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  1. dooog

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    The Lam yellow was a joke. Stockdale was the one lowering himself and the one with momentum. The Aki one was slightly worse but quite similar. Both carded players were clearly trying to bind their opponent and both times it was the other guy lowering their heads into a nasty position (especially on slowmo replay) Both looked very harsh. Competitive is good for the teams left in there. It would be absolutely disastrous for WR, the hosting nation, the sponsors etc
  2. Agree. The thing that began grating me about this movie were the Todd flashbacks. It felt like they spent a disproportionate amount of time (re)establishing what a total sociopath he was, which we already knew and we know he's fucking dead, move on already. Scene after scene it was a whole lot of "hey!, remember this dead character?"
  3. It was fine but I didn't really see the point of it. The movie didn't feature anything remarkable, surprising or new that my brain wouldn't or couldn't have filled in when Jesse drove away in the series finale... so what was the point? just for the sake taking of a stroll down memory lane? It didn't seem remotely necessary. Maybe they're going to shoehorn Jesse into BCS?
  4. dooog

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    But the group was always going to hinge on the 3 matches between Ireland, Scotland and Japan. Nobody's earned a QF until all those games are played. I'd bet good money WR & organisers would come up with a practical solution instead of a nonsense draw if the situation had New Zealand exiting the tournament
  5. dooog

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    So which team deserves to get knocked out, Ireland or Scotland?
  6. dooog

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    Hearing England vs France has been called off because of the typhoon. Not happy about it but it's not the end of the world. England likely would have won and France probably prefer the bottom half of the draw anyway. But the possibility of Japan / Scotland being called off is farcical. It's too important to just cancel and end Scotland's tournament, who by the way are bookies' favourites to win the match. Japan, who are favourites to be eliminated from the group, would be declared the group winner. A joke. This is the second major typhoon to hit Japan in the space of a few weeks, how is there no proper contingency plan? Move the venue, put the game back a day, play behind closed doors if organisers are worried about fan safety. It's just grossly unfair and highlights the shot callers' incompetency with their lack of flexibility and alternatives.
  7. Just caught the opening 2 episodes. The Thundergun one was great but my god, The Gang Gets Romantic was one of the funniest episodes of the last few years. There's also a cool moment when Charlie closes the box on Frank which looked unscripted, they both seem to be genuinely laughing. Maybe an out-take that was too good to leave out?
  8. dooog

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    Ireland were awful. So many sloppy penalties given away and they looked dead on their feet for the whole second half. They'll still progress but need a favour from Scotland to avoid the Kiwis Impossible to pick between Australia and Wales. Bookies have Wales as slight favourites but I'll always lean towards the southern hemisphere team when it's so close.
  9. dooog

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    Actually kind of fearing for Ireland against Scotland. They beat them well in Murrayfield earlier this year but there were a few key moments that had they gone Scotlands way it may have been quite different. Also Earls and Kearney absent is pretty big. Still think Ireland will squeak the win. England to win by 35+ points and Italy to beat Namibia.
  10. dooog

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    For me it's New Zealand, South Africa or England. Australia and Wales as the dark horses but doubtful. Ireland not in good form, have never made it past the quarters and don't perform at WCs. France and Argentina look their worst in a long time. Just realised I won't be able to watch the vast majority of the tournament and not just because of the time difference. The Irish broadcaster (eir) is a pay channel unavailable on my tv package and it seems BBC no longer have the rights. Bummer.
  11. dooog

    Most disappointing show cancellations

    I'm glad someone finally said it! I would've liked to see more Firefly sure, but i'm fairly sure of the formula and that it would've played out in a certain way. Rubicon was a bit different, it had it's own feel and I was awfully pissed off when it got canned. Michael Cristofer was/is incredible.
  12. dooog

    Rank your 2019 TV shows throughout the year

    1. Chernobyl 2. The Boys 3. Mindhunter S2 4. True Detective S3 5. Line of Duty S5 6. Dark S2 7. Umbrella Academy 8. Stranger Things S3 9. Barry S2 10. Cobra Kai S2
  13. dooog

    The Boys (Amazon)

  14. dooog

    The Boys (Amazon)

    Agreed on Urban, he's been excellent and his accent isn't half as bad as people here are making out. It's unmistakably London east end and is a bit ott at times, but I think it's supposed to be.
  15. dooog

    Snowfall - spoilers

    Just started S3... so umm Gustavo is still alive??? how. And Claudia is still alive?? again, how? I can't stand it when shows pull that shit.