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  1. Seeing the hit rate of USA - 40 dead, 1700 confirmed yet only 11,000 tested makes me wish Trump had included Ireland in that travel ban. Shitty few weeks/months ahead for everyone.
  2. Complete garbage show. But it's entertaining garbage. I'd watch a second season
  3. Even though that one is closer to the book, I much preferred the show's version. It just looked and felt better, less like a computer game as with the above. Yeah they don't fight with armour, it's not a big deal. Same as with all the bears creepily clutching their fake daemons
  4. Enjoyed it a lot. Like previous seasons, the show is most enjoyable when following the crew of the Roc and also Draper & Mars. I always find myself losing interest any time Chrisjen appears on screen... don't rate her acting and she seems out of breath by the time the third word of a sentence comes out of her mouth, definitely a 100 per day lady. Didn't particularly enjoy the Belter story either.
  5. 22 minutes left in the episode because that translates to real story time!! Just stop. 22 minutes left in the episode... without showing how long Mando had to think up a plan of escape, then wait inside his cell for a droid to finally pass by so he could decapitate it. Would be quite a wait since that droid must have been quite far away from the crew that stuck him in the cell in the first place. Then the time to stalk his prey individually which also isn't shown, incapacitate them... well you get the idea. And with all that time lapsed Mando still felt confident enough to travel across the universe with the transponder, conduct his business - luckily very quickly since Beardy was waiting at the hanger with Mando's specific purse on hand. And even somehow assuming that's all grand, how is 20 minutes an acceptable response to deter any remotely competent prison break
  6. Gimme a break. The transponder was so little of a threat that even after being activated... Mando goes about finding the prisoner, being imprisoned, breaking out of prison, hunting down each one of the group individually, putting them in all in cell together and even with all that, Mando still felt comfortable enough to bring the beacon aboard his ship, fly across the galaxy and meet beardy guy to conclude his business transaction. How would this response ever be remotely effective if a someone was getting sprung from prison without all the fucking around in between?!
  7. Easily the worst one of the season for me. Predictable and cringey. Also you have to wonder why the gang feared the distress beacon so much. I mean, it gets activated, they spend 5 minutes finding the prisoner, Mando has the time to wait for a droid to pass by and then escape from a cell. They fuck around for ages "killing" one another, Mando beats them all individually, sticks them all in a cell together and then jumps into hyperspace, traveling across the universe and with the time to conclude his business arrangement... all before the distress beacon cavalry arrive! These distress responders are delivering cold pizza.
  8. Bit late to this thread. This show has been like night and day compared to the dusty dried up turd that was the movie. It's around 12 years since I read the books but much like the series has been, it took a little while to sink its claws in and become compelling viewing/reading. Really enjoying it I must say. Coulter and Lysa's actresses are perfect. Even though we haven't seen him much, McEvoy looks a good choice for Asreal. Not sold on Scoresby or Faa's. Completely forgot about Billy clutching the fish and wish they had kept it... it wouldn't hurt to reinforce the importance of daemons, which, as people have mentioned are too conspicuously absent from secondary and background characters Finally, I was 99% certain Iorek was voiced by Ser Friendzone/Jorah and was shocked when I looked it up on wiki the other day, he sounds just like him!
  9. These episodes are too short. If you removed the Recap and artwork from each one the entire season would probably have less run-time than The Irishman.
  10. Sorry. Have to say I can barely stand this season. Thought it was an 8 episode final season so I started on it over a week ago just to get some closure for a show I loved in S1 and disliked everything thereafter. It's been a slog, Couple times i've found myself thinking this episode must be nearly over only to check and see it's not even halfway through. They ruined Angela's character so much in previous seasons I was actually half relieved to see her clipped nonchalantly in the S4 opener. Wellick was such an interesting character with bags of potential but it felt they didn't know how to use him since S1... his entrance and exit in S4 were suitably unremarkable. Darlene's actress has always been one of the weakest points of the show even when I enjoyed it. The female FBI agent I don't and never have given a shit about. At this point the show is basically being carried by 2 incredible actors in Malek and Cristofer but it isn't enough to make it a compelling show. People who love the show will overlook its shortcomings but speaking for myself, I recommended this show to several people a few years ago who all praised the first season yet i'm pretty sure i'm the only one of them that hasn't quit this show yet.
  11. Hard to put into words how laughably terrible this was. Season 1 wasn't without it's many faults but it was still enjoyable. This however... it was fucking godawful bad
  12. Felt the finale was one of the weaker episodes this season. Having said that, the season overall was the best in a long time. Disliked last season, didn't really care for the one before it either so i'm delighted to see the show return to top form.
  13. So like how does he bathe if he never removes it? How does he eat? Do Mandalorians constantly butt helmets when they're trying to reproduce?
  14. As someone that has hated the several Disney SW movies i'm actually surprised how much i've been enjoying this show. Will definitely see the season out. Wish the episodes were a little longer though. Agreed. Although, little(r) Yoda is about 30 years older than Rey. Plus, for all we know he may have had some instruction in the force at some point (unlike Rey) or as some others speculated, his species are particularly force-proficient or some such.
  15. The Lam yellow was a joke. Stockdale was the one lowering himself and the one with momentum. The Aki one was slightly worse but quite similar. Both carded players were clearly trying to bind their opponent and both times it was the other guy lowering their heads into a nasty position (especially on slowmo replay) Both looked very harsh. Competitive is good for the teams left in there. It would be absolutely disastrous for WR, the hosting nation, the sponsors etc
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