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  1. dooog

    Rank your 2019 TV shows throughout the year

    1. Chernobyl 2. The Boys 3. Mindhunter S2 4. True Detective S3 5. Line of Duty S5 6. Dark S2 7. Umbrella Academy 8. Stranger Things S3 9. Barry S2 10. Cobra Kai S2
  2. dooog

    The Boys (Amazon)

  3. dooog

    The Boys (Amazon)

    Agreed on Urban, he's been excellent and his accent isn't half as bad as people here are making out. It's unmistakably London east end and is a bit ott at times, but I think it's supposed to be.
  4. dooog

    Snowfall - spoilers

    Just started S3... so umm Gustavo is still alive??? how. And Claudia is still alive?? again, how? I can't stand it when shows pull that shit.
  5. Jesus. I was really looking forward to this but that trailer has put me off completely. It doesn't feel like Watchmen (even a sequel) in the slightest.
  6. Must say I really liked how Egon went from bumbling drunk incompetent in S1 to such a decent, sympathetic and quite possibly the most normal grounded character of S2. He's one of the few characters to behave openly and with dignity. It's not his fault his supposed incompetency (and intuitive mistrust of Ulrich) highlighted in S1 was all down to time traveling and alternate universe shit. But with that being said, being such an empathetic character I found his arc in S2 incredibly depressing as we know beforehand that all of his honest efforts will be utterly futile. Rewatched S1 last month and this song is a gem
  7. dooog

    The Boys (Amazon)

    Rewatched it and it enjoyed it almost as much as first time around. There is a lot of silly stuff I could nitpick, but I guess even this superhero show isn't supposed to be scrutinized too much. To name but a few
  8. It's a good show though I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as S1. It all just felt so futile and, well, dark. I didn't find myself binging it the way i did last season. Anyway I have about a million questions. For one
  9. dooog

    The Boys (Amazon)

    Binged it and loved it. Found Billy's character very funny. Homelander had an incredible screen presence. Took me ages to twig that Mesmerizer was Sixth Sense, it was driving me nuts. I want more.
  10. dooog

    Ranking Tarantino

    1. Reservoir Dogs 2. Pulp Fiction 3. Jackie Brown (average) The rest: Complete shite
  11. By most of the cast I meant most of the main cast. Rand, Matt, Perrin, Egwene, Elayne, Min, Aviendha are all around 17 or younger. The other "main" characters being Moiraine and Nynaeve. Those are the guys who will be the centre of 90% of the scenes and their actors will need to be up to it. As someone mentioned above, they could cast teenage characters with actors in their late 20s or 30s as is fairly common in movies. Trouble there is when they're finishing up season 5 or 6 and the teenage character is now an actor in their late 30s / 40s. The GoT comparison was about the actors being blatantly too old for their character, like Bran for instance in the last several seasons. Aging up everyone could work but it breaks down a lot of things too, particularly book 1. Couple of examples. Egwene and Rand having their young fleeting love thing, if they were older they'd likely be married in that world. Or the justification of Nynaeve tagging along when the group leave Emond's Field in the first place, she's this young matriarch concerned over a bunch of teenagers under her care leaving with a couple of strangers... if Rand etc were all fully grown adults that makes no sense.
  12. Gareth Bryne MUST be played by Gabriel Byrne. He's got the seasoned look and reading it as a teenager it's always how I envisaged Gareth, I guess because of the similar name
  13. Also I have to completely agree with SansaJonRule in all of the above. She's already answered most of it but I will go back to Min. How does casting a black actress for Min make any sense whatsoever? This is never how she's described, it's not how she is imagined, it's not how any fan art depicts her. It makes no fucking sense.
  14. I used to love these books as a kid. Reread book 1 not so long ago and let's just say some things are best left in the past,. Overall I think there's tonnes of potential for a good show but it'd mean gutting an awful lot of the shit too. My main concern would be the casting. WoT has an absolutely enormous number of characters and most of them are very young so will need to be actors in their early 20s or younger. The likes of Arya, Sansa and Bran's actors were fine for the first few seasons of GoT when they were children but their poor acting was very evident for the latter seasons. It's hard to find good talent with actors aged 16-22 Really looking forward to seeing how these books translate to television but the pessimist in me is saying this won't be a great success.
  15. dooog

    Why are big name actors doing TV?

    Dwayne Johnson / The Rock is the highest paid actor in Hollywood and he's been doing HBO's Ballers for a few years now.