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  1. At least someone enjoys the nonsense these guys threw up on the screen this season... even if it sounds like it was mostly out of spite. lol. Keep in mind not all book readers spoiled things for anyone.
  2. The book and the show are basically caught up now, and I just have to say, the book story is far better than the show. There has been a bunch of stupid thing going on in the show, especially this season when they diverged from the books so much. This stuff is hard to defend. I am of course no the first person to say/think this, but this is the first time i have really made a judgement about it. I am going back to read all the books again to cheer me up. This season was nonsense.
  3. I think that will forever be known as The Massacre at Winterfell, not a battle at all.
  4. I think this is an example of the show spoiling the book. Stannous will burn Shireen?
  5. i gave it a 5. all 5 points for Jorah killing the Harpy with that spear.
  6. Please don't let Sansa have the bolton baby. That is all.
  7. I am sorry, but Ramsey is so freaking messed up I would be afraid of any of his babies. 100X worse than Craster.
  8. I do not want Sansa to have Ramsey's child. That would not be cool. She needs to get out of there ASAP. I thought she'd kill the Boltons this season, but now I think they will hang around for another season. Darn darn darny darn darn. Poor old lady. That was just wrong. Have I mentioned I can't wait for the Bolton's to get it? I'm thankful Bronn got the antidote. I don't know what else is going on in Dorne, but I really hope Bronn gets a pice of that. Sounds like Jaime's plan has blown up, but Doran is trying to prevent a war so he won't be too hard on Jaime or Bronn. The Sand Snakes might spend quite awhile locked up though. Tyrene (sp?) just became my favorite new character though. :) I was very happy to see Jorah make it back to Dany. I was screaming at the screen, "say, I brought you a gift!" and then he said it. :) Tyrion was perfect. I'm excited to see where this goes. Jorah needs to do a better job explaining himself though. Tyrion should help. I was totally ready for Cersi to get hers. Very well done. Who is the gift Littefinger has for the Tyrells? Olyvar? In what way? To murder, or will he reverse his testimony? Very happy with this episode. Can't wait for next week.
  9. I was okay with most of it. I really don't like what happened with Sansa. I don't find it believable that she would do that. She should have already been in revenge mode, not marry the dude you should recognize as a psycho from your previous dealings with Jeoffry.
  10. 9/10. i enjoyed this episode a lot. the scenes with tyrion and sansa were the best. they made an awesome show.
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