligned with/ helped set up that ambush for the white walkers (possibly to get the dragon and try to take out some of humanities greatest soldiers??). Everything else was awful, not the time or place for benjen to show up and die we will never know any more of his story now, tormund should have died in that scene brutal but would have been GoT to the max, jorah should have died (my choice would have been taking benjens place as jons savior, with longclaw in hand then pulling those two little girly Rast knives for his last stand after putting Jon on a horse home.), Sansa sending Brienne, for what reason since if they bring the wight to kings landing Jon would be there to represent the north. Baelish doing nothing to further his own power at all these days after supposedly being behind almost every little thing in the previous history ever. I'm forgetting a few but I'm sure you get the point and lots of intelligent people have already explained all of it better then me on here. Do the writers assume the audience to be that stupid. Based on the decisions they've made this season, like the fact they expect us to believe the A-team was sent north to bring a wight back down to Cersei Lannister (who blew up a huge group of people recently) so everyone who was at war can hangout and have a discussion about teaming up, I guess that's a yes. Just disappointed to go from "wow this is pretty good for a show based off an exceptional book series" to right around that Shireen burning "wow this is going in it's own direction, but as it's own thing it's a good show" to "wow this is a bad show where I need to suspend my beliefs and my attention to detail" which is what I come to expect of most TV, but again it's supposed to be Game of Thrones, not CSI: Miami or Fast and Furious.
  4. averde

    [No Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Also another unsullied thing worth pointing out, most of my unsullied friends thought that Sansa/ Theon jump was them committing suicide.
  5. averde

    [No Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Watched the show with my unsullied friends. Decent number of them said they wouldn't watch the show next season because they felt like there's no characters left that they really care about, and if they did have a character they still liked they don't seem them getting anywhere good by the end of the last two seasons or didn't care enough to keep watching because so many characters are dead. I'm a book reader, Still enjoy the show, just thought that was semi interesting and worth pointing out.
  6. 6. The Stannis scene, up until the random Brienne in a middle of a battlefield here to kill you, felt very true to show Stannis. After he sacrificed his daughter and his wife was dead and all that he was always going to march on to winterfell and that last almost smile and pulling of the sword as boltons army closed in felt appropriate to the show version of Stannis. Walk of shame felt too long for what was a packed episode/ Ungregor face could be seen a bit and he looked like a dumb zombie. Felt they should have shortened aspects of the scene and filled that time with an update on Marge & Loras so we know something going into next season. Arya scene was fine. Sansa scene was fine besides the ridiculous jump you'd never survive (and ironically had just shown someone dying from that height). Dorne was more cartoony sand snakes standing around looking as badass as they can. If they aren't executed by Doran beginning of next season I'll be ridiculously confused. Why were they even allowed to come see the Kingslayer team off? They had recently tried to kill them but hey we're all good now so we're gonna tag along to say bye and not be checked for weapons/ poison? And nobody will notice me quickly apply poison to my lips and kiss the girl I recently tried to kill? No one stopped to think hey Trystane heir to Dorne is on the boat with people loyal to the princess were killing (and Arianne isn't in the show so we don't have a replacement for him)? Ridiculous it was all so ridiculous. FTW didn't have that reasoning behind it that made it make more sense with the pink letter gone and everything, none of the nights watch guys seemed sad or were crying or anything like that so the scene really lost a lot of that conflicted sadness emotions when it goes down.
  7. The siege of Castle Black is not a peaceful affair, it isn't even as peaceful as most sieges where a force could just starve out a castle. Mance is besieging from only one side and is trying to escape an enemy so he needs to get across quickly. The Wildlings are constantly attacking even after the initial failed assault, in the books Jon Snow leads the defense against multiple assaults by the Wildlings. A siege, specifically this siege, is almost a constant state of warfare. In the show however it is made to look like one big battle followed by, based on the promo for next week, Jon and Mance making peace and teaming up only for Stannis to show up and slaughter a bunch of people who are just waiting around.
  8. Theres a battle raging when Stannis arrives and its made pretty clear he just saved Castle Black from being overwhelmed in the books. In the show based on this episode and the preview for the next episode it looks like there won't be any fighting going on when Stannis arrives, just Jon and Mance about to team up and head out and all of a sudden Stannis arrives and genocides a bunch of now "good" wildlings.
  9. Theres a battle raging when Stannis arrives and its made pretty clear he just saved Castle Black from being overwhelmed in the books. In the show based on this episode and the preview for the next episode it looks like there won't be any fighting going on when Stannis arrives, just Jon and Mance about to team up and head out and all of a sudden Stannis arrives and genocides a bunch of now "good" wildlings.
  10. This episode and the preview for the next one locks in what I've said about TV Stannis since the beginning. He is one of the shows villians, he's not going to save the wall. Jon Snow will be negotiating with Mance about bringing the Wildlings across because the Others are coming and then boom Stannis heavy cavalry comes in and massacres a bunch of Wildlings. It's sad the show watchers are doing this with a character like Stannis but I am very confident in my analysis at this point.
  11. 7 for me. It was a decent episode that had all my friends texting and talking about the end but I had two problems with it. First, Sansa is making Littlefinger look like puddy in her hands, he doesn't even give off a hint of intelligence in his scenes and he's barely "trained" Sansa yet, it's just odd. Second, the duel didn't feel as epic as it should have, I wanted to see some kind of emotions on the faces in the crowd, give us a sad Bronn, a flicker of fear go across Tywins face with an Oberyn staring at him while questioning Gregor. Jaime smiled then frowned that was it.
  12. averde

    How would you rate episode 407?

    I agree with this assessment pretty much, one of my favorite episodes of the season so far . There wasn't any scene that I hated and ruined the episode for me. The Tyrion/Oberyn and Littlefinger/ Sansa/ Lysa scenes were great and well acted. I assumed they changed the "Only Cat" quote because their worried show viewers might not realize who Cat is when he says it so the viewers won't feel that oh shit that poor ugly sister moment before he killed Lysa.
  13. averde

    Overview of Forum Ratings

    Season 4 just isn't a great season, its a lull in the storm, but the books themselves are the same way. The material in the books after the purple wedding was just meh and all a build up for Winds atleast to me it felt like that. The shows trying to throw in things like Crasters with Bran and Asha attacking the Dreadfort to spice it up and keep it interesting because the book material itself at this point in the story isn't all that interesting and good for TV material.
  14. The gold mines comment was an interesting little moment in the show. It gave me cause, as a book reader, to contemplate the meaning of it. Besides that point I'm a 6 for the episode. Overall the episode felt pretty flat in my opinion. Craster's Keep battle went pretty much exactly as I thought it was going to with Bran not meeting Jon and Locke dying. Cersei is plotting and scheming again and took up way too much screen time doing it. The writing for show Tywin seems to get worse and worse every episode. Overall just a meh episode.