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  1. 9/10 I liked the opening scenes at Moletown as a good setup for the next episode. Also gave Ygritte a moment to come back to the memory of the Unsullied as a girl with her heart in the right place. The scenes with Ramsay and Theon were good, but the story behind it not explained well enough. Unsullied have no idea why this was an important location to take. Also the fact that it was not Roose but only a King who has the power to legitimize him was not presented well. Many Unsullied think it was Roose who did it. This will confuse people later on. Grey Worm and Missandrei was a nice added bit to the story. As it also shows how he is evolving from being emotionless by training to becoming more human. I'd say it does it better than the book. The change around of the Jorah story worked pretty okay too. If they did it in book timing he would've been off screen for many episodes. Now he can pick up again almost immediately start of Season 5. Also, I loved Danny's acting in that scene.. the fact she did not look at him at all, even when he stood up it was clear she was looking through him. 10/10 that scene. Hound & Arya is the coolest addition to this entire season in all episodes. The two just work so great together on screen. Though it feels forced for them to go where the rest of the story will take them now, that is a minor point. The ending of that scene with Arya's laughter worked really well and looking at the end of the episode where Tyrion did not do it, it was a great homage to the Tyrion book reaction. Sansa scene was also a nice change. Makes one wonder where she goes next season. She was put forward as a capable manipulator in that one scene, and the visual of her growing up in the more lady-like (instead of girly) dress at the end gave that a strong visual cue as well. I still feel it is a shame they rush that entire plot though.. Also.. the little hint when LF talked about 'many ways to die' was awesome. Beetle scene was a bit odd and felt out of place.. but I loved the little 'bro moments' the two brothers had. The beetle story and the fact he cannot explain why they die is a strong description of life in Westeros in general.. people don't die for important reasons, just because someone above them feels like it. And finally.. the duel.. 10/10 in my books. A few tweaks, but it was so well presented in general. I was surprised they did not make it very clear what is most special about Oberyn's fighting, just little hints. I'm sure it will be explained next episodes. In the current situation.. We are still unsure if the Mountain dies or is just crippled or heavily injured. I like that as it strengthens the cliffhanger. All things considered, everything they did add and did not add was well thought out.. and the scene shocked even book readers.. what more do you want really? So yeah.. 9/10.. not perfect, a few nitpicks.. but in general a great episode with a lot of conclusions and future set ups.