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    Most precise ASOIAF timeline v.3

    I think it's a mistake that ADWD Davos 3 is before AFFC Cersei 4 (3/12 vs 3/16)? At the end of Davos 2 (2/25), Manderly takes him into custody and sends the letter to Cersei. She is told about it in Cersei 4 and orders Davos to be beheaded, for which reason Manderly holds the fake court in Davos 3 - and at the end of this chapter orders Davos to be immediately beheaded (then the "beheading" happens offscreen, presumably a day or so after Davos 3). It wouldn't make sense for them to take place in the opposite order (like it's currently in the timeline) as it would imply that Manderly ordered Davos beheaded in front of the court before Cersei ordered him to, while his whole point was to make a display as if he followed her order. Which is why he had been holding Davos in captivity before staging the court, i.e. those 18 days between Davos 2 and Davos 3 were needed to circulate the message about capturing Davos through Cersei. So I think the dates of those two should be more or less swapped one with another in the timeline. (Boiled Leather order also follows the same assumption, putting Cersei 4 directly before Davos 3.)
  2. Thanks Gargarax, very informative point of view I'm wondering - while obviously early seasons had good scenes and bad scenes as well, are there any scenes so bad in early seasons that you are giving them as example of how not to do storytelling? Or is really the distinction of early and late seasons so clear-cut?
  3. Woah, that's great, could you share us some examples what are those model scenes you use? I guess no-one needs an in-depth knowledge to name what many of the poorly written scenes are, but I find it pretty interesting which ones (to raise the stakes a bit, which ones happening out of Dorne plot ) are THE worst according to a professional